Sept. 11, 2001.

Ask just about anyone who was old enough on that day and they can tell you exactly where they were when they learned that planes had crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Ask a firefighter, police officer or other first responder where they were and, if they were close to New York, the Pentagon, or Shanksville, Pennsylvania, they were either running toward the carnage or offering to help in any way.

Our military personnel responded in the days, weeks, months and now years since, and thousands have sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom. Ask those who joined immediately after the U.S. was attacked; many were inspired to serve and protect our country and the freedom it stands for.

We lost members of our community. Alan P. Linton Jr. and Michael Carlo, both of whom were in the World Trade Center on the day of the attacks and had family in Frederick, were among the dead. Lt. Cmdr. Ronald Vauk and Chief Warrant Officer Bill Ruth, both of Mount Airy, were killed in the attack at the Pentagon.

Our nation saw evil that day. But we also saw sacrifice, compassion and patriotism.

We also saw unity. We saw a country that put aside political and other differences to grieve together and work as one to rebuild.

Today, we will pause across the country to remember those who died, those who sacrificed. Here in Frederick, officials will lead a Patriot Day ceremony at 8:30 a.m. in the City Hall boardroom at 101 N. Court St. A similar event is planned for Mount Airy in the evening.

Eighteen years later, we have a generation that does not remember that day. They have grown up in a post-9/11 world where they’ve learned about the attacks and still see many of the security repercussions at places such as airports and ballgames.

“It’s the world we live in, unfortunately,” Fort Detrick Fire Chief Scott Custer told us last year. “Before 9/11 happened, no one thought this would happen in our own backyard.”

So as we go on with our daily lives, thank those who ran toward the devastation that day and continue to put their lives on the line.

We must never forget. We can’t let that happen.

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If you have to inject politics into a tragedy like this you are seriously pathetic.


Have you truly not noticed that it has been politicized ever since it happened?


It is really sad when an editorial is written specifically for remembering 9/11 and those who gave their lives that day and the years to follow fighting the jihadist wing of the Islamic culture in the world and we allow ourselves to get off on a tangent concerning current and past presidents behavior and actions. What we need to remember is that a very hostile and radical group of Islamic terrorists (not some people did something on that day), but a well coordinated and calculated plan was initiated against us - the United States of America. Their belief was and still is that we are infidels that need to be eradicated or converted... they are now finding this not so easy or an acceptable way of life for us. Show some respect for those who gave their lives in protecting this country! God Bless the USA...


Thoughts a prayers to all innocent people who lost their lives and the service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice since then. God bless, never forget




Thoughts and prayers — the least you can do.


Those murderers were mostly Saudis that came here on tourist visas. We handed out more tourists visas to Saudis from 2009-2016 than we ever did before 9/11. And when the visas expire, they stay here anyway.


Trump loves the Saudis. They did a sword dance for him.


"Trump loves the Saudis." Irrelevant.

Relevant: The Saudis love Trump.

Obadiah Plainsmen

Relevant: The Saudis love American Presidents bowing down to them. Why are all the Saudi's smiling? Answer : Because they knew Obama would be reelected.


the Saudi's have money, so every republican and most democrats will always bow down to them. we will continue to have forever wars for money and oil until there is a real structural change in this country where our government can't be bought and sold by the highest bidder

Obadiah Plainsmen

I got it since Obama bowed it's acceptable for a Democrat President to bow, but if it's a Republican it's treason.


OP. The difference between Trump and Obama is significant. Obama kissed the Saudi's ring. Trump did what? [tongue_smile]


is that what you got from my comment? or was that just your stock response you had ready for anyone who replied to you and it didn't matter if it actually made sense?


OP, It was not acceptable for any US president to bow down to Saudis. Hopefully this and the military industrial complex will be a topic at the Democratic debates on Thursday and at the Republican debates. By the way, is the GOP going to hold debates, or have they decided Republicans should not have a choice in the primaries - much like the DNC infamously tried to push Hillary in 2016?

Obadiah Plainsmen


You used "every" and "most" in your comment. DId any democrat lawmakers come out against Obama for bowing.

Obadiah Plainsmen


Since Trump has a 94% approval rating with Republicans, do you think it's cost effective to hold debates or a primary.


Sheeple That Believe Anything and Everything that Trump says:......First off, Trump’s approval rating among Republicans isn’t the 94 percent he claims — it’s actually about 10 points lower. The Washington Post provided an overview of the relevant polling last month, after Trump posted a tweet on August 23 touting the fake Republican approval number he loves to cite:

A Monmouth University poll released Thursday found 84 percent of Republicans approve of Trump’s job performance, while an AP-NORC poll found that 79 percent do. His highest recent approval mark among fellow Republicans was 88 percent in a Fox News poll of registered voters earlier this month.

Trump’s claim of 94 percent approval among Republicans is also higher than in a Zogby Analytics poll released earlier this month that Trump has touted. That firm, whose surveys do not rely on a random sample of U.S. voters and whose pre-election polls have often been inaccurate, put Trump’s approval rating among Republicans at 86 percent.

In short, it’s unclear where Trump is getting his “94%” number from. But whatever its origins, it is not coming from a reputable source.


Obadiah Plainsmen,

how does saying "most" mean that i think "it's acceptable for a Democrat President to bow," as your response indicates? in case you couldn't tell, Obama is among the "most." but if you're paying attention to congress and some of the people running for president as democrats, you will clearly see that unwavering support for the Saudi's is hardly unanimous. hence "most."

and anyway, none of that really has anything to do with my point anyway; which is that until vast sums of money are no longer the driving force in American politics, none of this will change


This discussion went off in an oddly partisan direction. My point was simply that Donald JOHN Trump frequently mentions that various groups love him. Being loved is very important to him, it appears.

Did anyone see the excerpt from the memoir of Lonnie Bunch, the director of the Smithsonian? He recounts how he gave a tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture to Trump a couple days before his inauguration. Trump was looking at an exhibit about the early stages of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The part he was looking at focused on the role of The Netherlands. He studied the exhibit quietly for a a minute or two, turned to Mr. Bunch and said, "The Danes love me, you know."


Sad that you can't leave politics out of this for even one day.

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