I have been a patron of the News-Post for many years now. The free press is one of the greatest institutions of the United States, and you, your fellow editors, and writers have done a commendable job, especially doing Donald Trump's presidency when truth and evidence are openly mocked and derided.

However, I am extremely disappointed that you have chosen to blunt the language used to describe the horrible attack on our democracy that occurred on the afternoon of Jan. 6. The men and woman who broke into the Capitol with the intent of disrupting the electoral vote confirmation and, in many cases, planned to assault or take members of Congress hostage are domestic terrorists. They are white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and Neo-Confederates, and their terrorist attack on American democracy must be called out for what it is.

As a legitimate news organization, you have a duty to call these people what they are. Shame on you for failing in this. You have failed your readers and the country.

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CD and Pdl, Looks like you missed this. " A violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and forced lawmakers into hiding, in a stunning attempt to overturn America’s presidential election, undercut the nation’s democracy and keep Democrat Joe Biden from replacing Trump in the White House." These Trump loyalists killed a policeman with a fire hydrant and injured over 50 other policemen. They broke into the capitol. Many were just terrorists, while many others were insurrectionists.


I didn’t miss it. I do not condone violence as a means to an end that I’ll leave that to democrats (i.e. summer of love). Like our great president said “those that engaged in violence will and should be prosecuted.” I bet you missed that. But to label those who marched peacefully and exercised their rights as traitors or anything else is a bridge to far. BTW, Vice President Pence will not be bailing out the agitators, so they can loot and burn DC again and again unlike Senator Heals Up.

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Sure Greggy, just like when 200+ people were arrested on Jan. 20, 2017 for rioting and burning DC. I believe they were doing the same thing. So, stop with the fake outrage and admit what you and your cohorts are doing is about seizing power and censorship of opposing opinions. Welcome, to the United States of China, brought to you by Wheezy and big tech. You must be so proud.


Pdl, so we all agree that those who broke the law should be prosecuted - including the president.

Comment deleted.

Pdl, Nothing remotely like the attack on the Capitol last week has happened in the US during our life time, so stop with the false comparisons. We all condemn the violence during demonstrations, but demonstrations against racism and white supremacists is not comparable to a government insurrection. The president admitted it was partially his fault, and he has to pay for that and for trying to "fix" the election. He needs to come clean that there is no basis for his claims that election fraud is responsible for his defeat. And so do people like you.


But all, including their leaders, were renegades.


I don't know if the letterwriter's comments go far enough. Maga has identified itself as a violent organization bent on the overthrow of the legitimately elected US Government. This wasn't some sort of protest gone wrong. This was a putsch disguised as a protest. We need to start calling it what it is so that we are prepared when it happens again. To not be honest is courting it to happen again.


I would call it what it was, insurrection, not terrorism. The attack was against a federal building, elected federal officials and those working for the federal government (employees and contractors). It was not an attack against the civilian population. An insurrection is an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government. All who participated should be held accountable under 18 U.S. Code § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection.

The Nation’s flag is now at half-mast at the White House after the funeral perception for the murdered officer 👮‍♀️ Brian Sicknick, 4 days after the attempted coup. The insurrection was urged on by Trump and his sycophants. They most pay!

JSK you “ wanted more information so I signed up for Parlor (better known as “Parler”) Wednesday afternoon” or are you looking for non-factual information that support your false views? Parler is known for having a steady stream of violence, conspiracies and illegitimate content. That’s what you want? Btw, how did you access the “Parlor” app? at the neighborhood barbershop? How?


For the most part I refrain from re-commenting but I felt this deserved a reply. How do you know Parler had a steady stream of violence, conspiracies and illegitimate content? Did you visit the site? Or is that what you were TOLD? I do not watch MSM so perhaps they cherry picked a social media platform and presented their "all so typical" slant.

I did not know what was on Parler and still do not. I was on the site for less than 30 seconds. Honestly I was concerned that it would trigger certain mechanisms that would impact my browser. That thought, the fear of possible reprisal made me fully realize how dangerous the situation has become. Then when Parler was shut down I felt I had witnessed the most serious and dangerous threat to our liberty, my children's liberty and my grand children's liberty that I had seen in my lifetime.

Half the people in this country voted for DJT. And it will be revealed that it was not DJT but what he fought for was the reason for support. And when Parler was taken down it only intensified the distrust that is rampant today.


Check this out if you REALLY want to see what people were saying on Parler before it was shut down: https://www.reddit.com/r/ParlerWatch/

I warn you in advance, it was much worse than it has been portrayed by the media. Much, much worse.



For curiosity I checked this out. ??? Not sure what I was supposed to see. Only saw a clip from MSNBC showing a man with a sign saying Trump won.


