In times of extreme crises, we turn to our leaders for information, guidance and calm. Luckily, during this continuing COVID-19 pandemic, Maryland has been led by Gov. Larry Hogan.

Hogan’s swift, decisive actions, his clear and honest communication, his reliance on his scientific and health advisers and his calm demeanor have inspired our faith in his decisions.

His leadership also stands in stark contrast to the muddled, contradictory and often unhelpful response to the pandemic by President Donald Trump.

The president made one smart move at the very beginning of the crisis, on Jan. 31, stopping most travel from China, where the virus first arose. That gave the United States time to prepare for the onslaught.

But the administration then wasted more than a month of precious time, piling one bad decision on top of another.

Weeks were lost while the administration tried to develop a test for the virus, rather than use one from the World Health Organization. Each week, the public was promised tests would be available the following week, but it never happened.

Nothing was done to speed up production and distribution of medical supplies or to find more hospital beds that will be needed soon to take care of those afflicted.

And all the while, Trump and his friends in conservative media dismissed the danger of the coronavirus, offered false assurances that the virus would have minor effect on the United States and attacked the credibility of those who said otherwise.

Remember the early comment by the president that we had only 15 cases and those would soon be cleared up? That the news of the coming pandemic was a hoax perpetrated by Democrats and the news media? That, as late as last week, he said: “it will all go away” and then said on Sunday, “just relax”?

Hogan, meanwhile, recognized early on that the virus represented a unique and daunting challenge. Within days of the first cases being found in Maryland, he declared a state of emergency on March 5 and began aggressively moving to try to limit the spread.

He closed schools and limited visits to nursing homes and hospitals. He closed the Port of Baltimore to all cruise ships. On March 12, he announced “extreme” measures, including prohibiting public gatherings of more than 250 people.

“We cannot stop the spread of this virus without each and every one of you doing your part,” Hogan told Marylanders. “But also, I want all of you to know we’ll get through this together and our state has already faced and overcome daunting challenges before, and we will do so again.”

The governor added: “For Marylanders, the actions that I have announced here today will be disruptive to your everyday lives. And they may sound extreme. And they may sound frightening, but they could be the difference in saving lives and helping keep people safe.”

The words were prophetic, but much more disruption was coming. On Sunday, he ordered all casinos, racetracks and betting parlors closed. The next day, he closed all bars, restaurants, gyms and movie theaters. And on Tuesday, he postponed the state’s presidential primary election.

We are living in a world we could scarcely have imagined even two weeks ago.

Throughout this avalanche of horrifying information and terrifying developments, Hogan has been at his best, calm and collected, as stable as a favorite uncle.

Finally, on Monday, President Trump at last began giving the proper weight to the news he had to deliver, recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic would likely continue into summer, that thousands of lives are threatened and that our economy might plunge into recession.

More than 45 days have gone by since the president announced the China travel ban, and during that time Americans have had to depend on governors and local officials to show leadership, to give vital information about the disease and to make the difficult decisions to try to contain its spread.

Thankfully, Maryland has had Larry Hogan.

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Thank God for Trump. P.S, quit buying the entire grocery store, you're not the only family dealing with this FLU. Food trucks and stores are as scheduled prior to this flu. You live in the best country in the world, start acting like it.


Interesting that potus gets kudos from Cuomo, Omar and CNN commentators.

Trump could find a cure for cancer and he would be criticized for it.


Baloney, your hero is too busy playing golf!


And republicans on here continue to deflect and obfuscate blame from Trump for the lackluster response to this virus and economic collapse. Why??? Because he said "I take no responsibility for any of this".... The "house of cards", meaning the American way of life, is caving and the blind still can't see.

Obadiah Plainsmen

If you want to know the government official/unoffical COVID-19, 18 month response plan click on the link.

Obadiah Plainsmen

Nobody needed to wait two months for n95 respirator mask. There were lots of them avaiable when President Trump issued a public health emegency for the COVID-19 on January 30, 2020. They were just a click away. FNP ???Govenor Hogan??? individuals??? Fredeick Co Council???


Their stocks of these were depleted over night, They won't be delivered now until late April or May.... Well after the 2.8 million Americans have succumbed to covd19...

