If you ask Gov. Larry Hogan, or any other state governor, for that matter, we are woefully behind having the necessary tests to detect COVID-19. While more tests are seemingly becoming available, there’s still a finite number. We’re hearing from people who have symptoms but whose doctors can’t get them the test. It’s frustrating for them and not helpful in determining where there are high concentrations of cases.

The medical community is doing the best it can, and we have nothing but praise and admiration for the first responders who are rushing to help. The most visible of that help came this week as Frederick Health Hospital opened the county’s drive-through testing clinic. We can’t say enough good things about them.

But they need help. We all need help. That means the federal government must ramp up the number of test kits, as well as ventilators and protective gear, faster than it is.

The closing of schools last week left a lot of students wondering about their access to the free meal service. But Frederick County Public Schools, nonprofits and local businesses have stepped up to make sure that these students have meal options.

FCPS is providing up to three meals a day at eight schools for any child under the age of 18. The meals are all carryout. Nonprofits such as Blessings in a Backpack, the nonprofit that works to feed FCPS students over weekends and breaks, provided students with two weekends’ worth of food as well as three days’ worth of “Blizzard Bags” and emergency snack packs.

Businesses such as Chaps Pitt Beef in Westview Shopping Center in Frederick, Canapes Catering and Thurmont Kountry Kitchen are offering free meals to school-aged children at any time during operating hours. As we write this, more are joining to make sure kids won’t go hungry.

There are lots of families who are appreciative of this service. And given the economic realities of this pandemic, many more will likely need help. We’re fortunate that we have folks stepping up to help.

It may have been an abbreviated state General Assembly session, but local lawmakers were still to able to bring back about $8 million in capital funds for Frederick County. This makes up for the $5 million in funds squandered last year when a political debate over whether that money should be used for a downtown Frederick hotel and conference center. Sens. Ron Young (D-Frederick) and Michael Hough (R-Frederick and Carroll) put that argument aside to find ways to keep that original $5 million and then some.

“I told Senator Young, when you and I work together on these capital projects, we’re quite the team,” Hough told reporter Steve Bohnel earlier this week. For their efforts, a number of Frederick area projects will benefit, from $2.5 million for Frederick Health Hospital improvements and $1.5 million for upgrades to the county’s Adult Detention Center to money for the Brunswick reservoir site and many more local projects.

All in all, not a bad haul for Frederick County, particularly in these tight times.

With bars and restaurants closed until further notice, there isn’t as much going on in downtown Frederick right now. But if you do visit, you should venture down to Carroll Creek and check out a really cool art project.

Under the auspices of the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, three artists created the Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade, consisting of sculptures that move and change with the wind. The artwork adds color and life to the creek, which was in need of something to spruce it up after the Winter Solstice boats were removed.

And as social distancing is further encouraged and more public places are temporally shuttered, these pretty sculptures — standing in the water between the suspension and stone bridges — might be a welcome distraction, especially since they are outside and looking at them does not require you to be within 6 feet of anyone. So if you get the chance, head downtown and see them on a nice day. You won’t be disappointed.

Yeas and nays is a weekly feature of quick-hit opinions from The Frederick News-Post’s editorial board. Send your suggestions to letters@newspost.com.

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There is no reason to be tested if you're not showing symptoms. Otherwise, that ideology is wasting resources and supplies on people that are simply idiots.


You do understand that you may be positive but show no symptoms? But if you aren’t showing symptoms and with the lack of test kits or testing protocol, it’s more important to test those that are showing symptoms.


We have passed any hope of mitigation and must channel every effort and dollar on saving lives. That means we MUST protect health care workers on the front lines and at most risk. Every health care worker that goes down impairs many lives. Remember the Republican “Death Panels” during the anti-ACA campaign? Choosing who lives and dies may becomes a reality if the infected overwhelm the Health Care System. And those folks are now without critical protection in many places with no help in sight.

Comment deleted.


I thought phy;s was outlandish and you follow suit. But it makes little difference.. People can watch and judge for themselves. And a majority has a different opinion then you guys..


If you watched the DJ Trump Truth Deflector Show today, it seems that Trump and Pence are totally unaware that there has been a critical shortage of PPE in every State of the Union for the last week or more and warnings that it was coming for 2 weeks or more before that. DJ Trump was bragging about the BEIH(BestEconomyInHistory) we had before this “problem” snuck up on us and how fast it will come back once this “problem” ends, which will be soon because we are delivering the Malaria Pills to New York and other States with serious outbreaks, and that will stop it in its tracks. Dr. Fauci tried to tell the real story about the shortages and the Malaria Pill but Trump pushed him aside and said it was “Previous Administrations” fault for the shortages and that “he felt very confident that the Malaria Pills will work”. And Pence said he totally agreed with “The President”.



