I want to respond to an article in The Frederick News-Post about Baltimore that was printed last week. In the article, there was mention of one of the drug rings, called LNG (short for Liberty and Garrison) that operated in the northwest area of the city, Garrison-Liberty, which refers to Garrison Boulevard and Liberty Heights Avenue, an area in which I lived for 23 years growing up in the fine city of Baltimore.

In those long-ago days, this area had good stores, excellent schools, a movie theater, restaurants, and almost everything a middle-class family would need. You could walk alone at night, leave your front door open, raise your children without fear, and the yards and streets were impeccable.

People wanted homes in the area, and the children who were brought up there continued to live nearby to be close to their families. Flash forward to 2019 and look what has happened — a repetition of changes that have taken place in many of the major cities in the United States.

The tweet by the president of the United States calling the area rodent-infested, a place where nobody wants to live anymore (a racist and despicable remark). There are drug gangs and dilapidated and abandoned housing, the stores have all but vanished, and you rarely see people walking in the streets, even in the daytime. It makes me very sad and extremely angry. What have Gov. Hogan, Senators Cardin and Van Hollen, the federal government, the local government, industries or the public done to address the problem?

Yes, like all major cities in this country, Baltimore has its share of problems.

A solution to Baltimore’s problem will go far as an example to other cities that have gone through changes in population and available jobs for those unemployed workers, and for those who need decent affordable housing. Why don’t big manufacturing plants and new technology hubs relocate to areas like Baltimore? Amazon moved part of its headquarters to Arlington, Virginia, which was already a thriving community and will just become more populated and more expensive for people to live there. Baltimore was never considered as an option. Legal migrants who need homes and are willing to work should be welcomed to Baltimore. I am not an expert in city renewal, just a past Baltimorean who is saddened by what is being said about the city of my birth and the home now to many who want change.

Please someone, you have heard the alarm, now go to work!

Alice L. Haber


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The tweet heard 'round the world is having a positive effect for Charm City if you can find the right website. Good job Mr. President. Carry on with your MAGA agenda.


Supporters of President Donald Trump took to the streets of Baltimore to clean up the trash plaguing the city. Volunteers cleaned up 12 tons of trash as the mainstream media continues to degrade those who organized the cleanup. Hundreds of MAGA supporters participated in a massive cleanup effort earlier this week in West Baltimore, inspired by President Trump’s tweets, along with a conservative activist who organized the event in Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district. According to WBAL-TV Baltimore, on August 5, 300 volunteers took to the streets of northwest Baltimore, cleaning up trash from alleyways in an “Americans Helping Americans” event organized by conservative activist Scott Presler. As ZeroHedge reported, the left is now incredibly angry that a Trump supporter would voluntarily try to improve the condition of Baltimore’s streets. Presler has already responded to the angst saying: “I can’t even imagine what would cause a person to be mad at us for helping to clean up Baltimore. Instead of criticizing us, how about putting on some gloves to pick up trash.” Presler said his motives were simply to help others because the government won’t do anything to help anyone. “The people of Baltimore love their country and love their city and ‘they’re proud to live there,” he said.


Make it so one "feels safe" in Baltimore and it will revitalize.... Crack down on teenagers and young adults running amuck in the streets. Beating on cars as people drive by, pushing people into the water, etc. Law Enforcement and parenting will go a long way to help Baltimore.


I chose to work in Baltimore, and I was born there. No way would I want to live there now.. my hour and a half commute stresses me out enough as I drive through a terrible area ( Edmondson Ave) . A few years ago some lovely person dropped a concrete block from an overpass onto my truck.. I spend my days trying to save lives there, and they think nothing of trying to end my life? I get that many people who live there would love to get out.. but the mini bike drivers who race between lands, and the panhandlers,, are awful. I feel bad for this city, but no way do I ever feel safe once I leave my job, and even around my job with heavy police activity I feel strange.

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“The tweet by the president of the United States calling the area rodent-infested, a place where nobody wants to live anymore (a racist and despicable remark).”

Just curious... What are the linguistic requirements for accurately describing living conditions in Baltimore without being labeled a racist by Ms. Haber?




He called it rat-infested and a place where no people would want to live, and we know that most of the people living there are not white, We can't say for sure that it is a duck, but it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, and most importantly it gives comfort to the deplorable duck lovers, which I believe was Trump's intent.


I had the same thoughts veritas. It is a fact that those conditions (crime, rodent infestation, drugs, poverty) exist in a large swath of West Baltimore. It is a fact that those who could afford to leave did so, leaving abandoned buildings in their wake. Usually when there is a vacancy, there is another prospective tenant that will move in. Yet the buildings remain boarded up and abandoned. Would it not also follow that those who live there would flee such conditions if they could? If all of that is true, then why is the statement that "nobody wants to live there" racist?


