Dear Post Office,

I was hoping to get in touch with you about getting my box back.

You see, I mailed a box with you back on the 14th of December and it seems to be sitting in Baltimore since the 15th. The box was intended for Ohio and I’m not really sure how it ended up 60 miles in the opposite direction, but no matter, I guess you have your procedures. It’s just that it’s been 14 days now sitting in your warehouse.

I don’t mind so much that the nut rolls are probably no longer fit to eat, and if you don’t have the time to deliver the mail, I understand, it’s been a rough year for all of us and people were sending way more stuff through the mail.

And while I would have thought that such a boom in business would have been, well, good for business from your perspective, maybe you look at it differently. It’s just that your competitors seem to be doing just fine, and on top of their extra packages this season, they’re even delivering vaccines — even though all these extra packages and vaccines probably weren’t on their business plan for this season either.

Anyway, when you finally figure out the direction to Ohio, you should be going right by Frederick again — at least I think you will, who can say? Could you maybe drop that box back off here? I’ll take it from here. It’s just that Siri says I could have walked to Ohio by now.

Thanks, post office. You can keep the money.

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This is one of the best letters I'd read in a long time! Read it on January 4th, but had to pull it up to read again today just for the pleasure of a laugh while attempting to assuage my own frustration with mail going from Frederick to Frederick (letter mailed December 21st and recipient still has not received). In the olden days (and mind you, this was just a few years back), a letter from Frederick to Frederick would be an overnight event - a congratulatory card to a new mom in the hospital would be received before she and baby came home... At the current rate, baby might be enrolled in school before that happens! Oh, well... I feel much better now that I've vented (LOL)! By the way... did your package ever reach its destination?


I too just experienced a delayed delivery of 3 small vintage lamp repair parts from a Company in Nashville. They were shipped on Dec. 21, reached District Heights and then Hyattsville?? on the 22nd. They then disappeared into “in transit” land. They showed up again in District Heights on the 30th and made it to Baltimore that same day. Then came New Years Holiday and then made it to our local P.O. and were delivered on Saturday Jan. 2. That was the first time in my 80 years it took a package 12 days to get delivered. I think that is pretty impressive, 8 decades of mail delivery without a loss of mail or even a major delivery delay until now. And now isn’t their fault. I salute the USPS, Thank You.


All of the mail from Monrovia goes to Baltimore. On Dec. 17th, I mailed a priority package to a family member admitted to Johns Hopskins Hospital.....which is in BALTIMORE! It still has not arrived as of today, Jan. 4th. It did not include gifts, but iincluded tems needed for his long term hopsital stay. Since visiting in a hospital is no longer an option, it was suggested I mail the needed items. What a big mistake. It's been "in transit" since the day it was mailed. In following up with the local PO, I was told there were 40 tractor trailer loads of packages in Baltimore waiting for delivery.


Great letter! I couldn't have done better.

"Informed delivery" tells me a xmas card mailed Dec. 12 in Detroit will arrive today...and I recently had a 2-day Priority package take more than 3 weeks.


ANYONE who sends nut rolls through the USPS during holiday season is a mess.

Nut rolls? They are the kindred spirit of fruitcakes. Writer probably made somebody's holiday season merrier by not having it delivered on time.

Last week, UPS delived overnight a 12 lb. box I sent to the Sandusky, OH area. Dropped off at the Hagerstown hub customer service center at 3 PM one day and arrived 10 AM next day...using inexpensive UPS Ground!

Just use UPS. Or FEDEX. Grousing about the USPS with the Dejoy debacle is like peeing into the cold wind. It will just come back to hit you in the face. Next time you complain, be productive and buy a bagful of groceries and take it to a food pantry. That will make you feel better.

Greg F

You shipped after the influx, for one, and forget that for both FedEx and UPS that they often use USPS for the "last mile" delivery (see that SurePost label...that's USPS attached as last mile for another shipper). Both UPS and FedEx had their issues also, and USPS was compounded by the others no longer accepting packages from large sellers. UPS also is horribly expensive the heavier and larger you get. So is FedEx. I ship over 100 packages a month...and am well versed in the performance of each, and ALL of them sucked bigly. Thanks Trump and DeJoy.


We’ve had the most problems with FedEx, and I won’t use them if I can avoid it, but some of the places we order from use FedEx and we don’t have a choice. We had FedEx tell us a package was coming today by 8 PM and it showed up days later. Another package they insisted was delivered, only to have it show up three days later. The heck with FedEx.


