I see that there is now a major push to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour with our Frederick representative as one of those leading the charge. My question is what were you thinking. They obviously are thinking about getting votes over what damage to the Maryland economy. You have to look no further than Seattle or New York City to see the damage. In New York, the restaurants and bars are screaming at the loss of business. They have had to cut hours. Cut staff. Or close. And people on benefits like child support have to cut hours or lose them. Let’s not forget the people who worked their way up. If they are making $15 now, are the businesses going to increase their pay in proportion? I think not. They just wasted years of learning a skill for nothing. And finally, how long before all the businesses raise their costs so that they are back where they started. Let’s for a change figure out a way to reduce costs so that you can get more out of your money. Start with colleges. Their cost has been going through the roof. Or the cost of the state’s expenditures. So they don’t have to nickel and dime us through hidden fees like increases in the cost of licenses, or increases in speeding tickets to pay for their pet programs.

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Mount Airy

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Moon otter

This doesn't hit the restaurant industry. Only fast food, convenience stores and big box stores. I do mom and pop stores, so I pay a bit more. Rather have someone be able to live then be on welfare and/or working. Don't you folks get it, if someone doesn't make enough they get it back through the earned income which you and I pay through our taxes not corporations. Let's look at those who pay no taxes. Amazon come to mind and I am pretty sure others too.


Seattle is thriving, by the way. As noted below, these are the same tired arguments that get dragged out with any regulation. Minimum wage, child labor laws, safety and so on.


$30K/ annually to flip burgers is absurd


Of course it is. But that is not the point. As wages go up, the cost to automate the job is reached. There are some jobs that nobody should do.


You are correct Gary. Unless we are owners, we are labor, and therefore a cost of doing business. The cost passed on to the customer depends on the price elasticity of the good or service, Therefore, every business must control costs. Once it is cheaper to have a robot of other machines to do the work, the jobs that those employees had will be automated, and they will be out of a job. I pointed out the automated kiosks at McDonald's probsolete? The automotive industry is already highly automated and don't need that many laborers. According to an article in the WaPo yesterday, someone has developed a robotic system that can make 100 cups of custom-ordered coffee in an hour, 24/7, without a break or sick time or vacation. They figured that it would take the place of 4 baristas per shift, or 8 people in a workday. The only downside it that they won't spell your name wrong on the cup. Silicon valley and other companies are working on robots to replace a lot of low-skilled but repetitive work. So the question will be, what do we do with all the unskilled labor pool once they are obsoleted?


And that is a very good question. The automation process actually "creates wealth." And it is our decision to see where that wealth goes.


They don't let you work 40 hrs per week no matter how low your wages are. Keeps them from having to provide insurance. Worthless bums.


I started working in 1965. The first minimum wage I remember was $1.35hr. Every time someone proposes to raise it the same arguments are voiced. "It will destroy businesses. There will be fewer entry level jobs. Etc,etc...Last time I checked there are plenty of entry level jobs and businesses are flourishing. This is 50 years after my first jobs. The haves always try to keep the have-nots down. Because it's all about money and those that have it don't want to share the wealth. Some of the people that complain the loudest have the grandest lifestyles. I rarely see business owners riding around in old hoopties and agonizing over how to pay their babysitters.


[thumbup] when I started working minimum wage is $1.25, when I worked at McDonald's 1964 the wage there was a $1.00. SOS different day


While I was still in high school, a florist offered me $.75/hr. That was okay, as long as I worked there on week ends, but not for the summer. I wanted a $1.00, they refused saying that they paid their full time workers that. I refused and went to work for a painter at $1.00 per hour. Later, I worked in a veneer plant for $1.10, which was the minimum wage too. It sure beat mowing lawns with a manual rotary mower for $.25 per hour.


Great LTE. It's a shame some do not understand it????


After I read your comment ,elymus, I was thinking the same thing you don't get it!


Let's just take Discovery Inc. as an example, They employ 9000 people. Last year their CEO earned $129,499,005 which was a 206.6% increase over the previous year. The median earnings of rank and file employees was $85,794 which was a 6% increase over the previous year. This amounts to a 1,511 to 1 +189.5% CEO pay ratio. So tell me again why anyone would object to a wage of $15 per hour....


Because they are too cheap to pay what the job is worth!


The author sounds like he suffers from cognitive dissonance.


“They” really does get around. That’s what “they” say.


Cry us a river. And don't believe a word a business says about its costs, profit and pay until you see their books and the owner's financial portfolios. I would include their tax returns in that list but didn't because I doubt even a single one is correct. Businessmen are big-time socialists at heart when it comes to themselves, and have a huge incentive to lie and cheat because they know the rewards are large, the chances of being caught are nil and even if they are there are no consequences of significance. All that is on top of the handouts they already get. So don't blather about how $15/hr will break the bank. It's all nonsense.



Moon otter



Of course it won’t break the bank. It will merely raise the cost of doing business, thereby raising the cost of goods sold, thereby making it so that the wage becomes inadequate once again. That’s how inflation works.


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