There must be days when commissioners Blaine Young, Kirby Delauter, Paul Smith and Billy Shreve feel like they’re the only people in the state who support the sale of Citizens Care and Rehabilitation and Montevue Assisted Living (although we doubt they’re too worried about it).

Even the three-member Board of Public Works — made up of the governor, comptroller and treasurer — is opposing the sale of the county-owned homes, issuing a letter to the Board of County Commissioners reminding them in no uncertain terms that any move to privatize the senior care centers must first win state approval.

Unfortunately — for the commissioners, anyway — the BPW’s executive secretary, Sheila McDonald, wrote to the county June 11 to remind it that it can’t hand over the front-door keys to Aurora Holdings VI LLC because of a $200,000 state grant.

The agreement that goes with that grant “explicitly requires the County to obtain written consent from the Board of Public Works before transposing or disposing of any grant-funded property.”

Well, that’s just what Young did when in May, like a bull in a china shop, he approved an asset purchase agreement and lease as part of the first phase of moving the centers to Aurora. The company took over finances and the 320-plus county staff became Aurora employees. That move by Young, conducted unilaterally and suddenly in the midst of a lawsuit, under an agreement that had changed without sufficient notice or any public hearing, was almost as arrogant as if Young had stood in front of the BPW in Annapolis and waved a $200,000 check offering to pay off that grant.

Oh, wait. He did.

And not to belabor the point, but we could waste a whole editorial about how unwise it is to start a feud with three of the most powerful public officials in the state.

Oh, wait. We did.

Back to the letter. McDonald not so gently reminds the county that going ahead with the asset purchase agreement and lease “constitutes a disposition of the grant-funded property.” The reason that the state is requiring the county to hold off that sale is because a stipulation in the original 1828 deed is being tried in court. Presumably the state doesn’t want to authorize the sale, then get caught up in any complex legal liability stemming from that lawsuit.

The letter continues: “You are acutely aware that the Board of Public Works has not consented to any disposition of the grant-funded property. To repeat my conclusion in my earlier letter, the Board of Public Works clearly expects the County to adhere to its obligations under the grant agreement.”

What could happen next is unclear. As Gregory Bedward, the BPW’s general counsel, told reporter Bethany Rodgers for her story Saturday, the state is waiting for the county to reply.

Young’s response when asked was his typical undiplomatic bluster. “They can have it. They can take over the nursing home,” Young told Rodgers. “But they can’t force the county to run something.”

We’ve argued all along that the “damn the torpedoes” approach eschewed by Young in this process is an ill-informed way to conduct county business, and it plays fast and loose with the futures of some of our most vulnerable residents.

We’re sure Young will continue to push ahead with the sale, but this issue has already become far too complicated with the numerous players involved and a trial pending in January 2015. We’re as tired as you are of how intractable the commissioners are, even in the face of overwhelming public opposition. Their inability to hear alternatives borders on the pathological, and the more opposition there is, the more unyielding they become. With that in mind, we’ve know we’ve said this before, repeatedly, but we’ll try one more time — any further moves toward privatizing Montevue and Citizens should be delayed. There are too many unresolved questions. Untangling the legal mess that could result may burden the county in time and money for years to come.

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mayor H could not govern Thurmont


Freebies for all!


mburns---Spoken like a true taxpayer that walked away with $600k for the fire tax redistribution for the town of Thurmont...I'll bet you're happy with the Cozy Inn closing, too...RIP...Me


This facility lost AT LEAST $20 MILLION for the term of Jan Gardner, then the Gardner Board decided to spend another $36 MILLION to build new facilities.

Sell it, and use the money for ALL indigent people in Frederick County NOT just a few.

come on you Blaine gave the taxpayers a bath with the TIF financing, at least we will get some tax revenue with TIF financing.

but losing $56 MILLION dollars lost and you give them a PASS????


You strike me as a dollars and cents person, so let me ask this:
Could this sale have been handled better?

There are treasures that cost a lot of money to preserve, and a season to all things under the sun. But does that choice lie with one individual who achieved office by popular vote?

