During World War II, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built a supply route known as the Alaskan Highway. Construction began on March 8, 1942, and its conclusion came on Oct. 28, 1942 (10 months).

Ten thousand men created a 1,700-mile road through some of the harshest terrain on the planet — 10 months to build 1,700 miles of road though the wilderness.

By contrast, the Monocacy Boulevard project started 24 months ago and has yet to complete 3,550 feet of road.

My question to the mayor, Frederick city government and Milani Construction: How can you be anything but embarrassed and humiliated by this abject failure?

Mark Henry


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The U.S. Army was not concerned with making a profit they threw a lot of men and equipment into getting this done.

Originally the Alaskan Highway was over 1.700 miles of unpaved road. today it is less than 1,400 miles and paved all the way.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_Highway"The road was originally built mostly by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a supply route during World War II. In 1942, the Army Corps of Engineers assigned more than 10,000 men, about a third were black soldiers, members of three newly formed "Negro regiments". There were four main thrusts in building the route: southeast from Delta Junction, Alaska, toward a linkup at Beaver Creek, Yukon; north then west from Dawson Creek (an advance group started from Fort Nelson, British Columbia, after traveling on winter roads on frozen marshland from railway stations on the Northern Alberta Railways); both east and west from Whitehorse after being ferried in via the White Pass and Yukon Route railway. The Army commandeered equipment of all kinds, including local riverboats, railway locomotives, and housing originally meant for use in southern California."


The Great Wall took longer. On the other hand, you can see it from the moon...


Actually, you can't see it from the moon with the naked eye. That's just a myth, like a stated completion date for the projects around here.


It seems to me that EVERY road project takes years. How about the bridge on Opossumtown over Route 15? YEARS. How about that 1000 ft. section needed to connect Christopher's Crossing and Monocacy? YEARS. Every time I drive by there (once a week, at least) I NEVER see any workers. Just a lot of expensive equipment sitting there idle. Doesn't make any sense to me.


I've seen the same pieces of equipment in the same places for months on end.


Maybe they should put parking meters where the equipment is sitting idle.

Business Owner

This isn’t a relevant comparison. The Alaskan Highway was a great achievement during WW2 but the result was essentially a single lane roadway with a combination of dirt, gravel and wood beam surface. Very similar to a typical road we see on farms used by agricultural equipment. Required bridge construction consisted of pontoons or wood — all of which were regularly replaced as they quickly wore out. It was a rough road and parts of it weren’t suitable for civilian vehicles until the late 50s. The extension project has taken too much time but if we want to make a case let’s pick a project that more closely resembles the effort at hand.


Whether the specific comparison is applicable or not, I would have to agree that the Monocacy project has been a abject failure from any perspective.


The Monocacy upgrade is to Frederick as the Tire Fire is to Springfield in the Simpsons show. An ongoing shameful bad joke on the public.


Isn't it a courtesy to the tax paying public to provide good material for jokes to lighten everyone's lives?

Business Owner

It has taken way too long!


There is no defense as to how long it is taking Milani to do anything. First they blame wet weather...how about that incredibly dry summer we had. That should have made up for it, but apparently it had no effect on anything. Everyone involved should never be allowed to work in the county again.


Perhaps they are just waiting for the grass to grow on the embankments, before they pave, so it will look nice when it opens.


Perhaps if the population showed how pissed it was by mobbing the work site with shovels and buckets to help move it along, maybe someone would get the point?


It looks to me like this was a time and material contract with Milani Const. Meaning that the longer it takes and the more you spend on materials the more money you make. I'd be auditing the cost overruns and change orders very closely... Sadly, Emmittsburg is going through the same charade with that company on a road and bridge project...

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