Try UPS outta Hagerstown. Trust me. Nothing like a big UPS trucking hub off of I-70 to get your pacakages sent out on the right foot.

USPS mail goes to die in Baltimore.


UPS trucking hub customer service desk in Hagerstown always been my go-to. Never had any problems for years.

I had no issues mailing out UPS packages the entire month of December. Or receiving them. I must admit, with all this whining, now complaining about UPS and FEDEX costs is hilarious.

USPS is required by law to accept packages. FEDEX and UPS are not. So, looks like the smarter consumer has written this post.

If a tire has a nail in it, are you just gonna keep on blowing it up every 30 miles or so at a gas station, or just get a new tire? USPS was flat ALL of December, and still is.


"If a tire has a nail in it, are you just gonna keep on blowing it up every 30 miles or so at a gas station, or just get a new tire?"......I like that. I may find a way to apply that to the lockdowns of bars, schools, and restaurants.

Guy T. Ashton

Wow. Lighten up, Francis. The letter was tongue in cheek to voice the mail problem we’re all facing. And my mom cared a great deal about not getting her nut rolls and some other presents.


How dare you. Nut rolls are nothing like fruit cake. If they were, then they would never spoil. But, yah, the USPS needs some fixing.


Isn't there just one fruitcake and it keeps being regifted?




I mailed Christmas cards with checks enclosed on Dec. 7. The cards have not arrived still. On Saturday, I mailed a package to Glen Burnie. The postal worker said it would not arrive for 12 - 14 days. I questioned her on this. Do you remember the removal of sorting machines back in the summer? Are you aware that hundreds of postal workers nationwide are out of work, ill, from Co-Vid? I asked what I could do as a private citizen to save the USPS. Her response was to email the Biden team and request a removal of all current Board of Governors members. They are responsible for what happens to the USPS. And of course, we all know what DeJoy did to cripple the postal service. The USPS has become another debacle of the current administration. Although the USPS was weak before, it is greatly more so now. DeJoy has interest in competitors of the USPS.

Greg F

The state of USPS today is due to POTUS and his attempt to thwart the election. He hired his goon DeJoy, who is totally and utterly unqualified, to head the department. DeJoy has direct conflicting interest as well (XPO Logistics, totaling between $30 and $75 million for one), and was a major donor who was given this position for his fealty to the orange-man. As for the Baltimore substation, that was one that had its sorting machine removed, and not returned. That station sorts most of Maryland's mail before going on to somewhere else, regardless of where it came from. It's much the same as a FedEx hub. I've had mail go recently to Greensboro, NC vs Baltimore on a few occasions since they still have the capacity. Since DeJoy's removal of sorting machines, I've seen Priority Mail take 30+ days on multiple occasions both in and outbound. 1st Class is taking weeks to a month regularly and out of 100 items tracked for me, over 70 took 3-4 weeks to deliver. All priority I sent took 3 weeks minimum. It's well known that the GOP was behind efforts to privatize USPS and this is just another part of damaging them to make people keen on the idea. Same with the pre-funding of pensions and rules that they can't do other services to fill in the gap to gain selling things related other than packaging materials. DeJoy's damage has still not been repaired in the majority of stations the sorting machines were removed from, with many sitting dismantled STILL in warehouses that were 100% functional when removed. Add COVID, where the Baltimore substation has a very large employee reduction due to sick workers, and that doesn't help. That's repeated across the nation too. I spoke with several folks regarding Baltimore who knew well that packages were up to the ceiling with trucks waiting days to offload over the last 2 months. Mail would be dumped on a trailer and sorted whenever they got to it. That's how bad it was....though it is slowly improving for now. So, when you grump at the USPS, look your republican representative and that agent of ill repute in the oval office squarely in the eye and yell loudly at them to fix this now. They are the cause.


I hope you all realize that the USPS was intentionally handicapped by a POTUS acolyte last summer. Have you all forgotten about this?

Greg F

Ah, the days where I remember an oft-dissed movie "The Postman" wherein General Bethlehem so despised the idea of a unified nation and a post office as its symbol of unity and mission that he was laser-focused on destroying it and everyone else for his own needs....reminds me of a certain POTUS....with the same Gen. Bethlehem mindset.


The USPS should never have found themselves in such a sad predicament. This situation was completely foreseeable and the USPS had 9 months to prepare and completely fell flat on their face.