I agree with the letter-writer, though not specifically related to FNP coverage.. Prior to Wednesday, in the 2 month long period of election fraud hype after Nov. 3rd, I heard some reporters on various networks referring to Trump and the Republican Party's actions to sow lies about election fraud referred to as "shenanigans". Wednesdays violence, destruction, and death, all incited by Trump, 2 United States Senators, the Trump Family, and rabid Trump supporters, was hardly evidence of "shenanigans" This is in-line with our nation's reputable mainstream media (both print, web-based, and news progamming) being responsibile for NOT calling the POS-POTUS an all-out, pathological liar peddling lies from the very beginning of reporting on him, when Trump was challenged more "softly" in the early years for being an outright liar...in the interest of attempting to show respect to America's "office" of the president, I think..Big mistake that allowed the malignancy of Trump to spread.

Of course, FOXStateTV is another animal completely, not only ignoring the lies , but enlarging, promoting, enabling and deliberately spreading them for the Republican Party and the Trump Crime Family.


The Washington Post: Hogan calls GOP delegate who attacked Pence a ‘Q-Anon conspiracy theorist’.


Interesting read from WAPO about our own Del. Cox's involvement in the insurrection.


Bus loads of tertorists. At least 3 bus loads from Frederick. The FBI will be checking the manifest assuming the organizers haven't destroyed, and in that case covering things up. Lying to the FBI won't go well


Yes. Terrorism. I can't help wondering about who was there since I heard "three busloads" attended from hereabouts. I'm sure some elected not to hike the mile and a half. Anyone who did participate - notice they ID'ed the guy with the covered face and zipties. It's what they do.


I'm thinking a more apt description of those rioter's and their leaders would ne "Renegades". They should have their citizenships revoked and their wealth (if the have any) confiscated and banned from our lands forever.

Greg F

I'm not fond of what they did or who they are, but to where would you deport them without that citizenship? I suggest reparations, stripping of voting rights, bans from social media, stripping of any and all firearms as they have proven to be a threat to the nation, among the other option of some time in the pokey and some very steep fines.


What happened was the violent evolution of Trump’s ballot box coup attempt. When his efforts to have individual states overturn their election results in his favor failed, he unleashed the mob he had gathered that day and sent them to the capitol to take the election by force. Reports are he was thrilled with what the “very special people” that he “loves” were doing for him. Trump literally launched an attack on the Congress of the United States of America while they were in joint session certifiying Joe Biden as our next DULY elected president. This is as bad as it gets.


Nothing like this has ever happened in the US in our lifetimes, and to the letter writer's point, it is shameful that it is being minimized by language and by false equivalencies drawn to other incidents. Those who occupied the Capitol were home grown radicalized terrorists who believed they were on a holy mission.


Mr. Parks,

Most Americans would agree with you. The people who planned on the attack were domestic terrorist ( terrorist def a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.) Much the same as Antifa that have caused extensive damage and turmoil over the past several years. But the majority of people attending the rally were not. I believe several busloads of people from Frederick attended the rally and I doubt they had terrorism, or any thought of terrorism on their mind And I am almost certain they would agree with you.

But a far more dangerous thing happened last week that threatens our freedom and democracy. Large scale, conspiratorial, media censorship.

Last Wednesday, pre riot, I read an AP article in the FNP. It said there were hundreds of protestors, not thousands attending the rally. Then it stated they were protesting baseless claims. Many felt there were irregularities and wanted "sunshine" on the process. They supported the idea of a commission to investigate. Media manipulation of the facts had become far to common. FB's Zuckerberg who gave 350 million dollars for voter registration drives and mail in voting drives most likely wanted no investigation.

I wanted more information so I signed up for Parlor Wednesday afternoon. I simply no longer trusted the AP, FB or twitter. I must admit I was concerned that my computer might be affected but I wanted another news source. (Can you imagine, in America, someone fearful to seek out information) When Parlor was completely destroyed over the weekend I must attest, I felt that was the most dangerous act of domestic terrorism I have witnessed in my lifetime.


If you've actually signed up for it, you would know that it is spelled PARLER, not "Parlor". That alone kinda ruins your credibility.


Good point, bnick; it also reveals jsk is willing to go down in flames with his cult/leader president. Parler was shut down because fascist groups were posting on it to arm themselves and come to DC this Sunday, January 17th. Mayor Bowser has asked the federal government to cancel permits for any demonstrations in Washington for about one month because of threats made of further insurrection.


You sound like an expert on fascist communication, bnick.



My teacher said I would never be any good at poetry because of my dyslexia. But I fooled her. I made three cups and a jug.


Can you not?


Jsk - this made reading down this far worthwhile lol

JSK, the general term for “dyslexia” is the disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that does not affect general intelligence. You may have been misdiagnosed by your teacher. You may want to seek another assessment for your general intelligence capability. How can you not see the damage of your Trump administration?


bnick: He didn't have many creds to begin with, bur he blew them away with this bloviation. I wonder if he would advocate for the censorship of any one of these "American conservative talk radio hosts"


Stephen Baldwin

Glenn Beck

Michael Berry (radio host)

Paul Bettencourt

Bob Bird (politician)

Neal Boortz

Tammy Bruce

Rich Buhler


Monica Crowley


Jerry Doyle


Larry Elder


Steve Gill

Bob Grant (radio host)


Ken Hamblin

Sean Hannity

Hugh Hewitt

Mike Huckabee


Laura Ingraham


Lars Larson

Mark Levin

Rush Limbaugh


Clarence Manion

Ken Matthews (radio)

Todd Herman

Michael Medved


Mike Opelka


Joe Pags

Dan Patrick (politician)

Dennis Prager

Joe Pyne


Al Rantel


Michael Savage

Ben Shapiro

Todd Starnes

Charlie Sykes


Doc Thompson

Janine Turner


Phil Valentine

Michael Voris


Joe Walsh (American politician)

Mary Walter (radio)

Kirby Wilbur

Frank Wuco

I doubt that he would and he just proved it by posting such an umbellic rant today.


