I feel for the teachers tasked with instructing their students in the Frederick County Character Counts program when certain candidates for the highest office in the land promote bullying and model behaviors totally antithetical to the values they are trying to instill in their pupils.

John Ford


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Of course you are right, John, but it is a good lesson to show how not to act. It amazes me how anyone can vote for Trump, even though he does seem to be restricted to about 35% of the Republican base and that is just 35% of the ones choosing to vote. It also amazes me how the good candidates, such as Kasich are being over looked. Not that I plan on voting for him, but he is one of the smartest and the best politician of the bunch.


I say up front do not support Trump, but you are minimizing his appeal as there have been numerous pols that show as many 20% of likely democratic voters would defect to Trump if Hillary is the dem nominee. Point is that is not only the reps that have lost their mind so have a lot of dems. http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/265330-some-dems-would-defect-for-trump-poll-shows


And yet, there was also a previous letter complaining about a princupal foisting an agenda on students, so yes, feel for the teachers. Appreciate the effectively crafted one sentence.


Mr. Ford,
I understand your concerns. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and HRC are not models resembling past historic leaders. Bernie Sanders is just simply unrealistic with a platform better suited for a Miss America pageant.

But you overlook the obvious. Anger. The resultant behavior of anger driven politics is not meekness and tolerance. Anger exist. You mentioned teachers. In a way many are angered by the bullying tactics of the Teacher's Union. Does character count? That is just one example of the underlying anger present in this Presidential cycle. Many want a bully, to bully back, and feel they are left with limiting choices.


I think I'll go to the pageant. I've had it with the clown show.


Me too!


Me three!


My vote is fourth! I'm feeling the Bern!


" Bernie Sanders is just simply unrealistic with a platform better suited for a Miss America pageant." LOL! Bernie is bringing back the kind of Democracy FDR, Teddy Roosevelt,JFK and LBJ promoted. Then came Raygun!


JSK, Good post. I agree that Bernie's ideas are unrealistic and if elected would get very little of his agenda fullfilled, which is why at one point I was set to vote for Hillary. But Bernie is not stupid - he knows the repubs - and in some cases dems too - will stop his ideas from passing. He has said many times that his candidacy is about a movement that will take time, and it can only start if the voters make it clear they want it. The really unrealistic thing is belief that we don't need big changes. Best to have it from someone who really wants to do good than from a narcisist con man.


Do you think Congress will allow any Democratic President to pass an agenda? HRC is a DINO! Bernie is a "Real Democrat" in the likeness of FDR! HRC is a Neocon and supports the Death Penalty! If she is the nominee I'll vote Democratic but not because she's the nominee,because Bernie pushed the Democratic Party to the Left! It ain't over til it's over! Feel the Bern!


Yes, three cents, you have summed it up nicely. Hillary will most likely win the Democrat nomination, so it will not be an issue. Bernie could never get all he wants done in the next 20 years, but he might get some of it and some would be better than none. It really depends on the Congress, doesn't it. In any event there isn't a single Republican I would vote for in the general election.


JSK: Your bias is showing. Do you actually think that the "Teacher's Union" (sic) is the reason for America's anger? You don't see the problems with income/wealth inequality, Wall St financial crimes, poverty, a failed health care system, the permanent warfare state...? Wow!


Not to mention, the universality of a Bad Hair day...


I would hope I wish no one less fortune but i truly believe the teachers and many Government workers just do not understand. Yes the Wall Street financial crimes were horrendous. I can't believe more attention is not directed towards this. i believe many Republicans would rather have Hillary Clinton then Donald Trump so their boat will not be rocked and their large financial ties will not be broken. Also i believe many staff and agency workers remain quiet for their own personal security protection.

When the great recession hit, was your salary cut? Were your benefits cut? Was your retirement threatened? We are in deep Pension debt and the real sufferers are people who depend on Social Security. Social safety nets have disappeared for the working Americans who are not guaranteed MOE

Does the Cadillac health insurance benefits of government workers and large corporation workers prevent health care reform and create inequality. Of course it does. If the Government workers and corporate workers were forced to the open market place we would see radical changes. Character does count and working Americans are frustrated to the point of anger. These folks also have families for which they want security.


