National School Walkout events are planned across the country to supposedly support the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting.

Because the Frederick County Board of Education has refused to answer how it plans to handle Tuscarora and Urbana’s participation in the walkouts on March 14 at 10 a.m., one is left to search the internet for answers.

A Feb. 28 post on the school board president’s Facebook page by a retired FCPS teacher and current elected member of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee (FCDCC) gives insight into FCPS’ stance.

The FCDCC member quotes a article, and writes “I cannot love this article enough.” The article credits the organization of the Parkland walkout to the students. Both fail to mention that Oprah, George Clooney, and many others each donated $500,000 to help organizers who also organized the “pink hat” protests: Everytown for Gun Safety, Move On and Planned Parenthood, to name a few. It’s a gun protest victimizing victims of a tragedy. But I digress.

The FCDCC member loves “education — one that focuses on skills beyond standardized testing ... creates passionate citizens ... spring-loaded for citizenship” and “we should be ... putting more money into programs that foster political engagement and skills” (i.e., protesters).

Current board member incumbents support creating generations of “politically engaged” young people, aka activist Democrats.

I know everyone likes to think the BoE election is “nonpartisan,” but it isn’t and never was. That’s how we’ve gotten to where academics and enrichment are replaced by liberal, political ideology and identity driven divisiveness. The FCDCC May 2016 newsletter The Banner wrote after the primary: “... we could dilute the support the Republicans were placing on only candidate [Rose] who does not share our commitment to progressive education.” (Emphasis added.) FCDCC and FCTA support only “progressives.”

Radicals no longer come only from colleges. Our children begin radicalization in K-12 classrooms.

You doubt this? When did you last see teachers unions or a student group “walk out” in defense of any Republican cause? Do Republican causes lack substance? More likely, conservative causes don’t fit the liberal political agendas in the classroom.

The 2018 Board of Education election will ask you to choose: the FCTA Apple Ballot, heavily supported by the FCDCC and progressive education; or those of us who think it’s wiser to allocate money to turn 11,000 FCPS students currently unable to read into world-class readers instead of political activists.

Cindy Rose

Candidate for Frederick County Board of Education


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Cindy Rose, do you think this is a good decision by the board? My colleagues at the site don't think so and I can understand that. I want to hear your opinion, though.


"Support the shootings?" After the Chicago riots in 1968, Mayor Daley said "It is not the job of the police to prevent violence, it is the job of the police to create violence." And the reporters said "Did you get that backwards?" No. he said it that way three times in a row. That is what he meant. So who supports the shootings?


1. Students and Teachers should protest on their time not the school day at the expense of the tax payers who provide the funding for education and support staff for the education program.
2. Yes the school board has been and continues to be very political in most counties of the state - Frederick is not an exception. Leans very far left in its concepts and beliefs.
3. Taking a position of getting rid of gun free zones and having armed security forces within our school systems will deter the type of shootings that have been taken place. There are many ways to have an armed security force with proper training and experience - many veterans out in public life looking for employment that can serve in that capacity and would not impact the role of teachers.
4. Enforce and also update the privacy act to allow mental medical information to be provided to law enforcement and entered into gun registration databases so these individuals cannot buy the firearms or even keep ownership.

Liberals always cry about it is the gun but reality is it is the liberal policies that have been put into our societies that have started to cause these type of events and if anyone objects they are racists or they do not like children... time to elect conservatives to the school board and stop the nonsense policies of liberals that are bringing socialism into our life.


Who is going to pay for all of these armed security guards ? Who is going to pay to do background checks to make sure these people don’t have any mental issues themselves? Many taxpayers in this county complain when upping taxes is mentioned. Do you expect teachers to give up their salary increases or take away money from students?


Well of course the tax payers will have too... some will come from the Feds, the State and yes locally. Background checks are being done now for employment for county positions and I am sure this will definitely include mental health checks as well. Maybe by reallocating $$$ from illegals and other social programs and spending the $$$ more appropriately for school security. Once again I hear the cry of teachers about giving up their salary increases and taking $$$ from the students. Cry me a river! Budget and spend wiser.


"Support the shooting?" I do hope this is just a slip. But when the students are disparaged I have to wonder.


Great LTE . The taxpayers pay for students to get a education, and not protest??? Let the justice system do their job of protecting the students.................


As President Bush said "a heck of a job."


...And in her next letter she will expose the liberal conspiracy to brainwash our children with the fact that the earth is a sphere...






Oh Cindy-- please just go away... for good.


