There has been more than the usual amount of talk about abortion and Roe v. Wade in the past year, and it will increase as election time gets closer. This has always been a controversial subject, and I’m sure it will never change.

It seems to me abortion has and is being used as a form of birth control for some women.

There is a very thin line between abortion of a living child and murder. What is the difference between destroying the brain of a living child born or unborn than putting a pistol to the head of anyone and pulling the trigger?

In both cases, the brain is destroyed and they are dead.

In the case of abortion, it is legal, no crime has been committed. In the case of someone shooting a person in the head, it is murder and they go to jail.

A doctor destroys a life in one way and it’s legal while a person with a weapon destroys a life another way and it’s murder. Abortion may be required in some cases but, no, not because you got pregnant for not using birth control. So what is the difference between abortion and murder?


George R. Sterling


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I want to see the scientific, unimpeachable, well sourced and vetted data that unequivocally supports this assertion- "It seems to me abortion has and is being used as a form of birth control for some women."


Why? Abortion is obviously a form of birth control. One might say that birth control is the primary purpose of abortion. I’m always stunned by the notion that abortion isn’t birth control.


Ah, the human life deniers. If they weren’t so ghoulish, the twisted linguistics and logic that pro-abortionists employ in defending the termination of a pregnancy would be comical. Over time, the term they use for an unborn child’s heartbeat has evolved from “fetal heartbeat” to what they now call “embryonic pulsation.” Their sad euphemisms notwithstanding, they cannot deny that abortion is the destruction of a potential human being.


“So what is the difference between abortion and murder?” Tradition. Thousands of years of Judeo-Greco-Roman-Christian tradition.


George, Since you asked, let's get this clear. You don't seem to see it, but there actually is a big difference between a fetus and a child. The difference has to do with living in a womb and requiring that womb vs living outside the womb. And to shoot the fetus, wouldn't you have to shoot the mother as well? I think you need to do some googling and re-think this. Hmm?


I am so grateful that our adopted daughter was not aborted, she is a blessing.  Still, there are instances where it is relevant that abortion should be allowed.  Such as rape, incest, and where the mother's life is in jeopardy.  Nor would I rule out abortion in the first three months of pregnancy.  Where we are really shooting ourselves in the foot is closing down Planned Parenthood.  They are there to explain about: STD's, birth control, abortion and the morning after pill.  Republicans need to wake up or get pragmatic knowing they are going to have to pay more for the unwanted births they force onto mothers, many too young to support a child.  You just can't have it both ways.


George - in the first place, no woman has to ask your permission for the use of her uterus. OK? You got that? Second, all of us can agree that two cells is not a person, not a human being. We can all agree that a born child wrapped in a blanket is. When, exactly, in the long nine months between two cells and child in arms we have a person is a religious question, not one of science. For nearly 50 years, the law of the land has been Roe. Read it and understand why no one cares what you think, except as it has to do with your own organs.


Republicans have no problems with more guns, but don't want youngsters to know about condoms.


George, you going to have an abortion? going to kill somebody? So what's the point of asking? Either way it's none of your business which is which, if you have to worry about it just don't do it.


George makes a good point, but I expect this answer is not new to him. To me, the difference is "Who decides?" And I want a physician (or qualified health care professional) and the family to make that decision. Laws against abortion are never for the wealthy. They can always go om "vacation" and get any procedures they may want. Less rich can go to other states. They are not fair or evenly applied. And that is the difference as I see it.


Not to mention the abortions that risk the mother's life too, Gary.[thumbup]



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