You would say yes, today, but what if this was eminent domain over YOUR properties, signed by a single county commissioner and bankrolled by you and every other citizen in the county? What if outside lawyers, not residing in THIS country, drew up the legal contracts well beyond your scrutiny?

You would be screaming bloody murder.

And you would be right to do do.

There is a right way to depose of legacies - it is best done like you deposed the current style of local governance.

It's done wilth ballots and citizen involvement.

Legacies should never die by a malicious stroke of a pen in the dread of night.


Veni, vidi, vici. Blaine is less the Caesar he believes himself to be, and more the Marlboro cigarette emblem that represents cancer.


Conservatives believe that elderly venerable and frail people should die in a timely fashion not hang on and exhaust societies resources. my opinion.


"Oh, wait. We did." What a couple of immature statements.

Comment deleted.

Most of what Repubilcans do should be held in a bad light.


Rzak21703, I respectfully disagree. The fact is Frederick county has a rather large amount of poverty. Frederick county has a full 15% disabled population. That is huge. Huge amount of persons living on less than 1000.00 per month.
The fact is, With all the development comming in and expecting large price tags on this. There is a forecast of an unaceptable amount of people [ mostly over age 50 ] who will be homeless.
There is already indications of this.

The impact of progress of homes here have not taken into consideration the victims of the uppper class that ran this county for years upon years.


Disabled and poor seniors are typically democrats why should a majority republican county subsidized their fiscal failure.


The campaign coffers are dwindling and if the primary goes as hoped he will quickly find out the only reason he had money to begin with was due to perceived power. No support means the power is dwindling. Bye bye money......


Hit the road, Blaine. Just go run your taxi business. You made good money and you didn't bother anyone the way you do now. You are creating a cesspool for future generations, my children included. You are all about how to best serve yourself, not others. That's perfect for a private business owner, not for a public servant. You don't do a single thing in this world if it doesn't help you personally. Even your "charitable" givings are just a front to excuse your raunchy behavior. Church on Sunday to pray away the sins you commit during the week. What a joke.




Are you kidding me, drumdigger1976? "You are all about how to best serve yourself, not others." Completely false. Don't forget about the developers!


Good point - he does "serve" others, but only if they help him out in the end ...


Rather than calling Blaine Young a "bull in a china shop" it would be more fitting to call him "a bully in a china shop" with the china shop being Frederick County.


The State needs to stay out of this and mind their own business. The people of Frederick County are capable of resolving this issue. It will be decided this November.


Um so the State is minding it's own business. They contributed funds in the form of a grant and part of the rules governing that is the County can't just dispose of assets those funds contributed.

But yes, it will be decided in November. Or June if we're really lucky.


If you beg for state grant money and receive it then it is the states business! Im guessing its so shady people like BY dont get away with this kind of bs

Boyce Rensberger

One of the most useful comments comparing Blaine Young and Jan Gardner came from Michael Gastley, a Republican who was budget officer during both administrations.

He makes it clear in a letter to the FNP (linked below) that Gardner left the county with a $12.3 million surplus and Young will leave it with a $30.4 million deficit. Now, which is the more fiscally responsible?




U.R. Arichard was.


If this is the best Blaine can do for the County then he needs to go and if this is the best he can do for himself then he really needs to go... He took new nursing home buildings and destroyed them from the inside...SHAMEFUL !!!!!!!..Me

Boyce Rensberger

" Their inability to hear alternatives borders on the pathological, and the more opposition there is, the more unyielding they become." -- FNP editorial

You're being kind. That behavior goes over the line and well into the pathological spectrum. Blaine Young and his minions are narcissistic sociopaths. That is a bona fide personality disorder. Here is how one psychologist puts it:

"A narcissistic sociopath is someone with a combination of narcissistic personality disorder and definitive behavioral signs of sociopathy.

"People with narcissism are characterized by their excessive and persistent need for others' admiration and positive reinforcement. They generally have grandiose opinions of themselves and believe they are superior to other people. Narcissists are also frequently convinced that they are above the normal responsibilities and obligations of everyday life, so they usually have significant difficulties maintaining employment or relationships as a result.

