Are you tired of President Trump's recent meltdown over losing the election? Or are you one of those who has been tired of the entire past four years?

If so, don't blame it on the Trump supporters, but on the only candidate the Democrats could have run in 2016 who could possibly have lost to who(m) may have been the least qualified presidential candidate to have ever run. Yes, blame it on Hillary Clinton.

Had Joe Biden run in 2016, as he should have, or if the Democrats even nominated Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton, it is extremely likely that Trump would have never TRiUMPhed.

Even so, until this year of COVID, it had looked like we would have survived these past four years relatively unscathed despite the 2016 election fiasco.

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Dear FNP,

Please ignore Kelly Alzan. Most of us do already.

Yours truly,

Your adoring public


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] public!




Look. Either band CD permanently, complete with a certified cease and desist letter sent to his billing address.

Or close the commenting down all together. (Because of CD).

Your rules say to reports problem commenters. Last week I did just that, only to be harassed by CD and by GH.

Are these comments what make you a great news paper? I don’t think so. I really don’t.

So get off of Facebook, and Wright now - BAN CD.


Blaming Clinton is like blaming the Dark Ages on Christianity and its preference for faith over facts.

Let me come in again.


I know one thing... I sometimes vote for democrats in elections and I sometimes vote for republicans in elections. There was no way in heck I was voting for Hillary. I considered Trump early on but decided the risk wasn't worth the potential reward so I didn't vote for him either. Given two poor choices, I voted for myself as President and my Cousin as my VP. That is my go to protest vote. I refuse not to vote when the choices are bad and unfortunately "None of the above" is not an option in presidential elections. This cycle I voted for Biden (despite my significant concerns about Harris' positions). I certainly hope Biden lasts his full term.

Clinton certainly had an impact the only question was how much of an impact and I do believe that if the democrats had put up a moderate other than Clinton, they would have won in 2016.


Allow me to suggest you for VP and your cousin for prez.


What on earth is wrong with people writing letters or columns like this on Christmas Eve? Speaking of something missing in their lives...

PurplePickles aka L&M

I actually didn’t even read it..... it’s not like I don’t know what it doesn’t say.


When the Sore Losers came out from their widdle safe spaces that they retreated into after Trump whooped their Queen Wannabe four years ago, and pouted, whined, cried, protested, rioted, burned, looted, and otherwise showed their true "civil" colors, I told the ones here; "Don't get mad at Trump for winning, because Clinton blew her chance of it big time." I believe the subject of this LTE is rather old.

Greg F are sooooo deluded. Such a P O S.


Examples Dave, DM (not CD) etc.,of your description of Democratic reaction to Trump’s Election. You can’t give ONE. Can you think of one President who has done more damage to America and the World than (speaking of Sore Losers) Donald John Trump? And you’re running a close 2nd Dave.

PurplePickles aka L&M


You are a tad better at sarcasm than Stimpy, but not much, next time maybe include a sarcasm alert just sayin’ cause you sound like you could be talking about how you are feeling right now and it isn’t sounding sarcastic but desperate.

A word of advice and I’m not being sarcastic but serious.

Please remember don’t get mad at Biden for winning because Trump blew his chance big time. Okay ?



Don't confuse me with a Clinton Sore Loser, unlike them I can accept the results of the latest election. I don't find it necessary to pout, whine, cry, riot, burn and loot just because things didn't go my way.

PurplePickles aka L&M


You felt the overwhelming need to comment on my comment on Christmas Day, so who is the confused one? It isn’t me so....

Greg F

Like trump is doing CD? He’s practicing scorched earth as his sore loser tactic.

Greg F

How does FNP continue to peddle the mantra of nut jobs like this author, who are clearly ranting sexist bulls*** and keyboard diarrhea.

PurplePickles aka L&M

huh? But yeah I kinda agree the dems should not have run a old white woman,but an old white man, seems that is our preference in this country, old white men. Still trying to figure out how Obama was elected for two terms??? What went so wrong we elected the orange lunatic and almost reelected him again?

Hillary would have won if it had not been for the "emails" and Comey talking about the nothing is there emails right before the election, it gave the "white" voters a good reason not to vote for a highly qualified white woman, they felt much more better voting for old white man that was an admitted sexual assaulter and a full on in plain sight racist, (remember birthism?) Which still to this day makes no sense to me why 53% of white women voted against a highly qualified white woman to run the country?

This time the dems kinda of played us, they ran an old white man, but also included a highly qualified woman of color to be his running mate so it wasn't as painful to have to vote for an old white man again, and set it up for a highly qualified WOC to be our next there's that.

PurplePickles aka L&M

****Birtherism *****


Yeah Raymond, and I guess that's why she won the popular vote by more than three million votes. And Trump, with the help of a lot of lies and the help of Russian oligarch's persuaded 77,000 of the ignorant among us to cast their vote for him in 2016. He lost this year because those 77,000 plus people who voted for him were likely among the 334,328 non mask wearing, non social distancing, non hand washing folks who died due to the Trump Covid 19 virus. It's not complicated.


How do you figure Hillary Clinton - two term senator and Secretary of State - was the “least qualified” person to run for president? She had more experience than most candidates through history.


[thumbup]seven now we have Kamala and it's happening again. Can't imagine what significant factor they might share.

Craig Hicks

After rereading that sentence about the “least qualified” candidate ever, I believe the writer is referring to President Trump.

Greg F

By “least qualified” Ray means he still believes in Pizza-gate and that Trump is really a people person, and that unicorns exist.

Guy T. Ashton

Here's a novel idea- how about holding Trump accountable for Trump's poor performance over the last 4 years?

Greg F

Worst case of whataboutism ever. This is all squarely on an unqualified, incompetent and narcissistic man child.


I disagree with the letter writer. Hillary - unlike Trump - was qualified to be president in 2016. She actually spent her whole life preparing to be president. If you regard the presidency as a job and compared her resume with just about anyone else's, she would have been a good choice. Trump was the most unqualified choice ever. As for Bernie chances at the time, I picked Hillary because I thought she had a better chance to beat Trump than Bernie, and I still think Trump would have beaten Bernie. The blame for Trump being president is squarely on those who voted for him.


Actually, polls at the time showed Bernie beating Trump by a larger margin than Hillary:

Hillary's BFF, Donna W-S, and the rest of the DNC had apparently decided it was Hillary's "turn". So they lied, cheated, and stole the nomination from Bernie.

They rolled the dice and lost, big time.


You reap what you sew. Hillary has been crooked since her days in Arkansas with Slick Willie. [ninja]


Did you learn that at Trump U, bosco?

Greg F

“Sow.” Whataboutism again...take a good look at trump and his convict buddies without the rose colored glasses and dunce cap on.


What " whataboutism," Dr. Fed Up Greggy? The man just stated a well known fact about the most corrupt couple in the history of American politics. I can't wait until you people start all the inevitable whataboutisms you're going to be coming up with about Trump once he's left office. Rest assured, I will be throwing them right back into your faces. [thumbup]


There is simply no comparison between the crookedness of Trump and any other presidential candidate of either party in our lifetimes. Nixon was a boy scout and a patriot in comparison to Trump.


CD, You are right up there with QAnon crowd.

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