Regarding the discussion about whether or not the detention camps holding migrants against their will can be called concentration camps, an additional comparison might be in order. As the Nazi regime moved ever closer to its Final Solution, thousands of Jews sought asylum in the U.S. Under the great Democratic president FDR, their cries went unheard. Famous ones like those who were on the St. Louis were denied entry and sent back across the ocean to the camps and death. “At a press conference, President Roosevelt repeated the unproven claims from his advisers that some Jewish refugees had been coerced to spy for the Nazis. ‘Not all of them are voluntary spies,’ Roosevelt said. ‘It is rather a horrible story, but in some of the other countries that refugees out of Germany have gone to, especially Jewish refugees, they found a number of definitely proven spies’” ( Sound familiar? Thousands of these refugees crossing today are asylum-seekers as well. They are being denied the right to apply for that asylum, and now the Mexican government collaborates with the U.S. in preventing them from coming to plead their case. The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same rotten coin. I hold these truths to be self-evident ...

Barbara Greenway

Millway, Delaware

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I find it most disturbing that you are comparing Jews that were escaping death because of their religion to illegal immigrants that are just seeking money and jobs. First, the United States admits more than a million legal immigrants per year. These are people who have waited their turn, applied for entry, gone through the background checks, and done things the right way, not cutting in line. Unlike the current caravans of illegals who are just gaming the system. Second, the U.S. spends tens of million of dollars in foreign aid to these countries that these people are fleeing from. It is their governments responsibility, not ours to provide for their citizenry. Third, contrary to liberals thinking, the U.S. is a sovereign country WITH borders. We have laws and we should expect our government to enforce these laws. You don’t like the laws, change them! It is estimated that we have 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants in this country NOW!. Time to stop the madness and enforce the laws!


if as you say, the "most disturbing" thing about the letter is my comparison of the two camps, as opposed to the conditions where children are dying, then that explains everything. The rest of your response here is so riddled with lies, misinformation, non sequitors, etc. that no further rebuttal is necessary.



SOME JEWS DISAGREE! Dozens Arrested as Over 1,000 Jewish Activists and Allies Shut Down Entrances to ICE Headquarters Demanding Closure of Trump Detention Camps "It's not just symbolic—we're actually shutting down ICE," said one organizer


We certainly had WWII refugees in my home town. They came in the early 40's. I don't know what country they came from, that was not a issue, at the time. It would be interesting to know where they came from though.


The US did not even fill its own minimal quotas of Germans allowed to enter. Even the Franks could not arrange the paperwork in the late 1930s to emigrate, because of the red tape and hostile anti-Semitic bureaucracy. You might find it interesting to do some research and find out who were those refugees. What town? Are you sure they were not POWs? There were POWS who were placed here during the war. Many worked on farms ( Germans, Italians)


Comparing mass illegal migration to the final solution is most troubling. I would wholly disagree that you can compare the two. BTW, FDR not only sent Jews back to their deaths, but interred American citizens in concentration camps costing them everything. So was FDR great? No, I think not just a typical Democrat.


And you think what Trump is doing is good, Bunny? Why are you so against Latinos? You do know many of them are facing death too, don't you? That was a very sorry comment.


So you think this is more typical for a Republican? How telling!


As a Jew who lost relatives to the Holocaust, I do not suffer well many of the comparisons made to NAZI Germany, such as our internment warehouses being referred to as Concentration Camps. But this comparison of turning away immigrants is actually true. What FDR did was unforgivable and is nearly exactly what we are doing today.


Three, you will find this interesting.  Bahr, a Jewish refugee was refused asylum because the fear that he was a Nazi spy.  Later, it was used as the reason for refusing others asylum.


SOME JEWS DISAGREE!! Dozens Arrested as Over 1,000 Jewish Activists and Allies Shut Down Entrances to ICE Headquarters Demanding Closure of Trump Detention Camps "It's not just symbolic—we're actually shutting down ICE," said one organizer


Remember to curse his name when your social security check comes, Bunny


"The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same rotten coin." Simple as that.

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