"The narcissistic sociopath has this type of personality along with a noticeable lack of regard for the rights of others and a tendency to regularly violate those rights."

Sound like anybody we know?


The description fits to a tee. Any thoughts on why there are still those who defend Young, Delauder, and Shreve? I have deliberately omitted Smith as while I think he has some personality disorders of his own I don't think he quite fits into the same characterization as the other three. Or, perhaps he does but not quite as obvious.




Follow the money. If Young loses the election, Aurora will drop and run, like teenage boys from a broken window. It has to be the only reason they are in a hurry to get this deal done.


this is maybe the only time I'd be rooting for the state, these clowns have done their bad deeds for almost 4 years now and we surely are worse for it in Frederick county, a looming $3 Billion garbage incinerator brought to us by gardner and pushed by this bunch, 101 Million to be repaid out of our taxes to help out their friends at Jefferson Tech park, a $30 Million gift to their Aurora "friends", $21 million to Buckinghams Choice and a plan to destroy Monrovia as we know it ......thats just for starters is time to employ THE BIG BROOM IN JUNE and show these juvenile delinquents the door ....for good ! Vote for a person of integrity for County Exec...Mark Sweadner!


Spot on editorial! Blaine Young has been dead set on destroying Frederick County's proud history of taking care of our own. He does not care what anyone thinks. It is all about rhetoric and ideology, not fact or common sense. The sale is a bad financial deal for county taxpayers. Taxpayers are paying more not less to make this deal happen. Untangling this mess will cost us all too.

Blaine only cares about Blaine. Vote him out.


In the meantime, beds sit empty while needy citizens of Frederick county cannot get the assistance and care they need. This is a shameful disgrace!


Blaine is a classic narcissist, the more you tell him he's wrong, the more stubborn and nasty he will act.













--Budget Raids (aka "Transfers") Continue under Blaine Board

At tonight's BoCC public hearing, the Board will consider a resolution, diverting $5.7 Million in Recordation Tax revenues, from the Nursing Home Construction Special Revenue fund to the County's General Fund. The money has already been collected and designated for debt service on the County's General Obligation construction bonds.

The resolution will cancel all future contributions to the Nursing Home fund (previously set by ordinance at 4.167% of Recordation Tax revenues) and "transfer" an additional $1 Million from the tax revenues, previously allocated to the Parks & Recreation budget.


These, the most recent of contrived "budget transfers," will help cover a $13.5 Million deficit in the County's FY-2015 budget. In past months, the Blaine Board has raided the Fleet Services fund ($6.3 Million) and the Workers Compensation fund ($1 Million). Combined, the four transfers amount to a total $14 Million--a half Million dollars more than the projected deficit.

So, let me guess Blaine's next move--bragging that he turned a deficit into a surplus!

A Bogus "Increase" in Impact Fees

In separate action, the Board will consider a resolution, which purports to "Increase Development Impact Fees." (In reality, the increase will fall on lower income individuals—an 8% increase for townhomes/duplexes and a 136% increase for multi-family apartments. There will be a 7% reduction in fees for higher-priced, Single Family Dwellings.)



Developer impact fees are a joke as this bocc always reduces what developers pay


BPW lawyers are riled
Blaine responds like a petulant child,
"Social welfare I'll chop,"
"costs for builders I'll drop,"
"I won't stop until charges are filed."


Creative and Fantastic![smile]




Thank you!


Jazz, an editorial is not the same as reporting news and is not required to be fair and balanced. An editorial is an opinion piece.

Heck, even a well-known news-entertainment-fantasy organization whose slogan is "fair and balanced" isn't required to be so. In fact, the opposite is probably closer to the truth in that case.

That being said, the editorial appears to be an accurate assessment of the situation. Blaine has tried and failed to make his case to the State, and seemingly to a majority of Frederick County.


