I’m writing in response to the As I See It in Tuesday’s paper, “State Sen. Hough misses mark in fundraising emails,” by Moms Demand Action. In the piece, MDA takes Sen. Michael Hough to task for his campaigning actions surrounding one of MDA’s events. I will leave those two to duke out that issue, but I would like to address issues regarding gun violence brought up by MDA.

I believe it’s important to state from the beginning that both lawful firearm owners and gun control groups want the same end result, which is fewer deaths and injuries via firearms. However, they vary greatly on how to achieve that goal.

In the letter, MDA proudly states that about 100 people showed up for two events in Frederick. This equates to about .05 percent of the adult population of Frederick County. While they appear to be proud of that number, I’m guessing that MDA and other gun control groups would consider “like numbers” at an NRA rally abysmal.

Speaking of numbers, MDA states that “100 Americans shot and killed ...” every day. This is an accepted number of approximately 36,000 people who have died as a result of firearms every year. The problem is that MDA and many other gun control groups conveniently and continually forget to mention is that 66 percent, or 23,800 of them, are suicides! Yes, people killing themselves, not killed by others. If we also factor in justified shootings and accidental shootings, the number of people who are fatally shot is much smaller. Of the remaining number, the preponderance of them are in one way or another associated with criminals and the inner cities. I’m not in any way stating that the lower number is insignificant, or acceptable — just that it’s a much smaller number that seldom gets mentioned by gun control groups.

One of the statements made by MDA was almost laughable. They state that Hough accused “local businesses of partnering with “highly political and partisan organization.” If in fact he did make that charge, it was for a very good reason — he was correct.

For MDA to put themselves forth as just a small group of “aw shucks” moms demanding action is just this side of a bald-faced lie. They are a highly political and highly partisan group funded by none other than the national gun control zealot and billionaire Michael Bloomberg. If you think they aren’t political, the next time there is a gun control bill in Annapolis, go see who is there supporting it whether it makes any sense or not. If Bloomberg doesn’t support the bill, neither does the MDA. So, a bill in Annapolis is political, and since the anti-firearm bills are always initiated by Democrats (partisan), there we have it — both political and partisan.

I’m not sure why the MDA used the shooting of a schoolgirl to support their point of view, and I don’t actually mind it — except that they again conveniently left out the part of it being an accidental gang-related shooting. This has nothing to do with gun control and everything to do with criminal control. When, if ever, will we begin to address the real issue — criminal control? Guns don’t fire themselves.

MDA also charges Hough to start having “a respectful conversation about preventing gun violence.”

This is a priceless piece of advice from a group that starts every conversation with “a reasonable and/or common-sense solution to gun violence” a la the national chant. The lawful firearm community learned long ago that these suggested solutions are virtually never reasonable nor common-sense except to the people making them, and never to the people of the receiving end of them. It’s even more of an affront coming from non-firearm owners.

I’ve never had an experience where a gun control person actually listened, and gave serious consideration to, any firearm owner’s suggestion to help solve the problem. When that happens, then maybe the “respectful” conversations can start.

When gun control advocates such as MDA quit asking the carpenter how to fix the plumbing, maybe we can make a little progress toward actually curtailing violence by firearm.

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The fact that over 60% of gun deaths are suicides does not remove these tragedies from serious consideration. The loss to individuals, families, communities and society is too great. Roughly 250 Marylanders use a gun to end their own lives each year. Most are white males. Rural counties have a much higher suicide rate than our cities and the nation. Many, if not most, suicides are preventable. It's a myth that without a gun handy, most suicidal people will just find another method. Loaded guns make suicide much too easy, quick and certain. Access to a loaded firearm triples the risk of suicide for everyone who can get to it during their worst moment. It's proven that gun safety practices and laws significantly reduce suicide: storing firearms unloaded, in a safe with ammo locked up elsewhere and not sharing the keys or combination with minors, waiting periods, licensing requirements and our newest law that allows family members and law enforcement to petition in district courts for Extreme Risk Protection Order to remove guns if threats or actions show they may harm themselves or another. A minor obstacle or delay to getting ahold of a firearm might only inconvenience a law-abiding person, but it could very well prevent an irreversible action by a struggling individual and the catastrophic impact of that act on their family and friends. Allowing time for a change of mind or intervention can make all the difference in the world.


Recent statistics show about 32,000 deaths per year from guns.  About 60% are suicides, 3% are accidental, the remainder are due to gun violence.  Of that number, about 11,100, there are 8,900 due to gang violence, leaving 2,200 deaths per year caused by those that have no purpose other than to kill others.  Many of those deaths are caused by assault weapons.  What can and should be done is a sharp crack down on gangs, limit ammunition, make all pass tests before being issued a license to possess a gun.  This will not stop suicides, there will always be a way to commit suicide. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/09/upshot/gun-deaths-are-mostly-suicides.html http://jpfo.org/articles-assd03/gun-stats-perspective.htm

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