Greg F

Of course it was foreseeable. Trump had DeJoy remove sorting machines nation-wide during a pandemic to try to usurp the voting process. He knew exactly what would happen and didn't give a rat's patoot.


Take off your blinders, Rockfish; the president screwed the post office up in hopes of screwing up the election; it did not work and saps like you and me have to suffer for it.


I don't have any blinders on, the USPS was screwed up way before the election. I been experiencing problems with USPS for over a year and so has folks in my neighborhood. Two years ago I mailed 2 boxes to the same person, to the same address, at the same time and one goes to PA and the other to NJ, that's pure incompetence.


But not like this, Rockfish. This is any reasons why?

Greg F

Rocko...I shipped over 2000 packages with USPS this year. ALL of them got where they were going with zero issues UNTIL that idiot Trump put DeJoy in charge and tried to thwart the election. Immediately following that, things went downhill quickly from 2-4 days across the nation to a MONTH back in October for Priority Mail. Out of 400 packages shipped in Nov/Dec, most did not get delivered until late December and some just were delivered on 01 JAN 2021. This is on Trump. 100%. GOP did their best to damage it years ago, but they've been overall good, barring your once in a blue moon issue 2 years ago.


Fantastic letter. The 8 packages I still have in transit seemed to have stopped movement on 12/18. The one has been in District Heights, MD since that date and moved on 12/31 to Baltimore. This was a gift and has since been ordered and delivered from another company. I know the USPS staff are doing their best but the management changes made over the summer need to be reconsidered.


District Heights seems to be a warehouse for storing mail. I've had an incoming package sitting at District Heights since December 9th. Christmas cards mailed December 8th have still not arrived in North and South Carolina. Priority Mail package mailed took 14 days to get to the midwest. Totally disgusted.

USPS [thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown]

Greg F

If you go to your local office with that tracking #, they can see beyond what you see on the USPS site. It's probably moved on but not updated. That was the case for at least a dozen I stopped to discuss with them and help with tracking. File a missing mail case on them all. It does help. BTW>


Good idea, GregF. I did stop in for help on one incoming Priority Mail package that was stuck at District Heights for almost 30 days and the advice from the USPS clerk was that there was little to be done since there were "millions" of packages stuck there and they wouldn't go searching for my package. Sheesh.

My brother shipped two packages to Australia via FedEx and they arrived in four days.

If Biden does'nt fix this, next year it'll be USPS or FedEx for all outgoing packages and E-cards for Christmas.


BOSCO; 4 thumbs down for the USPS and none for the current resident of the white house for tampering with the mail?



Right. I, like Reek will ignore the vandal and just hold the next guy responsible for undoing the vandalism.


Yep. Lots of evidence, some cited here, for lousy service from the USPS. I'm sticking by four thumbs down.

As far as Trump tampering with the mail, that's conjecture. The board of governors of USPS hires and fires the postmaster general. But it did happen on his watch. Four thumbs down for the board of governors.

Is your logic of Trump tampering with the mail the benchmark for anything that happens on Biden's watch during the next one to four years?

PurplePickles aka L&M


Where have you been? I have been looking for you for weeks now, I missed you.......don't you love it when Stimpy tries to use "logic" when it comes to the post office but seems not have used any "logic" when it comes to the orange one? He's so cute when he uses you know why I call him Stimpy.

Greg F

I give kudos to USPS not thumbs down. They were dealt a dirty hand. Every lost mail inquiry I had was found, several with personal phone calls as follow-up from the local offices and they even answered phones when I called them back. There are plenty of articles on short-staffing due to COVID....especially in Baltimore and other major hubs nationwide.


I just love the new ignore feature that FNP has and you two just reminded me to turn it back on.

PurplePickles aka L&M


You wish you could ignore us...........this isn't Facebook you know that right? This is the FNP comment section. We both know you don't ignore our comments, every time you make an inane comment like that just tell us, you read every word we write, and that's all we want....[wink][wink]

PurplePickles aka L&M

@Greg F

Same here I give Kudos to the post office, considering what USPS has been through they have been remarkedly remarkable...


bosco; the board of governors makes the hire, but who installs the board of governors? This is all on POTUS.


Shiftless, when was the current board of governors appointed?


Bosco, All nominated since 2018.


Thanks, threecents. [thumbup]

Greg F

I have had some success in the lost mail inquiry on USPS site, including having a small post office in UT even call me about it that they found and delivered it. That has worked on a few others. Also, at this point, I've had several companies declare the packages lost and refunded me and said not to worry if they show up later.

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