Why the National Rifle Association is going to fail: Of course, this type of opening always comes with the caveat of “unless they change,” but if trends hold true, then huge organizations such as the NRA develop the freight train syndrome and once off the track are carried to their death by their own weight. This is why I believe they are off the track.

I am a NRA instructor, however I teach only youth in the Boy Scouts, hence I am required to hold instructor certifications to do so. In the 10-plus years I have been a member, I received hundreds of emails from the NRA, all of them the same: “Send us money or else you will lose your rights.”

And then, the other night, Sunday, during the John Stossell show, I saw this great commercial of a plain American espousing his determined resolve to resist the extremists in the world and thanking the Second amendment and the NRA for his rights, and his willingness to give the last measure of devotion, should it come to that. It was well done. Goosebumps, tingles down my leg — and then a message to “donate or join!”

Why was this inspiring commercial being aired on a show where the viewing demographic was, for the most part, “already in the choir”? The reason was that the intent was not to sway opinion or educate people about our rights or the NRA’s mission, the intent was to get more money.

That commercial needs to be aired during a prime-time episode of “Modern Family” or “The Big Bang Theory” and without the links to join or donate, just to gently educate, because just shouting, “It’s your right, its in the Constitution!” is not a compelling reason anymore — it’s a cliche.

David Young


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John Stossel is a wacky Libertarian Narcissist. Years ago he was on 20/20 and he seemed sane,what happened did Ben Carson perform brain surgery on him?


It is not sane to always think that the government is always wrong and that capitalism is always right like John. Nor is it sane to think the government is always right and that capitalism is always wrong. Both government and capitalism can be moral, more for all. Both government and capitalism can be immoral, more for less. It depends on the facts in the cases.




David, Good LTE, but I think we have different initial reactions to the term "extremist groups." You probably think Muslim terrorists, while I might jump to NRA-loving terrorists like that Wako group that the FBI stopped during the Clinton years. That was that home-grown militia group that was going to go to war with us.


David Young...fascinating viewpoint, very telling. I am glad to hear that you are able to see through their crap. I would like to see more letters written from the gun owners perspective on how they feel about the NRA. Thank you for your enlightening letter.

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