I see the county is auditing the sheriff’s department’s 287(g) program. No one wants county funds wasted, so I’m fine with making sure that’s the case.

However, when county officials are done with the 287(g) program, maybe they will take the time to audit the cost to the county taxpayers of illegal immigration on schools, health care, social services, crime, etc. Any person who takes the time to read unbiased data on that topic knows these costs far exceed the cost of the 287(g) program.

That’s an audit that will never get done!

Pat O’Brien


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It would seem that the IAD peformed a non-attest special project review and determined "...The $83 per inmate per day rate provided by ICE to the FCSO covers the $53.25 per inmate per day rate as reasonably calculated. The variance allows for additional personnel from time to time that may be indirectly related to housing inmates as well as other external program funds that might be utilized from time to time. The above calculation was a reasonableness test and due to the fluctuation of open beds only available to inmates and programs not consistently utilized it

appears to be a fair representation of expectations to the program... It appears that the current reimbursement is reasonable and based upon the agreement with

ICE from 2007. It would be at the discretion of the FCSO to update their agreement with ICE which could affect the program in availability and ICE funding changes as well as cost to taxpayer funds...."

Regarding cost benefits of immigration, it seems that most all studies do not do a truly correct/accurate cost benefit analysis. For example they do not attribute the cost of US children (citizens) born to one or both illegal immigrant parents. These children would not be here if not for the illegal immigration of their parents. Look at data and reports from MoCo county about the causes of chronic absence of students in the school system and they say a major cause is that some of the children are out of school working a job to help support the family. I seriously doubt then that those families are adding much to the tax base due to their income taxes (a substantial source for school funding in addition to property taxes) and if you compare those in the FARM program you'll find even less evidence to say that they are paying more into the economy than the benefits they use (and education is just an example). We do need a true cost accounting of the immigration issue so that intelligent solutions can be proposed. Finally, population growth (be it through immigration of births to people here already) needs to be reviewed because of all of the problems/harm the growing human population (roughly 7.8 billion people and growing) is causing to the planet and other species inhabiting the planet. We are supposed to be the most intelligent species and yet we are causing the greatest harm.

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The audit the letter writer suggests should also include the benefits these immigrants provide to us, including federal and state taxes and services provided. And for comparison, there could be similar audits of some American citizens, such as the letter writer.


We all stand on the shoulders of immigrants. Let's "audit" our own family histories to see what-all helped us get where we are.


That should be “LEGAL” immigrants. You seem to forget that fine point!!


Pat, you  seem to be concerned about the 287 (g) only and want all items audited out of spite.  The reason 287 (g) is being audited is because the County never authorized it and now we stand to lose money at the County level because of what the Sheriff did.  And the Sheriff has made claims about the costs that have not been audited, that do not seem reasonable.  The program the Sheriff signed the contract for is not popular nationwide and almost all other jurisdictions are being reimbursed at twice the level the Sheriff is asking the federal government for.

Now, it isn't a bad idea to audit all, but are you sure they have not been audited?  




Here the link to Frederick County Audits for the past 15 years including public schools. https://frederickcountymd.gov/7758/2019-Audit-reports.

The public school audits report will show a largest portion of the school funding comes from real estate tax. That means anyone who rents or owns property In Frederick County directly or indirectly contribute to the financial support of the public school system. That includes undocumented families that rent or own homes... No exceptions.


Haha Shall we talk about how much the ‘Sherf 3% Trumpkins’ cost the county in legal fees and lottery money to Roxie Santos??

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