In response to Mr. Staveley’s commentary, I am closing in on 70 years old and I can honestly say, like you do, that the thinking of many people in this country is incomprehensible to me.

I just don’t understand how so many Americans can support President Trump. I see him as the worst example of arrogant white-male entitlement, with truly no sense of decency at all, and yet he was elected by a stunningly large minority of Americans.

I am as baffled by the “right” as you apparently are by the “left.” How you can call the impeachment a farce is unimaginable to me. How you can’t or won’t see the corruption of would-be King Trump is just appalling. I have a brother who is a Trump lover and I have no communication at all with him because I just can’t stand listening to what comes out of his mouth.

The only solution to this long-simmering American conundrum is (I am not joking) to break up the country into at least two countries. The Civil War would not have been fought if the south would have been allowed to secede. Americans who think climate change is a hoax, that marriage is between a man and a woman only, that abortion is murder, that the influx of brown-skinned immigrants must end, that a guy like Trump is actually the chosen one can live in the new country that was previously called the South.

All the other folks that hold opposing views can live in the north if they choose. The splitting of the country, north and south, does not solve the urban/rural divide but it does provide an actual country that Americans can move to if they truly hate living in a country that does not in any way hold their values sacred. I am sure that a lot of Americans would move to Canada if it were warmer and they would actually be allowed in. By creating two English-speaking countries between Canada and Mexico, a huge part of America’s increasingly dangerous cultural war would be addressed. Czechoslovakia peacefully broke apart, the Soviet Union peacefully broke apart, the U.K. looks like it’s headed in that direction and so is America. We just haven’t haven’t looked at our situation squarely in the face yet.

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This idea came up on another forum I frequent. The purveyor was a conservative who feared living in a country dominated by liberalism. He got a lot of support from other conservatives. I was one of relatively few who argued against the idea. It was weird seeing so many conservatives willing to abandon the USA.


I honestly believe that most on either side of these responses have lost their ever-loving minds.


On its face this is so seemingly absurd it borders on humorous. But certain parts are worrisome. He cannot tolerate communication with his brother because he disagrees. I assume his brother is of the same race, born in the same place and raised in an identical setting.That is close its ugliest form.

He states that he is not joking that the country should separate so he can live in a place where his values are sacred. A bit scary to say the least.

Parents desire to raise their children where their values are prevalent but not necessarily sacred. Let us hope a common value most Americans consider sacred is the free market of ideas. Where, according to O.W. Holmes, real truth can emerge. This requires tolerance and understanding and the respect for opinions of others. Without that it would be impossible to have a .free country.


Why do you bring up race, Jim? Are you trying to add to the divide?



From the bottom of my heart I feel sorry for you. I did not give race one iota of thought. It is simply the lyrics to a country western song (Hank Williams Jr.) the last part is the same lonesome blood in my veins.

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And vice versa.....


Great Op-Ed section today. One columnist wants to ban nukes, the other wants to halt America’s participation in endless wars. Uh, DUH. I guess there wasn’t sufficient space for a column coming out against cancer. Instead, space was given this LTE that argues in favor of implementing the primary objective the Confederacy in waging the American Civil War. The fact that many (but regrettably not all) of the reader responses view the idea is stupid on its face is evidence there is hope for our country after all.


This letter just goes to show how unhinged the Trump haters are. When he wins in 2020 make sure you all go out in your pink hats, nasty women t-shirts with the "I'm with her" buttons stuck on them. This will define you as sufferers of TDS and easier to identify as the enemy. MAGA 2020.

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Wrong on both counts, three. There was a quid pro quo and I only kneel to God. Not a 2 bit criminal.


i agree Dick, but we should always make sure we know where the nearest exit is, just in case.


So, would it be north and south, like last time? The Union and the Confederacy? Would we split DC? If so, which side would get the Redskins? If we get the Skins, then we will make Snyder change the name, and the players (and fans) can kneel, sit, stand, or whatever during the anthem - whatever the new anthem is.


They already tried to fix a country by sending the "common criminals" away. England did and sent many to Australia to "purify" their people. I am nos so sure that it did any good at all and certainly Australia is a nice place to live now. I suggest that we educate our citizens and let them make up their minds. And that would b basics like the Constitution and not advanced political theory. We may never agree about that.


They came to Virginia too.


I stopped reading once I got to the part about dividing the country into two separate nations. From the tone of your letter it is apparent you dislike that Trump and his supporters are dividing the country. Yet, you propose to proceed with that very idea. You're playing right into the hands of Trump, et. al.


Jleft.. - agree. Making assumptions that somehow the entire population of the South supports and approves of the current administration is following along with the sterotyping that is so prevalent in Republican responses. Sad.


On June 1, 2015, 2 weeks before Trump entered the Presidential Race, America was NOT a divided Nation. The Republicans were still on their stated quest of causing President Obama to fail, although their effort to deny him a second term was a complete Bust!! But after 4 1/2 years and almost 400 Trump Racist Hate Rallies, in December 2019 we are de facto ideologically 2 separate Nations. Short Republican Party/Trump Base/40% of the population actually seceding from the United States of America we are back in the Civil War of the 1860’s. (Or did it really ever end?) And as it did then, it is tearing the heart out of America.


Well said phy, you are absolutely correct about the division now and before DJT.


Terrible letter. While Trump supporters are living in an alternate reality and are deranged in their support of him, this kind of commentary only inflames them and gives them legitimacy to continue their mendacity.


[thumbup]matt what if we held our tongues, then quietly did not vote for him. Extra points if you go to rallies to keep up appearances?


Let’s go together Dwas!


Mr. Kaluza,

Sorry you can't communicate with your brother. Statements like;"white-male entitlement, with truly no sense of decency at all, and yet he was elected by a stunningly large minority of Americans." are a good indicator of why. Let us hope this country does not devolve into a civil war.

Why split into two? Obviously that would do great harm to all of us and to the world. Our founders knew "free thinking people" with the ability to express themselves openly and freely, and with the freedom to follow their own hearts, would inevitably form into groups. Groups that, sometimes zealously, would strive to live within societies that were comparable with their beliefs.

In an unparalleled wisdom they set up a Union that guaranteed basic rights to all in the Union. Rights such as freedom of religion, freedom of the press, unlawful imprisonment, open commerce, long held judicial standards and a united common defense. Then they established a remarkable standard that any rights beyond these basic rights would be the rights established by and shared by the members of the individual communities. With the guarantee of no nationally, majority driven. interference.

I would think that a Republic consisting of many groups would be far better than two large groups that obviously would be at war constantly. I do truly believe that the "finger of God" directed our founders.


Right now the finger of Putin is directing our president. Jsk, you espouse great feelings for our country yet you willingly concede it to a foreign adversary... Mr. Kaluza's intuition seems right on.


Geez, still on this rant? That theory has long been proven to be false (Ref. Mueller report).


Bunny - reference the article about the IG report in today's paper. You chastise olefool for being on a rant while practicing one of your own. That is hypocrisy.


Jim, I can't believe you. Trump was; ".....elected by a stunning large minority of Americans.". What in the world does that mean? We all know Trump did not win the majority vote and was elected by the Electoral College.


Dick, that was a direct quote from the end of the second paragraph of this article. Ask the writer. JSK didn't write it.


But, Jim quoted it, like it's true.


Time to take your medication, Nurse Ratchet is coming to check on you.


funny bunny, funny bunny, funny bunny......


So you see Nurse Ratchet - must mean you are sitting in the same room too.


Nurse "Ratched" Bunny. You're dating yourself. as am I.


Your penchant for the Kool-Aid is astounding.

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