Obadiah Plainsmen

If you or the 2.8 million don't have one by now whose fault is it?


One needs to remember the US is a collection of States that was originally loosely glued together by a Federal Government. Just because we are slowly losing more and more control to the Federal side of things does not mean it can move as swiftly as the individual States. Federal tries to make/force one size to fit all whereas the States can tailor the need for its own people and usually faster.

Obadiah Plainsmen

I believe the editorial board of the FNP took their own advice from yesterday's editorial and indulged in copious amount of green beer. Woke up with a a hangover and decided to take out journalist revenge on Trump and conservatives. The pen is mightier than the sword but no match for the voting booth.


Hogan is a hero, taking a political risk for all the right reasons.


Hogan has been good and there are signs he might be running for POTUS. Trump has never done the job he was elected to do.


Oh WHY would anyone want that job.




We knew you'd come around, Dick [wink]


You win this one, Gabe. [lol]


Yea, before Trump Hogan was the main character in Dick's nightmares. Hogan would be a very good President.


great to see we're past the partisanship and all in this together


Unfortunately Hogan can’t mitigate Trump’s incompetence


He can point it out and help Biden.

The Grape of Wrath

Only the voters can do that by getting rid of ALL of the Republicans, save a few like Hogan, especially the ones who still cling to the Democratic hoax/Conspiracy nonsense.

Obadiah Plainsmen

Thank goodness that the framers of the Constitution wrote it in that each of the States retains their own sovereignty? For the FNP that means, the authority of a state to govern itself. I know that's hard for the editors to comprehend. So, I dare the the FNP to contact Gov. Hogan and ask him, has the Trump Administration, denied, refused, stopped, interfered with any request or decision the that he has made during this crisis.? I triple dog dare you to ask, but you won't because of the cowards and propaganda artists that you are.


"Trump and his friends in conservative media dismissed the danger of the coronavirus, offered false assurances that the virus would have minor effect on the United States and attacked the credibility of those who said otherwise." That happened.


The question is also "has the Trump Administration advised or helped with any request or decision along the way?" Based on Hogan's interview with NPR this morning, the answer is "no". Hogan did want federal help with respirators but got none.

Obadiah Plainsmen

Again your are taking this out of context to fit your narrative. Trump said because of the FDA red tape and and excess bureaucracy it would be faster and more efficient if the state governors got them themselves from the manufacture. Hope Hogan takes his advice and keeps the Federal Gov't out of much of the decision making and deal with the private sector companies individually. I starting to think you would condone the death of people if it would mean the end of Trump.


Hey OP; why is it that TWO months after it was clear to everyone that a pandemic was coming, the Administration hadn't yet figured out a way around this red tape and had respirators in place already? Leadership.


Shiftless, do you think that any President can wave their hand and make the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (and it's associated regulations found in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations) magically go away?

Obadiah Plainsmen

The public does not understand the meaning of Gov't red tape and excess bureacracy. It take 10 signatures to purchase a roll of toliet paper. Red tape and bureacracy means Jobs. If we suspend Red tape and bureacracy during a crisis and the process moves more effiecently and streamlined, then why do we need those jobs in the first place. Afscme won't look to kindly on that.


If Trump had not thrown a hissy fit and dismantled the Pandemic Response Team in an effort to undo every action of the previous administration, the Federal Government would have been ready for this, and the #TrumpVirus would not be causing all of this chaos.


And you know this for certain how, bnick467? Do you know how many people at CDC, NIH, FDA, and USAMRIID have been working on this since the beginning of January? The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has been monitoring this since there was a hint of a problem in Wuhan. China didn't share any information with WHO until January 14. Just because you don't see a response doesn't mean that there isn't one going on behind the scenes. Believe me, there was.


bnick, here is a link to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports from CDC. Please pay particular attention to the 7 February report that details the initial discovery of the illness, and determination of the causative agent of the illness. Look at the timelines. Oh who am I kidding. You'll never click on the link, let alone read. Why let facts get in the way of your argument.


Governor Hogan has done a great job trying to get ahead of the Coronavirus as have governors of many other states. The contrast with the slow, uneven, and even indifferent response of Tump in losing many weeks of preparation time has been significant. Even today, after finally recognizing the severity of the situation, the White House response is uneven and lacking.

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