Donald Cahill’s March 13 letter regarding climate change and sea-level rise is full of errors, misconceptions and poor science — not to mention a cavalier dismissal of future catastrophic impacts that we are headed toward, if we don’t reduce our carbon emissions and halt global warming.

Mr. Cahill is wrong. Average global sea levels have risen about 9 inches since the Industrial Revolution. This is due to melting ice on the land (Greenland, Antarctica, and nearly every glacier in the world). Ice melts and the water runs into the ocean. The water is also warmer, so it expands (thermal expansion). Mr. Cahill should also note that nearly every coastal location in the world is, in fact, suffering a great deal.

New Jersey (and Maryland) fair especially poorly, because our coastal land is also subsiding — by about 4 to 5 inches in the last century. Therefore, the Mid-Atlantic region has had at least a 12-inch rise in sea level since the Industrial Revolution. This is causing significant havoc to our coastal infrastructure.

Mr. Cahill is correct that the climate on Earth has changed many times. But this is the first time we’re causing it and it’s the first time we care and it’s the first time we’re suffering. We can’t just pick up our towns and cities and move away from rising seas!

Mr. Cahill is also wrong — controlling climate change is absolutely possible. We understand the science and we know how to solve it (become carbon neutral!). The urgency of the problem can not be overstated. It is the greatest crisis mankind has ever faced. The sooner most of us recognize this, the sooner we can demand that our elected officials act to mitigate climate change. We have spectacularly failed to act for decades, we now face an even more pressing crisis that will cost even more money and be even more difficult to implement. It will not be easy, but this should not deter us. We must find the will to act.

I recommend any number of U.S. agencies where Mr. Cahill can find the data to better understand this information — the DOD, DOC, DOT, DOE, DOI, HHS, NOAA, NASA, and the EPA, just to name a few.

Joyce Tuten


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It’s very funny, reporters have been interviewing victims of the record breaking floods in Iowa, Kansas, and South Dakota, States that voted for Climate Change Denier Trump. They all agree that Climate Change might be real. ⛈⛈⛈🌊🌊🌫

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If she's a lunatic leftist and she wants to save our quality of life, what's that make you and your alt.right fellows?? Humanity haters???

Stan Chrzanowski

The real root cause is uncontrolled population growth world-wide, and no one intends doing anything about that Like bacteria in a nutrient-filled dish we're reproducing until we use up all the resources. I worry for my children and grandchildren.

That guy

Problems can have more than one root cause. Population growth is certainly a problem that needs to be addressed, but that doesn't the western world (where most of the growth is NOT happening) can't or shouldn't take steps to reduce their footprint to "make room" for developing and rapidly growing countries.

In terms of addressing population growth, I think the only solution is to incentivize NOT having children, rather than punishing having children. The universal declaration of human rights already includes the right of every human on earth to have a family - to rewrite that clause would cause catastrophic backlash. We have to figure out a way to make not having children more desirable or beneficial. How? No clue. I'll leave that to the experts.


Money often incentivizes. For years I've thought there could be promise in paying people to be sterilized voluntarily before they reproduce and/or after they have had 1 child.

That guy

Plus there's the natural incentives to not having kids. Less stress, more disposable income, more free time, cleaner house, etc. I think a lot of people get caught up in society's expectation of school -> marriage -> buy house -> have kids, without realizing or seriously considering that there are other paths in life. Thankfully the younger generations are catching on and flexing their freedom to try different lifestyles.


Look at the bright side... If you like the beach but don't live there, you won't have as far to drive in the future plus there will be a lot more to see when you're scuba diving. Forget coral reefs, look at submerged buildings which will be new habitat for sea life. Bring on the global warming baby.


Even if weather is changing as part of natural global changes, you cannot deny humans are adding to it and making it worse.


I've seen no sea level rise in Frederick so it must be fake news - climate denier.


You are right, Hay, even Catoctin Creek has been normal. That proves the Donald Trump's are right. Isn't it great to be a Republican, so you can forget about being pragmatic and seeing reality?[beam]






La La La La… I can't hear you, so it is not true. La La La La … Fake news, and I'm not worried... -Republicans



Don't worry the world is going to end in 12 years per AOC. Therefore, everyone should enjoy what's left of the coastline while it's there.


“ is going to end in 12 years per AOC.”

Well, she is a devout Christian and some of them are always going on about “The End of the World”.

“...enjoy what’s left of the coastline while it’s there.”

“Boat Drinks”

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