Hello, my name is Steve McKay and I’m running for County Council here in District 2. The reason I’m running for Council is that I’m concerned about what will happen to our roads, and our schools, and ultimately our taxes because of growth decisions made back in 2012-2014.

I’ve knocked on a lot of doors over the last months and this is how I’ve begun countless conversations with Republican voters (and more than a few Democrats). I tell them about the 11,000 homes that have been approved in our corner of the County. We’ve only just begun to see these homes pop up in Urbana, Linganore and Landsdale – but it’s only the tip of the iceberg and we’ll be dealing with the impact for years, if not decades to come.

We can grow and we must grow, but we must do it wisely and, most importantly, in step with needed infrastructure. For example, Urbana is a logical place to grow given its proximity to I-270, 355, and 80. However, even in Urbana we need to match the pace of home construction to improvements in our roads and schools. The traffic on 80 and in the halls of each of the four area schools are clear indicators that we have a problem that must be addressed.

I am particularly concerned about the New Market area. With over 2,700 homes approved in in northern New Market this area’s infrastructure will be severely challenged for many years to come. Congestion will be an increasing problem, especially on Boyers Mill Road and 144. Similarly, school over-crowding is anticipated to sharply increase and will grow dire unless we find a way to add capacity.

I’m running for County Council because I want to solve these problems. I’ve witnessed bad zoning decisions and I want to be a part of helping Frederick County grow along a wiser, more modest, and affordable path. I’ve yet to meet anyone that wants Frederick County to become like Germantown, but many of us feel that this is the path that we’ve been set upon. I want to avoid that.

In addition to making smarter zoning decisions, I will also prioritize changing our rules that measure the impact of new developments and re-think our expectations of what developers should pay to lessen those effects. The Blaine Young Board of County Commissioners systematically lowered the bar for developers. We live with the consequences every day on our congested roadways and when we send our kids off to school to learn in portables. I will work hard to strengthen requirements on developers and ensure that they pay their share of the infrastructure costs needed to support the new homes.

If new development doesn’t pay its share of the cost, then who does? You and I, that’s who. We pay it in higher taxes which leads to larger government. This point always puzzles me about some of my fellow Republicans. How can you insist on smaller government and lower taxes when you support the gross over-development policies of the Young Board. Those policies have led to an infrastructure deficit of at least $500,000,000 that will be left to our children and grandchildren to pay. Every year at budget time, I see our Council members quibbling over a few tens of thousands of dollars, while turning a blind eye toward massive & looming capital debt projects costing $100s of millions. They don’t see the forest for the trees. Instead they seem to care more about making political points on whether there’s a tax increase or not instead of looking for real solutions. That’s not the way I’ll work for you.

People ask me why I’m running against fellow Republican Tony Chmelik, and I tell them that I don’t think Tony is a bad person, it’s just that we have very different views on growth. Tony got into office by aligning himself with Blaine Young. He received over 87% of his campaign donations from Blaine, the Monrovia Town Center developers, and others in the development community. As far as I’m concerned, that was Tony’s endorsement of Blaine’s over-development policies and raises a red flag that Tony has an inherent loyalty to the development community. We’ve seen that loyalty play out in his consistent support for developers whenever the Council is faced with a growth-related matter.

I’m running my campaign without taking a dime from the development community. I simply think there’s too much of their money in our politics. If you elect me, I’ll represent you – not any special interests. On June 26th, I sincerely hope that you’ll honor me with your vote. Thank you.

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Steve McKay fairly and honestly won the Republican primary over Mr. Tony Chmelik which earned him the right to represent District 2. I am not here to judge Mr. Chmelik's abilities or character, I merely warn/alert the Republican party and Tony, that his write-in campaign possibly will allow the Democratic candidate clear sailing into office. A "split" ticket cannot help out the party in any way. The most important lesson here is to ensure a Republican win the seat.

Mr. Chemelik's write in supporters can only harm the party.

I would strongly recommend that the write in campaign stop NOW, take the signs down and have Tony issue a public statement that he fully supports Steve McKay.