I am sorry but this is so far out in left field it borders on bizarre. Yesterday someone mentioned how horrible Trump was in the press conference.. So I made a point of watching. Quite frankly the reporter was simply a "terrible" reporter. He was not interested in objectivity but sensationalism. Just to feed the haters like yourself.

I made a point of watching the press conference today. Your rendition is fabricated malarkey. After the press conference the only thing I could think was" Thank God he is our President. And Thank God for all the dedicated people and companies that are working tirelessly to combat this menace. You truly do have TDS that has become pathological (extraordinarily obsessive.)



Sorry for being so long winded. But the Governor said I should stay at home, Martial Law euphemistically called, “state of emergency”. I can only bother people online. Please understand my predicament.

Your comment, “Thank God he is our President.?“ Blaming ‘God’ that Trump is president? Isn’t feasible or historic.

The Bible describes many bad men, or men with bad characteristics, working the Almighty’s will on Earth, albeit usually as scourges bringing devastation to a sinning people. But let us take this one at face value: Is Trump plausibly understood as a latter-day King David?

The differences are striking. David volunteered to do unequal battle with Goliath, Trump, by contrast, got 5 deferments in serving his country in the military, most emphatically not a war hero.

David spared the mad King Saul, who sought his life.

When Saul and his son, David’s friend Jonathan, perished in battle with the Philistines, he keened over their loss in a haunting lament. It is difficult to imagine Trump having the same response.

David often portrays himself as wracked with guilt and fear: ‘Rock of Ages’, Trump takes no responsibility only blame of others.

The founders of the United States understood that by acknowledging religion yet prohibiting its establishment, they were enhancing its moral power. I believe you feel as the founders: When the faithful draw on their belief they make their country stronger. When they use it to excuse or, worse, glorify their political patrons, they are, as it were, building altars on the high places to baal, and bringing the souls of their followers that much closer to the fires of Moloch. Just sayin’.

And please take care.


Aw... Biden got deferments as well, after those ran out, he was removed from selective service rolls for "asthma as a child".

You can complain about Trump a lot, but on this matter, he is no different than Biden.


You are ashamed to tell us what DJ Trump said during the Presidential race in 2015-2016 that convinced you to vote for him, although we know that you LOVED him as soon as he called Mexicans murderers and rapists in his first speech from the GOLDEN STAIRCASE at the Trump Tower and that he would “BUILD A WALL AND MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT”. Anything you have said since then is null and void. Alternatively, I’m convinced that you are a “SUPER TROLL” laughing your butt off at the reactions to your comments. You probably voted for Hillary. But you are a GREAT TROLL. 👍✌️


Phy, that one is easy. He was not Hillary R. Clinton.


Yeah, Jim, go to a Trump rally and you will see a lot of hate. Who do you think you are kidding.


Governor should order tests from anywhere, whether it is legal or not. Don't count on the feds, you could save hundreds or thousands of lives. Just do it.


Go join your false militia in a cornfield, CurlyBoy.


More like the basement of their parents house, lev.


They could have, private labs around the world were working on it.


The public art along the promenade is wonderful. I’m going back on a breezier day. One of the installations seems to need more wind than the others.





Regarding the testing it is not a bright spot for the CDC Its complete control over the development and production of the tests, and its reports to the WH, proved to be a liability. Private labs were not given authorization to produce kits until late February .But that being said now is not the time for blame. Fighting this public health emergency, united on all fronts, is what is needed now.

Other countries like South Korea and China have the ability to impose strict quarantines and also quickly disseminate information about where the reported cases had surfaces. Our guarantees of freedom and privacy, coupled with stifling Government regulations and patent protections have slowed our response.But we will overcome with our freedoms intact And that will deserve a thumbs up


On a federal level, the president has the power to impose martial law. In each state, the governor has the right to impose martial law within the borders of the state. In an emergency this has been done many times. From Lincoln, Wilson to Gov. Hogan.


awteam2000 ... correct ... and it's meant to keep the stupid people in check.


"............... CDC Its complete control over the development and production of the tests ........."

Private companies were working on tests world wide, Jim.  The problem in the U.S. was Trump was calling it a Democrat hoax and he failed to give ANY leadership.


"The United States’ struggles, in Landt’s view, stemmed from the fact the country took too long to use private companies to develop the tests. The coronavirus pandemic was too big and moving too fast for the CDC to develop its own tests in time, he said."

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