Yea — When we hear the word “monorail,” our minds (at least around here) turn to vacations to Disney World or, in a few cases, a classic episode of “The Simpsons” in which a singing traveling salesman (think “The Music Man”) tries to sell Homer’s town of Springfield on installing this futuristic mode of transportation.

But a growing number of people think that kind of future is now for us here in Frederick.

A measure approved by the state Board of Public Works to add toll lanes to Interstate 270 between Frederick and the Shady Grove Metro station in Montgomery County will include plans to study the possibility of adding a monorail to the project. The idea is that adding a monorail would be an alternative to adding auto capacity to I-270.

The state’s acting transportation secretary, Greg Slater, called a monorail a “really, really interesting proposal,” and Rick Weldon, president and CEO of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber is “enthusiastically supporting it.”

We’re intrigued by the idea, though we’re not ignoring that $3.4 billion cost. Still, wouldn’t taking a monorail to work be a lot cooler than being stuck in traffic on I-270?

Yea — Eight soldiers from Fort Detrick’s 6th Medical Logistics Management Center received a well-deserved heroes’ send-off on Monday as they left for deployment to Southwest Asia, where they will be responsible for medical supply logistics.

It’s hard any day to send members of our armed services off to foreign lands, but it’s especially sobering in the context of global news this past week. We salute these brave men and women from Fort Detrick, as well as all the brave men and women who serve this country here and abroad. Godspeed.

Nay — Nowadays, it seems that no amount of name-calling is off-limits for our elected officials. But that level of comment has typically been at the national level, mostly between the president and members of Congress.

So we were really dismayed this week by a social media post on the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee site that likened the entire Republican Party to Nazis. Comments like this just go too far.

We’ve never been fans of that kind of discourse, which is one reason we remove the name-calling and personal attack comments when we see them under comments on our website.

We get that Democrats have deep issues with Republicans in general over how the government is being run. And we encourage them, as we would Republicans, to fight hard for what they believe in.

But as naive as this may sound, we’d have a better chance for all sides to work together if we could just cut back on the name-calling.

Yea — Millennials may get blamed for a lot, but their love of vintage goods is helping local record shops.

As we reported in 72 Hours on Thursday, statistics released in late 2019 by the Recording Industry Association of America showed that vinyl record sales were outpacing CD sales. That means that for the first time since 1986, more records were expected to be sold than CDs. The data also showed that the sale of vinyl albums grew 13 percent in 2019.

While the numbers may be a little misleading because CD production is slowing down, it’s still good news for the three record shops in downtown Frederick. Maybe we’re old-school too, but we’re happy to see that records are still cool and seem to be sticking around, even with the popularity of streaming services. And we like even more that local business owners are benefiting from it.

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DickD writes: "Gary we all know it doesn't have to be that way. Can you tell us how to change it and actually have it happen"? And really I can not - not to really doing it. In an ideal world, peopel would get help in moving closer to work (tax credit, grants or just cash) and companies would want to move closer to where most of their workers live or even want to live. (West Virginia?) But some balk at other expenditures that are much smaller. This might need to be a Federal program to avoid local fear of spending.



But as naive as this may sound, we’d have a better chance for all sides to work together if we could just cut back on the name-calling.

The irony is that the FNP has been accepting and publishing Letters to the Editor that have contained name calling and hate (letters from Rick Blatchford).

AND the FNP has approved and published letters to the editor that have contained downright false and inaccurate statements (example, but not limited to) letters against the 287 audit).

And more irony is that shortly after doing so, the FNP had an editorial about fake / misleading news.

LOL! You can't make this stuff up!


“... which is one reason we remove the name-calling and personal attack comments when we see them under comments on our website.”

You do a good job of that too. Unfortunately, you also remove comments that are cromulent. What is up with that?




“It's a perfectly cromulent word.” Though 'cromulent' originated as a joke on The Simpsons, it's a perfectly cromulent candidate for future entry in the dictionary. ... Cohen came up with cromulent as one of those words. It means "acceptable" or "fine."

Comment deleted.

OK FNP moderators, time to walk the talk.


Most decisions come down to numbers and this may be a place to ask how many passengers can a monorail move in an hour and how will the empty cars get back to pick up more? I expect a two-way system and that may be more expensive. When I worked with statistics and numerical analysis I was interested in a program called GPSS ( that would model a process (such as people lined up to check out of a supermarket0 and let you know how long they would wait and how long the lines could get. Plus a lot more. This seems to be an ideal use of GPSS> Just give me the numbers for highways, light rail, and even a monorail.


Absolutely right, Gary. It would require two tracks or be limited to the time it takes to go back and forth over the same track. The same is true for light rail, Metro or Marc.


I want to see how Millennials and Gen Zers play their vinyls through their earphones on the go, on the job, on the Metro, in the car while driving, while shopping, while sleeping, while having sex, while doing the laundry, while buying groceries, everywhere you see them with earphones stuck to their pointed little heads.


Always a kind word.


Light rail can do everything that a monorail can do. Monorail cannot go underground, it has to be elevated at least five feet. Light rail can go on a raised platform and underground. The reason monorail is getting so much publicity is because light rail was not studied and needs to be.


A monorail, inside the median of a highway, can make use of otherwise unused space. Stations may require parking space and even land tor the loading and unloading aspects of travel. One can not dump passengers like a load of coal. No new land will be purchased and it may be easy on the environment. Light rail can be all-electric, but if we do that it may mean two more train tracks and they do take more space in a very limited route. It is not a clear cut choice.


Agreed Dick. However, by building such a connection to MoCo and DC, we would just exacerbate other problems, such as demand for additional development and overcrowded schools. Everything is connected. If folks don't like the latter, they should oppose the former. The natural barrier of time and expense to commute will eventually cause people to live closer to where they work, and reduce vehicle emissions. Personally, the cost of a 1.5 hour commute each way in both time away from my family, and money for fuel, insurance, and wear and tear on my vehicles is not worth the slight increase in earnings i might get for "going down the road".


Slight raise. I beg to disagree with you Gabe. .If you were right they wouldn't be going down the road. .But there are exceptions such as a company paying high wages in Frederick County, like Bechtel. But Frederick County under Blaine, refused to negotiate with them.


If 270 traffic is a migration every day because of the economics, that can be changed. It does not have to be that way forever.


Gary we all know it doesn't have to be that way. Can you tell us how to change it and actually have it happen.


The other reason is the monorail can go faster and in between the two lanes of I-270 without major bridge alterations. It can go under or over depending on the situation.


Joel - [thumbup][thumbup]

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