“Racism is the belief in the SUPERIORITY one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity.” Simple test. Do you believe your Race is Superior to any other? That’s it. It’s the only definition I can find. And based on a persons comments I think you pretty much know. When I call someone a racist that’s the definition I base it on, Trump included. What is your definition that seems to cause you guys to go ballistic? Don’t you think that Don believes the White race is superior to many others??


Ballistic phy? I dont go ballistic, and you infer what was not implied. Please try to focus on the subject at hand in this thread. We'll put it to a test. Given all that I said above, would you move to West Baltimore if you had the opportunity to do so? If yes, why? If not, why not. Leave race out of it. I sure did. My multiracial self is no better than anyone else's heritage.


Those that need this comment will deny it.


Gabe, I don't recall Trump specifying west Baltimore. He was talking about all of Baltimore. (He is probably not an Orioles fan.)


Three, according to CNN: "Trump tweeted that Cummings district is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess" Mr. Cummings district in Baltimore is mostly west Baltimore. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maryland%27s_congressional_districts#/media/File:Maryland_US_Congressional_District_7_(since_2013).tif)

Others have tried to dilute out the poverty and strife of west Baltimore by saying that his district also includes Howard and Baltimore counties. That may be true, but nonetheless, Mr. Cummings district contains some of the worst poverty, crime, and violence in the nation. What the President said truly sucks, and in my opinion, should not have been uttered in public, but that does not make it a false statement. What happened to Baltimore City in the past is a damned shame. When the Bethlehem Steel plant, Domino Sugar, and other industrial manufacturing companies that offered good paying blue collar jobs shut down, and many dockworkers lost their jobs, there were no longer any opportunities for many. There was the mass "white flight" to the suburbs, and those black folks that could afford to flee did so too, leaving the unfortunate trapped there. The city lost nearly one third of its population. Don't take my word for it. Read the CNN article "What both the left and the right get wrong about my neighborhood in Baltimore" by John Blake who was born and raised in west Baltimore that area and saw what happened in that area firsthand. (https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/03/us/baltimore-trump-left-right-blake/index.html). It is about time folks wake up and do something to fix this fiasco. There are lots of people that want to help, but they are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem. Baltimore needs jobs, good accessible jobs. Until there is opportunity for those residents, west Baltimore will continue to languish as a wasteland. It's a damned shame.


You got to ask? Veritas? Just follow your name.


Alice, Baltimore needs help, but calling it names is not the help it needs. Trump needs to wake up to the fact that he is POTUS, not just his chosen few.


"Why don’t big manufacturing plants and new technology hubs relocate to areas like Baltimore?" - Taxes, Gov't red tape, parking/commuting, lack of a suitable work plant/force, operating costs, etc.


Amazon is already Big in Baltimore and planning to expand. Others may follow. We can only hope for the future and the end to this attitude it is hopeless.


Alice, why would people who know better move to Baltimore City only to find rat-infested housing with drug dealers in front of their buildings? What industry is going to move there and deal with the various problems? Separate from the crime (even in so-called "nice" areas of the city) and extremely sub-standard housing, Baltimore is hard to get around and the parking is terrible. Start reviewing reviews of various housing in Baltimore City. The hapless professionals who moved in have stolen vehicles (in gated communities where the gate(s) don't work --- it's all for show) and are upset and disillusioned by the vermin, constant harassment by homeless, etc. I'm there in Midtown every week (and have been since April) due to my daughter's being transferred to a hospital there. It is a terrible place, which I will not go into detail as it is too disturbing to media.


My father used to take me to visit his parents in the Bronx, back in the late 1960s. Likewise, it was perfectly safe back then.


And it's still perfectly safe right now (and in fact was more dangerous when you visited in the late 60's)

If these cities are so terrible why are house prices consistently double or triple the rural areas that certain types of people like to claim are so perfect?


It has revitalized after terrible times in the 1960s - 80s, so there is hope for Baltimore.


Since DJT brought attention to it I have seen some photos of one or two communities doing their part in cleaning up the immediate area. Good for them and more power to them.


Ugg, Are you seriously giving credit to Trump for the ongoing revitalization of parts of Baltimore?? It has nothing to do with Trump (or Cummings, for that matter). If the Os go on a winning streak, no doubt you will say that's Trump's doing.


The Bronx, like much of NYC, consists of neighborhoods which can vary widely. So City Island, i.e., would be expensive, the South Bronx, probably not so much.

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