Friday September 20, it was a beautiful sunny and pleasant day, a great day to go to the Great Frederick Fair.

There were many families and people enjoying this day and having fun then around 6 p.m., and all that enjoyment turned to tragedy. While enjoying the fair and the day itself, a 59-year-old man was brutally and viciously attacked by two males who were part of a group at the fair. The man unfortunately died from the attack later on Saturday. This is now not an assault but homicide.

I trust that the Frederick County office of the State’s Attorney will treat this seriously. These two need to feel the full extent of the law that can be brought down on them.

This is not Baltimore City, nor do we as Frederick citizens want it to become a Baltimore City. This attack is identical to the ones occurring in Baltimore City. Are these groups now moving into other areas?

These cowards picked on an 59-year-old man. I believe they came to the fair as a group for just that reason.

This incident angers me, especially after just going to the fair myself Thursday hoping to find my granddaughter’s school group which I could not find.

But I enjoyed the day the people and the Fair. The people we have elected to protect us via the court system need to do their jobs.

The police have they arrested the individuals. Show these individuals as well as others who may think of doing this that it will not be tolerated here. and that they will face the law to the full extent without regard to age, sex, or race.

This gentleman can not speak for himself anymore and it is now up to our legal system to speak for him. I only hope the system answers with a roar and a warning to others.

Charles Hubbard


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