The  May 28 Frederick News-Post carried an article about the shooting in San Jose, California that took the lives of nine individuals and the assailant, Samuel Cassidy. The headline of another mass killing in the United States, used the word "hated."

As a child, my beloved father regularly told me that using the word hate was unacceptable, and he did not want to hear it in my vocabulary. Yet in 2021, television, newspapers, and other sources of information seem to use this word regularly. My father was right; hate is a terrible word. It implies that one is not in control of their emotions, that the individual has a disposition so intense and strong that he would never consider a reconciliation with the person(s) or object that he encounters. Unfortunately, we have witnessed this emotion too many times in the past months. The random shootings by unstable people who are equipped with weapons, the despicable groups who rally to demonstrate their feelings about people of color or those whose religious beliefs are an anathema to them. Many of us remember when our society was calmer and demonstrations were considered rare, not every day occurrences. Yes, we acknowledge that "hate" has always existed.

In the musical "South Pacific," one of the characters sings a song, "You've got to be carefully taught." The lyrics are as pertinent today as they were many years ago. "You've got to be taught to hate and fear ... to hate all the people your relatives hate ... to hate all the people of a different shade ... you've got to be carefully taught."

The current wave of this emotion has intensified because individuals who are given a bully pulpit are so vocal that they incite others to believe the falsehoods and innuendos they deliver. People are slow to discern the truth from the fiction that people they admire shout from stages, sidewalks, rallies, and even small gatherings. The mind is vulnerable, and hate mongers realize the power they have to spread their venom.

Who will step forward to not only disparage but reeducate the people like Samuel Cassidy? And who will once and for all recognize that it is dangerous to allow individuals to amass guns and ammunition that kill innocent people?

How many rampages have to occur until we realize that we need not only remediation but laws that will stop the violence and yes, the hatred which is contagious and dangerous. It starts first in the home, and then in schools, in the workplace, in religious institutions, the media, and in our leaders. Please, if you can, help to annihilate that word that my father told me never to use!

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Alice, there is nothing new about hatred...its been around since the coming of mankind and I suspect it will be around till the end of time for us.


"...hate is a terrible word..." so, if one hates the taste of Brussels sprouts what do you say? I have an extreme dislike for the taste of Brussels sprouts? I didn't realize that by "hating" the taste of Brussels sprouts I was having an emotional response. Would a trip to the psychiatrist will help me gain control of my emotions and help me "love" Brussels sprouts? I thought that using hate wasn't bad it was simply a succinct description of my extreme dislike for Brussels sprouts. The word "hate" doesn't necessarily have any connection with emotions. It can simply be on one end of the continuum between loving something through hating it.

I wonder if the LTE writer's father would object to the LTE writer's use of the word despicable?"

I wonder how old the LTE writer is and if the aversion to the word hate is a generational thing. I sure hate getting up multiple times at night to go to the bathroom and wish I could sleep through the night as I did in my younger days. Excuse me, I should have said I extremely dislike having to get up multiple times at night.


Maybe try roasting them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic.


I've had too many bitter ones as a child to want to try them again. I'd rather just be like Popeye and "eats me spinach."


“Many of us remember when our society was calmer and demonstrations were considered rare, not every day occurrences...” a well-intended letter. There are things we should have remembered, like Tulsa, but the calm was preserved when there should have been an aftermath to make everyone think. That would’ve been messy and difficult and so many people weren’t firsthand involved in any way and the ones who were - well. They can take that information to the grave. And they did. Things were quieter but they sure weren’t fair.


'Hate' is not the problem. Criminal behavior is the problem. There's tons of stuff I strongly dislike; do I go shoot a place up? Absolutely not.

I don't want any restrictions on thought, or emotions. Some foolish lawmakers even went along with the creation of "hate" crimes. (Hmm, criminalizing thought--what could possibly go wrong with that??) In the quest to normalize crazy, there has been much fixation on controlling *other* peoples' minds. This is what troubled people do, when they can not control themselves/their OWN thoughts, & behavior.

Outlawing feelings of "hate", outlawing any love for your own people... What emotion should the powers that be outlaw next? Confusion? Spite? Nostalgia? Modesty? Where/when does the tyranny end?

Reminder: The Bible instructs us to HATE sinful *behavior*. Personally, it does not matter to me whether a thug is feeling hate, or exuberance, as he tries to stab me to death. Put an end to the criminal behavior with harsh punishments.


if you think "hate crimes" involves criminality of thought then you need to read a bit more broadly. That is NOT AT ALL what "hate crimes" means.


Oh lord, another dialectic from Aw...


Here’s another dialectic “ without reasoning you’re left with ‘hate’ and stupidity”. ~ Aw


AW = [beam][thumbup][thumbup]


I identified with the LTE writer because I am intolerant of intolerance, and hatred can be thought of as extreme intolerance. But it sounds like the letter writer is maybe more intolerant of the word than the concept. As Gary pointed out so well, hatred is real and should not be swept under the rug.


From a short story in Galaxy Magazine in the 50's: "Sticks and stones will break my bones. But words will only make me crazy." And the will. Especially if we do not remember that words are labels for reality. The map is not the land and the doll is not the person. Not even a Voodoo doll.

Hate can have many uses, with some good and some bad. I can hate syrup on my bacon. I can hate prejudice. I can even hate words.

Our reactions to words is what matters. Some words are used so often that they lose all meaning. I can only think of "liberal" "Socialist" and even "Fascist." They once had precise meanings. Now they are all over the map. For a while I thought the "N Word" would be used enough to lose its meaning. But it is now back in the "penalty box" and not to be used. Just as well, But there were hops that it could be desensitized. Who knows now?

Now I have to disagree with the writer. We have problems and words to use with them. We have to discuss problems and use exact words. That is how we solve problems. Not by ignoring problems or hiding from them.


[thumbup] many word’s that are used is political context is simply “name calling”, expressing hate. If pressed they couldn’t define the terms but they throw them out like punches in a brawl at someone or something they hate. Their opponents should suffer shamed when hit with these references. "liberal" "Socialist" and even "Fascist." are meaningless they are just insults (soft profanity). Insult of the week is “Marxist” is synonymous with hate. Don’t get called one.


"You Bet Your Life" that Groucho was my favorite Marx. Butt I also liked his brothers. Does that make me a Marxist? Just call me room service.




Always, the answer to "bad speech" is "good speech" and never censorship. That just drives 'crazy talk' under cover and where it is not quickly answered. Get it all out into the sunshine. Let the sun shine!




"Who will step forward to not only disparage but reeducate the people like Samuel Cassidy?"...

Re-educate, how?

..."it is dangerous to allow individuals to amass guns and ammunition that kill innocent people?"... it's not guns and ammunition that kill people.

..."laws that will stop the violence"...

laws don't stop violence.

Yes, you've got to be taught...

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