Let me see if I understand correctly: People who have been vaccinated against covid/ novel coronavirus comprise almost none of the newly-identified cases, while those who have not been vaccinated comprise almost all of the new cases and, perhaps more disturbing, latest deaths.

I wonder how many of those people are unvaccinated because they believe the virus, thus also the pandemic responsible for almost three-quarter-million American deaths, is a hoax?

There is a term for what happens to people who refuse to believe fully-provable scientific facts: Darwin’s Law, or as I say, taking care of the gene pool.

Those with true medical reasons (there really are a few) for not taking the vaccine are obviously excused.

Leatrice Urbanowicz


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Every time some unvaxed fool dies, it just increases the average intelligence of the rest of us a tiny bit. There is some silver lining in all of this.

You can't fix stupid. We eradicated smallpox and polio. We vax for tetnus and the flu, as well as measles, mumps and rubella.

If someone wants to play Russian Roulette with COVID, I say go ahead. Who am I to judge? It is hilarious people asking to get vaxed as they are being put on ventilators. What fools. What idiots.

I try to empathize. But I cannot. Other people's stupidity ends where my common sense begins. When it comes to a public health emergency, you must protect yourself and your fellow Americans, or you deserve your fate...


It's called culling the gene pool.


The patients coming in to the Hospitals are begging for the vaccination only to hear “it’s too late”. The ones coming off of 10 days on a respirator are lamenting how stupid they are. Get vaccinated and put your mask back on indoors.



Suffocating to own da libs!

*makes patriotic choking noises*


Its not Darwin's Law. It's just Trumpsters who think it is all a political hoax. Cant fix stupid. 73 million of them. OK maybe only 50 million stupids. The other 23 million are fools.



Being stupid enough to be conned into preventable death is kind of on brand for Faux News watchers.

Death cults gonna death cult.


OMG, you Ding Dongs, a lot of libs are not getting the vaccine either. Runs both ways. Aye Carrumba!!

I think this sums things up perfectly: There is a term for what happens to people who refuse to believe fully-provable scientific facts: Darwin’s Law, or as I say, taking care of the gene pool.

Or as I a polite white woman likes to put it--Survival of the Smartest....We can lead people to the facts...but we can't make them believe the facts. Look at JSK/bosco comment's.....they say it all.



I had to laugh when you said Darwin's data was misinterpreted. I was curious how folks would skirt around the obvious hypocrisy of not condemning Darwin's thoughts on race.. You obviously have not read Descent of Man. A bit too challenging perhaps..



Just because some of his methods are faulty doesn't necessarily negate some of his hypothesis. You don't understand how the scientific method works, do you?

What's the old saying about a broken clock?


@Polite W. Woman aka PurplePickles aka L&M

My bags been packed for a while now.


I had to laugh because obviously you haven't completed the reading assignment I gave you JSK/Bosco...a bit too challenging perhaps? Your obvious hypocrisy of condemning racism is something you are excellent at skirting around....so your point is what? You are once again obviously misinterpreting data to fit your agenda...so we are right back were we started at...is that if someone wants to refer to Darwin...none of us are offended...because well Darwin was correct about one thing..

At this point concerning the vaccine..It is Survival of the Smartest..See I changed the last word to Smartest, instead of Fittest...so is that a less racist way to think of Darwin? huh Bosco? Because that is what the letter writer is referring to.


jsk; you admittedly supported a racist knowing full well that he was a racist. You have no room to discuss this subject.


Me. Kline, The scientific method corrects mistakes such as that. The revelatory method does not. A great example is the Nazi racial theory. It was based on creationism. God created primates sequentially and his most recent creations -- white folk -- were the best. No way to correct what people believe to be factual when their "facts" are based on faith.


JSK, check this out -

Desmond and Moore’s Darwin’s Sacred Cause: A Misreading of the Historical Record





Not sure why so many were iso of a messiah, chose the fully-vaccinated one they did, and now choose to follow his words, not his action. It’s suicidal. Lemmings leaping over the precipice. What’s left to do, or debate. I don’t know.



Sad thing is the Lemming analogy isn't really valid anymore because the incident of them following each other off of a cliff was staged by Disney.

It's a death cult.


is Ms. Urbanowicz,

People still getting sick is a great concern. But one of the major problems facing us today is a total distrust of what we read and hear. Political bias and political hype has spawned this distrust. I am vaccinated. One of the only medicines I have taken in years but I am not sure I would condemn others who are not. Especially referencing Darwin and provable facts.

With the movement to tear down statues and erase names from history for their "white supremacy" regardless of societal contributions I find it amazing that Darwin's name has not been stripped from the public square.

This the man that invented 'white supremacy" In his Descent of Man he showed that organisms evolve. He pointed out quite vividly how the European races were far superior to the Australian, the African, the Asian and the Indian savage. It made perfect sense and he could prove it with facts.

Yes I am amazed you would allude to the name of Darwin.


Don't you get tired of embarrassing yourself on an almost daily basis...showing off your lack of understanding about the most basic things...? Maybe if you didn't have that sky daddy rambling around in your head you could accomplish some basic critical thinking skills.....bosco. And like Art you are misrepresenting the data to fit your agenda...which all points back to that sky daddy in your head controlling your thoughts. Charles Darwin did not invent "white supremacy" his data was misrepresented also..to push the "white supremacy" narrative. I gave you some reading to do Bosco..I hope you can understand it.

What is "white supremacy"? A brief history of a term, and a movement, that continues to haunt America

First in a series: The term gets thrown around carelessly, but the history of this ideology is long and tangled



Darwin was an abolitionist who believed all men descended from a common ancestor. It is comical that certain commentators bemoan that they can't trust what they read in responsible publications like the FNP, but then go and spread misinformation that they got who knows where.



The distrust of what you see/hear is specifically because you have chosen to place your faith in a cable "news" network owned by an Aussie. Your distrust of institutions is directly fed by your nonstop thirst for self-affirming "news".

You stop consuming that like sugary cereal and a lot of your specific problems go away.

Also, Darwin didn't have any actual scientific evidence of the superiority of any human over another. He used pseudoscience that fails poorly. Doesn't stop people from believing what they want to believe though.

A person chooses to believe that they have superior genetics because they don't have anything going on in their lives and have made no appreciable contributions to the human race. They have no skills and will lean on their belief in genetic superiority because they have absolutely nothing else going on for them.


jsk, for a start explain to me how billions of people of all races and color started from two naked people in the Garden of Eden. And then how a pair of every animal and bird and insect all got on a boat with Noah and his family for 40 days and nights and then I’ll explain to you about Darwin. Bring your evidence and I’ll bring mine. Peace.✌🏻


JSK, you are missing and matching, and as usual, exaggerating:

The theory of evolution by natural selection, was formulated in Charles Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species" in 1859, describes how organisms evolve.

While the book was racist, The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex , 1871, applies evolutionary theory to human evolution, and details his theory of sexual selection, a form of biological adaptation distinct from, yet interconnected with, natural selection.

No one wouldn’t consider Darwin the “ inventor of White Supremacy” yet the ‘Descent of Man’ was racist. The book attempted to theorized why Whites could get away with exploitation, brutality, genocide,… of others in colonization by applying his evolution theory.



Thank you.

JSK, as well as many in the comment section of FNP, chooses to cherry-pick data , bible passages or pseudo-science to rationalize their own biases.


I am going to miss all those Darwin statues.

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