On July 1, the Frederick News-Post reported that County Council member Kai Hagen exercise his right as a citizen when he saw a Frederick County sheriff's deputy stop a car driven by someone of color. He became a witness.

Given the legal record of our current Frederick County Sheriff, Kai made an outstanding decision. The last thing the sheriff seems to want — based on his radio tirade — is a witness. The FNP is to be complimented for providing such disclosure on the sheriff's irrational reaction.

Unfortunately, Kai's colleagues on the council once again demonstrated their lack of human understanding by jumping to criticism instead of recognizing what an act of service to the community Kai had rendered.

This thoughtless reaction by the council members demonstrates how deep the national governance of the past four years has impacted Frederick.

Acts such as Kai's really lift the spirits for fairness and justice, not to mention civic responsibility.

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I do not like to criticize others unless absolutely necessary. In this case, Mr. Hagen reasonably deserves criticism. He didn't just observe the police traffic stop, it appears from the reporting of the incident, that Mr. Hagen interfered to needlessly create a potentially dangerous and problematic situation. As the FNP indicated in their editorial comment on this matter - Hagen was wrong to interfere in the police officer's duties the way he did - which could have put all parties in danger. If one has observed Mr. Hagen's past actions, some of his personality traits become clear. It's no surprise that Sherrif Jenkins or others may wonder "Who does Mr. Hagen think he is?!" Mr. Hagan's past conduct proves he can be arrogant, pompous, radical, impulsive, and lacks credibility as at times, he's been dishonest in his statements and treatment of others. This current police traffic stop incident reflects poorly on Mr. Hagen and is a result of his own arrogance and lack of judgement. Frankly, many may agree that this adds to reasons why Hagen should be removed from office as Sherrif Jenkins suggests. If he doesn't get removed now from the County Council - the next election can not come soon enough.

Lastly, Mr. Hagen appears to have an impulsive tendency to over-react and I agree with other commentary posts in FNP articles on this traffic stop incident where they noted that it's practically racist in itself, that Mr. Hagen became involved in a traffic stop by police because he saw a black person in the car. This begs the question: Has Mr. Hagen ever stopped to check on the driver during a police traffic stop when a white person was the driver?


this commentary is absurd


Gthuro, this commentary is great. It is the questionable positions and defenses some are proffering that are so absurd.


So, it is my civic duty to stop and observe the proceedings every time I see a car stopped by a police officer?


No. But if you do, you can do it as a civic duty. Is this that so hard to understand? Wran, are you keeping up?


“The FNP is to be complimented for providing such disclosure on the sheriff's irrational reaction.” Then the fnp went against Hagen in an editorial. 🤷🏻‍♀️


I should expect a discussion of our rights might turn into a partisan discussion of who wants votes. But this is not that sort of issue. We do have rights and we should exercisae them without getting ourselves or the police in trouble. If Kai broke the law, wait until he is convicted to say he broke the law. Right now, he was innocent (or not guilty) of what many presume.


Citation and court case not gonna happen. Jenkins playing nice in the sandbox. Just gonna let Kai off with a warning here, although he broke state law. Cops let off folks with warnings all the time.

Thank the cop next time you are pulled over going 84 in a 70 MPH zone and let off with just a warning after he/she runs your tags through the MD state database, as they always do during traffic stops, to help with criminal enforcement in our communities.

And thank Kai if he stops



There is no doubt that Hagen broke a law. We certainly would not want this to become an accepted practice. Perhaps it is time for the public to demand that he be charged and let a judge decide the magnitude of his guilt. This cannot be an acceptable act. It just cannot. If he is not charged then what happens to the next person that breaks this law. There is a reason for the law.


jsk; what law did he break and if he broke a law why hasn't he been charged? Thank you.


Interfering with a police officer is NOT a civic duty. Actually it is a crime.


How was this so in this case?


What is Obstructing or Hindering an Officer in Maryland?

In Maryland it is a crime to obstruct or hinder a police officer from conducting an investigation. Obstructing and hindering is a common law crime and a misdemeanor in Maryland. It carries a maximum of three (3) years incarceration and/or a $3,000 fine.

Elements of Obstructing/Hindering

This offense in Maryland is a common law crime, meaning the definition of the offense has been passed down by precedent through the courts instead of being codified by statute. The Maryland courts have defined the crime of obstructing/hindering as consisting of four elements, all of which must be met in order for a crime to be committed. The four elements are:

1. The officer is engaged in the performance of duty. This element is met where the officer is on-duty or otherwise conducting official business and not off-duty.

2. There is an act or omission of an act which obstructs or hinders the officer in the performance of duty.

3. The accused has knowledge that the officer is engaged in the performance of duty. If an officer is undercover and not in uniform, that may be a valid defense as the accused may not know that the officer is on duty.

4. There is intent to obstruct or hinder the officer by the actions of the defendant. This is usually the most difficult element for the State to prove. The prosecution must show that the defendant’s actions amounted to a specific intent to commit the crime–that is, a specific intent to obstruct or hinder the officer from performing his or her duties.

A Maryland Lawyer for Obstructing or Hindering

If you are facing a charge of obstructing or hindering an officer, contact the Law Offices of Christopher L. Peretti for a free consultation at 301-875-3472. We have experience with these types of cases and can help you out with your situation.


Plumbum, you know very well how this IS the case.


Then there should be charges unless stopping and asking questions on a none busy road where the officer recognized Kai and the officer asked Kai not block the road but never said he was interfering. This whole non-coincidental incident was less then three minutes .

It might not quite rise to the level of a crime in a Democratic Republic but maybe in a totalitarian state it would, which I see many are calling for. They may get their wish, It might not be that far ahead.

Where was Jenkins on the night of 6/ 20 the night of the traffic stop. He said he was in Arizona maybe at a conservative extremist meeting? There was a meeting that night about the past presidential election and Trump potentially taking office in August. Can someone ask Jenkins does he recognize Biden as the President? Or was the last election a fraud.


Being a witness is completely fine.

Becoming actively invloved as an outsider in a lawful police activity, interfering with a cop performing his legally mandated responsibilities, and refusing to obey a cop's lawful order, IS NOT FINE.

Wake up, Kai defenders!


Driving with the in correct tags for the vehicle may indicate that the individual was engaged in criminal activity. Since you are no doubt a democrat, I understand your inability to hold people accountable for their actions unless they are from the opposite political party. Kai acted unlawfully, so there is.


Being a Republican I understand your inability to spell......


does Hagen stop every time he sees a deputy with a car pulled over? I doubt it, so that is the point. He assumed something bad was going to happen only because it was a black man stopped by a white cop.


I have started stopping at law enforcement traffic stops. As a member of the media.


Of course, since you're a leftist, you won't be prosecuted, Plumbum.


Now isn't that extra .....you've started stopping !


Looks like Kai is out whipping up his supporters. Two letters in support, wow!!


This is not an election. One right note does not lose to a hundred presumptions.


Yes, micky. Hagen did get 47,000 votes in 2018, so it isn't surprising that two letters of support for his illegal actions are published.

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