Jsk- if you believe you get the facts on anonymous social media, you wouldn’t know truth if it brought you coffee in bed. Fighting words and incitement to riot have never been protected speech - and find out which speech the first amendment protects.


Many violent posts were easy to find on Parler. Some users had posted gifs suggesting some Democratic politicians should be hanged, called for citizens to “armor up,” get “ready for battle,” and take “pitchforks” and “torches” to their local officials. Others suggested a secondary attack on the U.S. Capitol, some on Jan. 17 and others on Jan. 19. “When will you #wakeupamerica,” a user by the name of Rapperjizzle408 posted on Friday. “Your words are no longer saving s**t #civilwar is #necessary now!” A user, who goes by TheInkaMatrix, took it a step further: “The only medicine for traitors and Marxists [is] death.” Yep, I'm really sorry they got taken down.


I’m not sure the likes of JSK understand that the 1A protects against GOVERNMENT infringement of free speech. Apple, Twitter and Google are giants of American capitalism and are free to drop parler whenever they want.

They should be applauded for FINALLY realizing the dangers of giving mentally ill people an endless platform for perpetuating lies and hate speech and inciting violence. This isn’t a group of people sitting at a farm table reading the newspaper and getting mad. The web is far more insidious than that in the reach it has to millions of people instantaneously and anonymously. A lot of this crap is being put out there by foreign agitators who know how to manipulate the minds of impressionable people with a goal of creating chaos over here. Putin was more delighted than Trump about what happened Jan. 6.

It’s too bad that it took the tragic, criminal and disgraceful attack by Trump supporters on our capitol last week to realize that allowing lies, threats and hate speech to fester unabated can have serious consequences. Social distortion is a dangerous thing.


Show us ONE link to an article that Names ANTIFA specifically for a violent action. ANTIFA is the Republican Red Herring that excuses any Right Wing violence. Look at the videos folks, those were Terrorists there Wednesday with blood in their eyes and blood on their hands attacking the Police with baseball bats, iron bars disguised as flag poles, pepper spray, excreting on the Capitol floors, looting, destroying, attacking reporters, had they found Palosi or Schiff they would have killed them like they did the Policeman. To use jerseygrl42’s description they were animals, not anything resembling Americans. Own it RRR(RadicalRightRepublicans). Wise up RRR(RadicalRightRepublicans). You are PUTIN’S PUPPETS, destroying America via his good friend and fellow Dictator, Donald John Trump.


That’s priceless, JSK, that you attempted to seek the truth in a parler of lies and hate speech. Can you imagine, in America, that a coup could evolve from the dark web of lies and conspiracies promulgated by president Trump and his most fervent supporters? You might not have been there at the capitol, JSK, but your inability to discern fact from fiction, and your predilection to mistrust our government and main stream media, makes you a cog in the wheel of this insurrection. Stalin had another term for people like you : useful idiot.


fellow commentators:

it's important to read, and then re-read, jsk's posts, as well as those of cd, bosco and others here, still treading water to make excuses, divert attention, and blame others for the tragedy at the Capitol on Wednesday, and the supporters, including themselves, who enabled it through their support.

Their ongoing posts remind us that when we think we've reached the very bottom of ignorance, gullibility, excuse -making and support for Trump's violent, racist, insane plan for America.........we're reminded by jsk that we're not anywhere near the bottom of ignorance or denial...or perhaps his true, deep agreement with Trump's actions.

These proud Republican Trump supporters forgot that the media (thank god) photographed and reported the white nationalists marching with torches in Charlottesville, chanting "Jews will not replace us"; and every aberrant and disgusting action committed by Trump since then, right up until Wednesday, when the same type of supporters brought their own horrifying version of Kristallnacht to DC on Wednesday. (Thank you Governor Schwarzenegger).

And speaking of the former Governor, he cited yesterday that many who followed Hitler's horrifying path were no more than followers as these folds are..................doing nothing more than being willing to spread the lies, stoking fear, dissension, division and then death and destruction. Sound familiar? It begins with the lies.

Greg F

JSK...Antifa wouln't exist if it weren't for fascists like Trump and the confederate/nazi supporters in his crowd. Period. Your people even made up yet again that Antifa was there helping. What a load of bunk. You wanting more info by signing up for Parler...yeah...right...I'm sure you already had a lifetime membership.


More nonsense from jsk.

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