Kudos to Mayor Michael O’Connor and the city government for looking into the problem of blighted properties in downtown Frederick. But I fear they may drag their feet on this pressing problem The good news is that Neighborhood Advisory Council 11 has been actively investigating the situation with their Seriously Deteriorated and Habitually Vacant Property Subcommittee. What is absolutely clear to me is that action needs to be taken now. As residents of this city know too well, we have a few habitual offenders whose blighted properties are not only an eyesore but also an insult to all of us. There is no more egregious example than the former Asiana restaurant on North Market Street, which was aptly pictured in The News-Post’s article on May 23. It is situated in the heart of the most vibrant part of downtown Frederick. Owners of such properties need to be ordered, immediately, to either improve their properties (i.e., sell them or rent them to responsible people) or lose them via receivership. In sum, Improve It Or Lose It. I trust the city will deal fairly with owners who for various legitimate reasons have not been able to keep up their properties, but sincerely intend to do so soon. But the worst offenders, such as the owner the former Asiana restaurant, need to be told as sternly as possible that their time of abusing their privilege of ownership and offending the citizens of Frederick is over.

William Heath


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People complain about the blighted properties, citing historic charm, etc.
But, they don’t blink an eye about erecting a multi story hotel in the head of the historic district? Hypocrites

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I think the only issue with the hotel is that we are expected to pay for it. Not the hotel, per se


The former Asiana is proof that a property can meet a minimum standard and still be ugly ugly ugly. Americans loathe wasted potential. Offering therapy for all would be easier than turning that building around.


This Mayor has done little to address blighted properties. The blighted properties committee is another ‘paper tiger’ as they have made no notable progress in dealing with blighted properties. Their focus is mostly on vacancies.

Back in 2014 the owners of the Asiana were told to “fix it or lose it” and although they started, the City gave them a free pass claiming all the required work was completed when in fact little was even started.

5 years later the building is still condemned, some serious safety issues remain yet no open code violations!

You’ll never get a property through receivership when there are no serious violations and haven’t been since the City declared the owners are in full compliance and the building is supposedly up to code since 2014!

This administration is just as ineffective and disinterested as the last.


Since 2015 the Asiana has been encumbered; it was put up as collateral for another Ro property purchase. Maybe the City is reluctant to go up against the lender?


Please list the “serious safety issues” that “remain”.


Anotherfinemesss. What are the serious violations? Also several years ago there were 3 dozen on the watch list. Now there are maybe 3. Explain exactly how the city has done nothing? Apparently you are blind.


Then go buy property elsewhere

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