The first question, Cindy, is why do you think young children should sit in a classroom and be murdered and those not killed not allowed to protest? Are you condoning this lawless act? And even though the County School Board has not taken a position, what makes you think that what you found on the internet will be how they react to a walkout? And just how did this become a partisan, political action? Aside from Brad Young being a Democrat, although at times I doubt that too, do you know the party affiliation of the members?

The only thing you seem to have unquestionably right is the union will support those that support teachers. What is wrong with that? And why are you so against unions?


"When did you last see teachers unions or a student group “walk out” in defense of any Republican cause?"

I think the answer might depend upon how one defines "Republican cause". Here's an example that might meet some folk's definition, although it doesn't meet mine. A public high school in Tennessee was endorsing Christianity at football games via prayers over the school's loudspeaker system. Some people might regard government endorsed prayer as a Republican cause. (I don't regard violating the constitution as a Republican cause but that is a different discussion.) A school employee alerted the Freedom From Religion Foundation with a video. The FFRF sent a letter to the school district pointing out the obvious. The school district pretty quickly decided that following the law was a much better use of taxpayer monies than fighting a sure-to-lose legal battle and put a stop to the illegal practice.

Students organized something akin to a walkout to protest the cessation of government endorsed religion in his school. Scores of people gathered on the football field when it wasn't in use by the school to voluntarily pray. Which, being perfectly legal, was fine with everyone including the FFRF.


The Women’s March and the current gun safety protests were organized by individuals who have had enough and want to make change happen. The notion that paid organizers made either of these protests happen is false. Any person, even the rich and famous, can support causes they believe in. That does not make them the organizer. They are not “victimizing the victims” they are supporting them.

“Politically engaged” is exactly and absolutely what we need more of. "politically engaged" is not synonymous with “protester.” It means someone who is aware of what is going on in the political arena and actively participates. Bothering to get up off your butt and go vote in every election is political engagement. Bothering to research candidates and voting for the best, rather than blindly ticking off every name with a D next to it or R next to it is being politically engaged. Deciding to run for office because you want to make change happen is being politically engaged. Volunteering for candidates you believe in is being politically engaged. Protesting is just one form of political engagement. It’s what happens when constituents’ are ignored. Perhaps if more of us were politically engaged on a regular basis there would be a lesser need for protesters. Most of us out here protesting consider it a method of last resort..

Progressive education is not the same thing as progressive politics. It has to do with methods of instruction implemented, not content of instruction disseminated. One would expect a candidate for school board to know the difference.

Perhaps, if there were a life-or-death Republican cause that teachers and students actually supported, and they felt their concerns were not being heard, they would walk out to support it.


Also March for Science in DC on April 14. [thumbup]








[thumbup] gidgetpb


And this letter proves exactly why Cindy Rose would be a diaster as a member of the Board of Education. By the way, when you claim the BOE is partisan and then make all of your argument from one point of view, how is that not partisan. This candidate needs to attend anger management classes.


This exactly why you do not deserve to be on the BOE. I have little doubt that you would want the RSOs at the doors of the schools in tactical gear to prevent this peaceful protest.


Oh, Cindy, you are so two months ago. The world has turned and you and your NRA friends have been left behind. Sad.




Cindy, why did you apply for the FCTA endorsement (to be on the Apple Ballot) in 2016?


Why shouldn't adults contribute to help these kids demonstrate?? If adults help these kids financially to organize, it does not mean the adults are controlling what the kids do. What is going on is something we call FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Thank goodness that these kids have something to say. These kids' ideas are certainly less tainted than those brainwashed by cable and talk radio news.


The impression I got from that portion of her LTE is that she wants kids to be sheeple. For BOE candidate to express concern that high school students might become engaged in public affairs betrays a weirdly circumscribed view of education.




Cindy there you go again! So you want the school teachers to work for nothing and by their own guns. Why you continue to run for board of education is beyond me you don't know anything about education or democracy in the Future Leaders of America if they survive.


You handle it by letting them walk out. Why does there have to be an investigation or something as to how it is going to be dealt with? The individual teachers can do as they please when it comes to missing assignments or skipping class. Not sure if there is still such thing as Senior Skip Day, but all the teachers knew when it was. Those who skipped risked missing assignments or getting a 0 on said assignment. Personally I think theses protests are stupid but there is not a whole you can do. Chaining the doors isn’t an option and neither is physically restraining them. Everything will be OK..


You think these protests are stupid? What about the politicians that are bought and sold by the NRA including Donnie bone spurs? These kids are American citizens they have rights just like any American not to be killed sitting in class. The war in Vietnam was stopped by student protests and when I returned I joined the protests. Vietnam class of 69

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