I agree with the King of Frederick the state should not be meddling with our kings agreement with healthcare barons and local peasants shouldn't have to bail out frail, vulnerable and finically unprepared peasants that's a job for their family members. If you require subsided care you're a taker a liberal democrat by default if you can pay 7k a month for yourself or a loved one to be cared for you're a conservative republican by default. my opinion.


"If you require subsided care you're a taker a liberal democrat by default if you can pay 7k a month for yourself or a loved one to be cared for you're a conservative republican by default."

You have just described the 21st century republican mindset in one sentence. Rich? We love your spirit and drive! Poor? We despise your lack of initiative even if you are sick or otherwise incapacitated because you are simply lazy.

I'd like to see how much money most of the 1% would have if they had to start from nothing without Daddy's help.




Think that through, you're almost there.

"I'd like to see how much money most of the 1% would have if they had to start from nothing without Daddy's help."

Their Daddy, not your's. I helped my kids, feel free to help yours.


Why do you feel that I should have to pay for theirs? Just because?


Oh,, but dont forget to listen to the barber and the catfish, and the other critters who portrayed a country boy common sense ,, Nothing worse than a country boy with a grin making change for you.


And, in the mean time. Who is feeling the downgrade of this is the residents of the two places involved
Auroa should simply throw the towel in. They have , by no fault , now been so vilanized that there is no one with any credibility who wants to employ there.
Not to mention, when they took over they requested all employees to sign a termination agreement.
Which, after all those years of working for less money, no set schedules and the constant threat of suit from families in poverty ,, sure did not help moral did it.
This is already being set up as a historical debacle.


I agree with you. Blaine Young's reckless, desperate attempt to sell the nursing home assets is a "historical debacle." Someday, however, we may come to find that Aurora may be less innocent in all this than it first appears.

Are we to believe that Aurora was just strolling innocently down the street one day when a guy from Frederick County approached them offering a new, state of the art building, extra valuable land, and cash at an exclusive, bargain price of $20 million less than they were worth?

What happened to the other bidders who might otherwise have driven up the price to a reasonable figure? What was it about Aurora made them so attractive to this guy from Frederick County? Perhaps they are innocent and just remarkably lucky to be in the right place at the right time. But there are some big, unanswered questions hanging all over this shady deal right now, and Frederick County taxpayers deserve some answers.


you want lopsided hate mail, take a look at young's campaign flyers equating gray and gardner to o'malley and obama while failing to mention his tax increase on much of the county, out of control spending, and favoring of a few wealthy campaign contributors putting taxpayers on the hook for hundreds of millions of infrastructure improvements and lost taxes. if it makes taxpayers suffer young is on board.


Let's here the specifics Thump.

Craig Hicks

Dear Editors,

Perhaps, in the second-to-last paragraph of this editorial, you meant to write "expoused" instead of "eschewed"?



Wow, what lopsided reporting and hate mail in the midst of an election. If FNP could only see thru their absurdity of their argument and rationale. Past ... The Board of Public Works is headed by a failed Democrat governor and LT. Governor (O'Malley and Brown) who oppose a Republican BoCC.


Yeah, even if thought this editorial didn't do enough to highlight the fact that the state granted up to $200,000 for what was checkmarked on the form as a "charitable grant".

There is a legal process for returning funds.

But converting a charitable foundation into a private enterprise after spending the state funds and matching dollars is criminal, and prosecutable. Any developer or contractor on this BoCC has a real threat of being debarred from construction involving state funds. And they cannot use the excuse that a single person usurped their authority. Silence gives consent; only David Gray squawked.

The State of Maryland has given Blaime Young and his cronies a gift of second chances with a clear message - do not follow through with this or there will be repercussions.

My bet? You can always ...

Blaime Young!


Yes. A grant is *not* a loan. Ay. And yes, I am so tired of being dragged along on this misadventure.


Not lopsided at all - editorial hits the nail on the head. These commissioners are thick-headed to the point of absurdity. Cases in point: Citizens, Monrovia, Head Start, etc. All to fund what, a $110 tax rebate over four whole years. Wow, what friends they are to the taxpayer.

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