Could you specifically identify one or two of the "bullying tactics" of the local teacher's union?


Jsk, unions are democracy in the workplace. Unions created the middle class in America. Reagan started the destruction of the union and therefore the destruction of the middle class. Trickle-down don't Trickle while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer


The headline article in today's FNP demonstrates an example of unproductive bullying by the teacher's union. A great idea was forwarded but met resistance by the "collective bargaining" agreements of the Union. The BOE has a ridged, politically protected control over educational opportunities. This is America. Charter Schools should be free to open and operate along with new innovative schools but the State Board of Education has overbearing control. Plus the huge budget of this bureaucracy is a political feeding trough subject to manipulation and arbitrary granting of favors.

And Vicdavy; Yes unions were a positive step forward in society but most unions have a counter balance: the workers vs the company. It is a give an take process. Government unions do not have this counter balance. The BOE by mandate of the MOE will never undergo financial adjustments according to growth or financial downturns. On top of that we now have a new situation where Union members run for elected office and actually vote on the tax payer money that supports the union.


You are right on some counts, jsk, wrong on others. Unions are not necessarily against the Company or organization, but it is an adversarial position.

As a Local Union President I did meet with Human Relations on the company corporate staff. There were times when they thanked me for pointing out bad management and practices the company did not commend or condone. Of course, there were other times too, when we just totally disagreed.

One thing the company liked, being able to negotiate for all at one time. In a large company or organization it is impossible to negotiate separately and if they did it would leave a lot of imbalances without a corporate rule of some kind. So, one way or another all are brought down to a common denominator or in the case of a poor employee brought up.

Could I have done better without the Union? Almost certainly, I certainly did after leaving A.T. & T. In my first job in my after life I was promoted three times in six years. And I was always in management after A.T. & T.


jsk ~ I appreciate your replying but I'm scratching my head at your examples. The lead article doesn't mention the teacher's union or resistance to that program. While you may think of adherence to a legally binding agreement as "bullying", I do not. Weren't you a builder? If a customer of yours hired you to build a house and you weren't adhering to the contract, would you regard it as bullying if they insisted that you do what you had agreed to do?

Your other examples weren't related to teacher's unions per se but to the educational system writ large. Did you have any other examples of bullying tactics by teacher's unions?


Union leaders running for elected office is bad but Oligarchs like Trump running for President is Good?Union Leaders understand the political process,Oligarchs dictate!
The issue of Cadillac Healthcare policies will be solved under Single Payer! If you want a Cadillac,Germany,you can pay extra! Conservatives blame the poor and working people while the rich get richer! The thing that I find so ridiculous when someone criticizes unions or any institutions,including government comes down one question,What institution or system devised by Humans is perfect?


He really doesn't. He has been complaining constantly about the two teachers on the County Council. Somehow, he feels that is enhancing their teacher salaries. I know it doesn't make sense, but to jsk it does.


You made some fair points concerning your experience with the union. My dad had 41 years with C&P and we were well taken care of. He never had large pay increases or management advancement but that was the result of the adversarial nature of company vs. worker that pointed out.

You say my position on the teacher/council members does not make sense. You must know it does. In private life, in the adversarial situation, you end with a consensus contract hashed out between Management and the Unions. Management's job is to enhance the bottom line profit or reduce spending where the Union is focused on wages and benefits that directly affect company cost and profit. Two competing entities. Teacher's voting as managers eliminates that adversarial counter balance


For the life of me, jsk, I have no idea of what you mean by the Union bullying. Unions in the private sector can go on strike, companies can hire strike breakers, so there is no real bullying there. Of course, there are economics, but usually corporations bare the books and explain what they can or cannot afford. Now that does not mean the agree on what a "fair share" is and how much in wages or benefits they should pay. Still, it is not bullying, unless you are going to distort the meaning of a bully. Can a government agency be bullied? Having worked some in the government world, as a contractor, I don't see how. If there was one problem with the government it was management that would restrict what you could or could not do by your resume's and/or education. But I have seen those with master degrees that could not write coherently.

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