Are we better off? I think not.

In the Sunday, Sept. 29 edition, there was an article that said U.S. inequality has grown. How much? An Associated Press photo showed “Terry” at his tent in a homeless encampment in St. Louis. We have that in Frederick, and we need to do even more.

This week on television, AARP shows a retired police officer needing a $3,000 prescription. What has the federal government done to ease prescription costs?


Did you know that there are three billionaires that have more wealth than the bottom half of earners in our country.

There are many multimillion-dollar corporations that pay no taxes. Imagine, citizens in Frederick each pay more in taxes than many big businesses.

The CEO of Amazon makes $1 million an hour and is cutting health benefits to 2,000 employees; and the CEO of General Motors, who made $20 million last year, can’t see giving the UAW a raise. I mean a raise, really now.

We still do not have background checks and red flag laws from Congress.

Where are the lawmakers who are supposed to be governing and protecting us? Who are our elected officials in Washington working for, and why aren’t they supporting the UAW who are American workers?

There are many more questions and yet some Washington politicians have no answers, no guts and no regard for who elected them.

William Dolan

Mount Airy

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The more you have the more you get. Especially, if you are the one making profits and wages decisions.

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rikki, let go of your anger, take a walk and enjoy the crisp air. Heck, you may even see something that brings you joy.

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in other words, when a white guy fires a gun at a cop and gets killed, it's government tyranny. but when an unarmed black person is killed by a cop, the same people rush to say "he should have complied better"

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Deplorable is too kind of a description for these responses rikki.... Can you make any statement that is not laced with vile, despicable hate speech. If you had ever read, or could comprehend the Constitution you would know that it's core intention is to make every American feel free and safe from harm cradle to grave.

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This third amendment has no modern day relevance. And if you think the Founders didn’t want to protect the populace then you are completely ignoring our founding principals of governing by the rule of law, religious freedom, and the clarion call for the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You really have no (fill in the blank) idea, rikardo, of what you post.

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