***Tony, be a refined solid runner up and make sure Mr. McKay wins the election. Your time may still come, you are a young man.


I really appreciate all of the supportive comments. Now let’s win this thing!


Your only flaw is the prejudice and misguidance that you displayed regarding trucks getting stuck under the bridge on a road with deficient signage. Everything else about you Steve is top shelf.


In politics there can be different points of view. But lack of adequate signage is lack of adequate signage. (Referring to northbound). It’s not a point of view. It’s reality that truly exists!


And to be clear - the northbound direction on 75 is what I’m referring to. Not the southbound.


Kelly - you're relentless. But that's OK, so am I. :-)


success derives from relentlessness.

Jan is so great, but her flaw now is that she supports that stupid hotel.

You're great. But your flaw is your unwillingness to understand the northbound 75 bridge issue. Allowing personal emotion to override reality :)

I hope you spend some time thinking about this, as I really do not want to have to ride your tail on this every time your name is mentioned :)

Just like I remind voters that Chuck Jenkins promised to "go after the gangs"!


And the hotel patron littering. You're relentless on that too.


Steve, you have provided more leadership and representation for Frederick County and D2 than Tony has as an elected official. You addressed the CSX bridge with the State delegation, MDOT, Costco and FC staff; Tony refused. You addressed FC ethics that were abused by the previous BoCC. Your solution was instrumental in the passing of much needed, stronger regulations; Tony refused to acknowledge the problem, much less address. And last but not least, MTC. You were the leader of the Monrovia community that convinced a court of law that MTC should not have been approved as presented; Tony has never represented the thousands of residents opposed to MTC. Thank you Steve, I wish you, (and all of us), well on Tuesday.


I'm a democrat and can't vote for you on Tuesday, but I will be voting for you in the November general election. Both my wife and I sincerely hope you get the district 2 seat. Good luck!


An inherently decent man who understands that infrastructure must be in place to handle growth. That's common sense and doing it backwards will strain the southeastern part of the county for years to come. Voting for a thoughtful, pragmatic person who is interested in solutions, rather than polemic soundbites sounds like a great idea. Good luck, Sir, I hope you clear your primary. If for some reason you don't, please run as an independent in the general election.


they both have track records; Steve is a man of the people and Tony is owned by the developers


Steve, this is great and you are right about Tony,  Part of the Blaine gang, even if it was an aftermath.  Stop and think what it will be like if Kirby by some bad fluke of events was to win the CE post.  Kirby brags about how he is going to cut taxes, but it was him, Billy and Blaine that caused all of this mess.  Sure, they would privatize some things, like Montevue, we know what happened to that and how it hurt senior citizens,  Then there is the Jefferson Park Technology Center and the bridge to nowhere.  Do we want more of that?  NO!

Kirby even brags about being a supporter of Trump.  Maybe we should thank Kirby for that, in case anyone didn't already know about Kirby and his nationwide rant on using his name.  

We need people on the Council that are reasonable, honest and willing to work for the County, not themselves.  Vote for Steve who will work with Jan Gardner on the next Council  Good people are hard to find, Steve and Jan are good people!


Adding your voice would be good for everyone, not just D2.


Steve, thank you so much for laying out such a clear message. Tony has failed to represent D2. He has no solutions to the problems we have and to be honest, I really don't think he cares. He's been a completely self-serving council member.

Matt Seubert


Thank you Steve, both for your efforts on behalf of the community and for giving District 2 a great alternative to the last 4 years of negative politics on the council. I would also like to thank you for being "postive" and not falling to the using false statements and misleading "facts" like your opponent - his recent and misleading letter and the negative tone his flyers take are just one more reason he won't get my vote.


Sounds like a Lenny Thompson Republican will be on the County Council.


It is more important how they will help the County than the party they belong too. More people need to wake up to that.


Dick, I agree with you. I wanted to give Steve - or others - an opportunity to agree or disagree with my comparison.


Kudos Steve- I wish you the best.


Thank you des

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