The Maryland Public Defender — the office responsible for representing most indigent people accused of crimes in the state — has made a serious accusation that conditions for juveniles confined in the Frederick County jail are unconstitutional.

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has called the accusation unfounded and untrue. He categorically denied all of the charges.

Public Defender Paul DeWolfe sent his complaint to officials of the county government, the county school system and the detention center. He said that some of his clients are essentially held in solitary confinement and are denied education and other programs.

Jenkins replied: “Your assertion that conditions are egregious and that practices at the FCADC [Frederick County Adult Detention Center] subject juveniles to harm are very simply baseless and untrue.

“... It is true that the FCADC is an adult detention facility, and although the incarceration setting for juveniles is not ideal, accommodations are made to the best of our ability to ensure they are accorded all of their rights and privileges as required by the U.S. Constitution in accordance with federal and state law.”

The detention center does not generally house juveniles. However, young defendants who are being prosecuted as adults are being held in the jail while seeking transfer to a juvenile facility.

By law, the jail must keep the juveniles completely separate from the general jail population, so they are often kept alone. And the jail has no program for educating the juveniles while they are being held.

Jailing juveniles is supposed to be a short-term, transitional process, but if DeWolfe’s complaints are accurate, that is not always the case.

One youth was arrested on assault and attempted murder charges when he was just 16 and was held for more than a year with little contact and minimal schooling, DeWolfe said. When he turned 18, he was put into the general jail population.

DeWolfe wrote in his complaint that the conditions violated constitutional compulsory education requirements and Eighth Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment.

“Juveniles awaiting transfer hearings are kept in their cells for twenty-three hours of the day,” DeWolfe’s letter reads. “As a result, they are effectively isolated for extended periods of time without programming.”

Jenkins rejected allegations of violating the Constitution and insisted that the jail follows all laws. He said the jail does not isolate juveniles except for disciplinary reasons or when there is only one juvenile in the jail at a time, according to Jenkins.

“Juveniles are allowed to attend programs and recreation daily with supervision by staff,” Jenkins wrote. “They have access to phone and TV, and are checked daily by medical staff, classification specialists, shift supervisors and routinely throughout the day by officers.”

DeWolfe had said one client did not receive his prescribed medicines for months, but Jenkins said that was because his parents did not respond to repeated requests to sign a consent form.

Jenkins conceded that the jail has little to offer in the way of education, and said he has inquired about expanding its programming. Frederick Community College provides GED instruction at the jail, but the grant funding for the program covers only inmates over age 18, according to Jenkins.

He said some juveniles, who have independent education plans on file with Frederick County Public Schools before their detention, have access to a tutor, but it is very limited. The tutor currently visits one juvenile at the jail once a week, for 30 minutes to an hour.

County officials need to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible. We suggest that county judges hire an independent investigator to assess the issue for them, and then adopt strict policies to ensure that juveniles are treated appropriately.

To us, that would seem to indicate that all juveniles — even those facing trial as an adult — be held in a juvenile facility while they are awaiting trial. Isolation and lack of educational opportunities are cruel practices, even if they are unintentional.

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(15) comments

jill king

It’s kind of difficult to take DeWolfe seriously when his Twitter posts show that he doesn’t support the 2nd Amendment and aligns himself with people like Brian Frosh and his failed bail reform policies.


You were and still are ba’lane Young’s biggest supporter. No one takes you seriously because of that.


the FCSO has never been in need of so many independent investigations as they have been with Jenkins.

The shooting of the Labrador retriever
The Ethan Saylor incident
The illegal immigrant lawsuit (fcso lying about the order of events)
The falseified number for supplying security to The Great Frederick Fair
The falseified numbers for detaining / housing illegal immigrants
The juvenile conditions at the jail
I'm sure there are some internal baloney going on as well


"One youth was arrested on assault and attempted murder charges when he was just 16 . . . ".

"when he was just 16"? This individual was arrested on assault and attempted murder charges. People either want Sheriff Jenkins to do his job or not.

I believe this is totally politically motivated!!


Kids not getting school as law states they must is “politically motivated”?


It is called “jail” for a reason! Why not give them a game boy and Facebook access. So unfair. There’re already getting three hots and a cot.....more than our homeless vets get!


Tell that to the lawmakers and maybe they will change the laws. But until then - the laws must be followed.

jill king

These juveniles are rarely going to school when they aren’t locked up. It is not up to County employees to seek a plan from a school that the child never attends or attended. It is clear here that the parents didn’t even bother signing off on meds, let alone would help them get an educational plan.

Or we could blame FCPS who obviously doesn’t realize that this child has been absent.


You have missed the point. The school doesn’t realize the child is missing because the jail neglected to notify them




Assault and murder. Doesn’t matter if your 16, did the crime then do the an adult!


you really need to read about the issue(s) at hand, at least prior to posting....


Arrested, or convicted? Are folks guilty as soon as they are arrested? Do they surrender their rights under the Constitution for simply being arrested and detained? Is that what you would like our system to follow? Do you understand the Constitution at all?


Excellent idea. Chucky should have no problem opening the center up to investigators. If he does, well then that raises questions as to the veracity of his statements (denials).


Good to see the FNP calling out what appears to be another one of Sheriff Jenkins misuse of his office. Last year, they called for an independent audit of the FCSO with regard to his fiscal relationship with ICE, which has yet to be done. Now they are asking for an outside review of his treatment of juveniles.

An earlier letter called out the Sheriff for his lack of transparency regarding his advisory committee.

The County Council has the power to be sure that the Sheriff's "socks are pulled up" and that he is not corrupting the FCSO. It is way past time to hold the Sheriff accountable.

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