The Oct. 8 front-page story headlined “Right of way” serves as a great reminder of human patience.

This should remind drivers and readers to thank a farmer when you find you have to slow down and safely negotiate around their large equipment (especially on our beautiful back county roads) while they try to transport things down the roadways when less traveled. Still, drivers tend to drive way too fast.

Slow your pace in this fast-paced world. Also, watch for crossing deer, pets, school buses and children. Take a deep breath and this could save your life.

Oh, by the way, take time to thank a farmer next time you eat a meal or drink some milk.

I’m married in a farming family, and I love my farmers and farming neighbors.

Peggy Offutt


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big truck John

Farming is an honest and hard job, no matter how they got into it!!...I agree with you Peggy, people just need to be more considerate and nice! Stop being in such a rush and enjoy life and the small things, etc.!!


Maybe farmers should start thanking taxpayers for subsidizing them and the towns they live in.

Good job inheriting wealth and land and being propped up by a government that allows you to not have to compete globally farmers!!


Well. We'd probably kind of hate it if our milk and simply every other thing had to come from other countries or our own backyards.


Couldn't disagree more. Ever had Canadian milk or ice cream? It's delicious, because they have to compete on quality whereas our farmers don't, since the government subsidizes them to such a degree.


They are subsidized, but the coops set the prices and they are not getting good prices for milk. You can buy a gallon at Aldi for $1.35. The processing plants and stores make the profits. Now if you want to discuss soy beans, corn and some other products I might agree. But why should we subsidize soy beans either. Just because Trump blew up the tariffs and they can't be sold now, until Trump lowers the tariffs. How did we decide to let one man control so much and why do we allow him to decide who he will subsidize.

Germany has a similar problem between water and beer. The cost of water is higher there than water - wait don't board that plane for Germany. [beam]

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