I find it highly ironic that recently there were two articles on the same page with one touting the Frederick climate change commission and their agenda with another that touted more developments being planned and built in Frederick.

I guess people don’t realize the two go hand in hand and that the more we build out Frederick County, the larger our carbon footprint will be. My grandfather used to call that “the blind leading the blind.” It has to make one wonder.

Jerry Ryan


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All - I told my son, a 19 year old, that his generation will be taxed to pay for climate change - and it won't be cheap. The kicker is, one Volcanic eruption will totally reverse climate change. The ash of the western forest fires has already started that.


Climate change and development are both symptoms of the problem, they are not the real problem itself. The problem is human population growth. Without population growth you don't need new development on undeveloped land. If our population hadn't grown so much in such a short time climate change would not be a big problem and we could take less drastic and less costly steps to address our adverse impact. However, since we not only seem to be unable to control the population but government tax policies actually support population growth, the problems only get worse, yet parents want even more tax payer subsidies for choosing to have children and thus help contribute to the problem instead of contributing to the solution. There are pleny here who have criticized me for my stance on the environment (including those and the leftmost quartile of the political spectrum, but not many if any of them have actually done much to help address the climate change problem, but I suspect many of them have added to the population count.


Testify Brother MD! [cool]

I've got your back. I'll just be standing behind this solid concrete wall...

It's a shame that population is such a contentious issue. I've had more than one person suddenly come unglued and start screaming at me when I thought we were having a polite, adult conversation. For example, a black coworker at Metro, who should have known better (we knew each other well), thought I was talking about eugenics! I had to explain that I meant *everyone* should (voluntarily) have fewer children, including the rich white people in Potomac. Then he calmed down.

My BIL somehow thought I was dissing his Irish heritage (he and I married sisters from a German-Irish family). I had said absolutely nothing about any specific group of people -- I was simply speaking in general terms about the U.S. being overpopulated, and the majority of our population growth coming from immigration. You know, 'just the facts, ma'am'. I thought he as going to take a swing at me.

Another time I was talking with 2 engineers at the MD SHA about improvements on the section of Route 40 between the ramp to I-70 at the west end of the Golden Mile and the I-70 interchange on this side of Hagerstown. They raised the subject of population, saying (for example) that the light at MD 17 was necessary due to population growth and increased traffic. I said something like, 'it would not hurt my feelings if there was no more population growth, no more development'. Just making conversation since they raised the topic. One of them, clearly agitated, suggested that I move to communist China where they have a one-child policy (at that time). Then they both got up and left the room. Meeting adjourned! It was not a personal conversation in any way. Neither of them mentioned if they were married or had kids. I just made a generalized statement about development and that was enough to set them off.

I can see why politicians do not raise the issue of overpopulation. It causes people to come unhinged.

I wish I could be more positive about the future of the planet, but with those reactions being typical, I'm afraid humans will destroy the Earth.


Fortunately we'll be long gone by the time that happens. If someone wants to continue to over populate the world, have at it, but I shouldn't be taxed extra to help them do it. I'm not having the sex but I and others are the ones getting screwed being forced to pay extra for some people's selfish desires.


Good observation Jerry.

It seems most people only want to limit climate change if doing so does not have any negative affect on their pocketbook, their lifestyle, or their business.

The mantra "Growth is Good!" is still alive and well. Many people still believe that infinite growth on a finite planet is possible and desirable.

Occasionally there will be some serious talk about reducing the extent of climate change, but it almost always amounts to:

"No need to change your lifestyle folks. Science and technology will save us!" Almost never is there any talk about the elephant in the room -- the cause of almost all of the world's major problems -- overpopulation.

Of course, consumption and population levels go hand-in-hand, but few people are willing to reduce their consumption. In fact, even if the world population was stable, we'd still be in serious trouble, because countries like India and China are modernizing and want a "western" lifestyle like ours.

That said, voluntarily reducing our population to a sustainable level would help immensely. 11,000 climate scientists from around the world have said that the sustainable population of the U.S. is about 150,000,000 -- half of our current number.

Granted, a building moratorium in FredCo would not directly address that problem, but all we can do is work with what we have control over.

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