Can’t believe it, but I actually agree with the Board of Contributors’ Mr. Blatchford on something. His recent column bemoaned Jamie Raskin, those who protest Frederick’s horse-drawn carriages during the holidays and Montgomery County transplants who bring too much of M.C. with them.

First up, I’ve got nothing against Raskin. He’s an ethical politician who looks out for his people. If people of the Republican persuasion choose not to believe that, ain’t nothing I can do about it. Just try not to look a gift horse in the mouth, please.

Horses drawing carriages. C’mon, people. Those horses love the festive air of the town as much as humans. These horses have a very good life. They are bred to haul things and rarely get the chance. They are not being mistreated. Really.

The Montgomery County-ing of Frederick. Yes, I am one of those immigrants. I lived in Montgomery County for 57 years, and then I moved to Frederick, breathed a sigh of relief, and appear to have fit right in. But I left Montgomery in the dust. And I will do all I can to keep Frederick a place where farmers, students, artists, poor folk, rich folk all enjoy walking downtown and hanging out. Many look you in the eye and say hi. I tried that in Montgomery — it did not work nearly as often as it does here. I start up casual conversation in the grocery line and everywhere else so much more easily here in Frederick.

I did not move here with a self-righteous agenda. I came to fit in and be influenced, not influence. When I meet others who came from Montgomery, I explain how it is different here. The urge to “get ahead” here is less an influence than the joy of slowing down, dining really well, and savoring community. I’m thinking we need to avoid thinking of metropolitan transplants as newcomers who threaten our Frederickness and be more proactive in politely approaching them as if they are freshmen and we are juniors. I prefer not to gripe that they are here and prefer to show them just how it is here in Frederick.

Says the M.C. transplant. Oh, well. I’m trying.

Sheryl Massaro


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If I’m not mistaken, when I ran Blatchfords name on the MD land records website. Nothing came up. Maybe he’s not even a Frederick county occupant?

Comment deleted.

Now, that isn't nice. Kelly, even if it is true. [lol]


They keep moving here because The Frederick county rate is cheaper and housing is cheaper. After they are here, they want bike trails, walking trails, parks and the list goes on. When their taxes go up, then they will start around for another place to move.


Nope, we stay, which is why Frederick is becoming more Democratic all the time. And we kept the locals, like Blaine's gang, from over-developing and ruining Frederick.


The MC transplants are analogous to immigrants coming to America. We move because we love the place we are moving to - not because we want to change it. We generally want to preserve it.


I really don't believe there are significant differences between the values and life style of people living in Montgomery County and Frederick County. Both counties have rural areas, developments, crime issues, etc. Montgomery County is far larger so many of the "differences" come from the demands of a much larger population.

I don't understand why Montgomery County folks are somehow depicted as "negative."


There may not be a significant difference between northern MoCo and Frederick county but there is a significant difference between much of MoCo and northern MoCo so how could there not be a difference between most of MoCo and Frederick county. Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Bethesda Wheaton, Rockville, etc. are nothing like northern MoCo for lifestyle and I believe there are significant differences in values too.


Having lived in Silver Spring, worked in Takoma Park, lived in Germantown, worked in Rockville and eastern part of the county while teaching there. Moved here in 1986 and while the landscape is different, the values and life styles are not significantly different but the physical surroundings certainly are..


A NJ transplant myself, via a brief (but far too long) stint in MoCo. The landscape change from MoVil was certainly different fro FredCo, as are the values and lifestyles (depending on where one lives). FredCo in general, and the outskirts of Middletown suited us just fine.


I've lived in MoCo in the 60's (then 3 years in Alabama) then back to MoCo for most of the 70s, and currently since 1995. Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Rockville and Wheaton are certainly different than upcounty. Germantown is more of a transition area. Im my experience I certainly see significant difference in values and lifstyles especially as you move from urban to rural.


"I start up casual conversation in the grocery line and everywhere else so much more easily here in Frederick." A deacon once classified this as bizarre behavior and I wondered where he lives. It makes food shopping bearable. When the stranger cringes and hurries away like she's going to complain to the manager, that's transplant syndrome.


Being a transplant, I can agree. Now, there was a time when anyone not living here with 5 generations before them, they were considered a foreigner. .Now there are so many foreigners it's hard to discriminate.


I to am a moco transplant, lived there 58 years. Why did I move here? Let me explain by saying if I get homesick I take a drive through Hillcrest or Waverly. That is why I left and had no intention of bring moco with me


Agreed Ms. Masarro. [thumbup]

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