Councilman Kai Hagen broke the law, interfered with a lawful traffic stop, and placed the deputy, himself, and his wife at risk.

During a WFMD radio interview on June 30 with Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Hagen, Jenkins reported; “…Hagen refused to leave until he had talked to the driver of the stopped vehicle and asked him if he was OK…” What if the driver said he was not OK? What would Hagen have done? Form a committee, commission, or blue-ribbon panel out on Route 15?

Hagen admitted on air that he did stop. Hagen said he was polite and kind. Breaking the law is not an act of kindness. Hagen broke the law, and made the road he was blocking unsafe.

This is the hypocrisy of politicians, like Hagen, whose self-importance overtakes their ability to consider the consequences of their actions. Hagen when asked to leave, responded to the deputy, “Do you know who I am?” Did Hagen think he was above the law?

In other circumstances, would Hagen expect the deputy to give his life to protect him? Does Hagen view all law enforcement as dangerous, unless he needs them?

As a result of the Democrat anti-law enforcement propaganda, it is dangerous to be a peace officer. Law enforcement officers are peace officers. Peace officers are ambushed and murdered more frequently during a traffic stop.

Of course, Kai Hagen didn’t care. Is he aware that interfering with a lawful traffic stop places everyone in danger? At 60+ years old, he still doesn’t have the sense to think beyond his own lust for power. Not only is it appalling that Hagen will probably be allowed to continue to remain on the County Council, he is running for County Executive. Is this the guy you want as the chief executive officer of Frederick County?

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All good points in your LTE Mr. Robert Gosswieler. I do not like to criticize others unless absolutely necessary. However, in this case, Mr. Hagen reasonably deserves some criticism. He didn't just observe the police traffic stop, it appears from the reporting of the incident, that Mr. Hagen needlessly created a potentially dangerous and problematic situation. As the FNP indicated in their editorial comment on this matter - Hagen was wrong to interfere in the police officer's duties the way he did - which put all parties in danger. If one has observed Mr. Hagen's past actions, his personality traits become clear. It's no surprise that Sherrif Jenkins or others may wonder "Who does Mr. Hagen think he is?!" Mr. Hagan's past conduct proves he can be arrogant, pompous, radical, impulsive, and lacks credibility as at times, he's been dishonest in his statements and treatment of others. This current police traffic stop incident reflects poorly on Mr. Hagen and is a result of his own arrogance and lack of judgement. Frankly, many may agree that Hagen broke the law and should be removed from office as Sherrif Jenkins suggests. If he doesn't get removed now from the County Council - the next election can not come soon enough.

Lastly, Mr. Hagen appears to have an impulsive tendency to over-react and I agree with other commentary posts in FNP articles on this traffic stop incident where they noted that it's practically racist in itself, that Mr. Hagen became involved in a traffic stop by police because he saw a black person in the car. This begs the question: Has Mr. Hagen ever stopped to check on the safety of the driver during a police traffic stop when a white person was the driver?

Talk about the hypocrisy of our democracy

Jenkins does so remind me of I think this story is very relevant in this thread and I don't want you good people out there to be scammed..some of you don't seem to realize you are being scammed by Sheriff Jenkins though?

Donald Trump is playing his followers for 'chumps' with his latest scams -- here's how

According to the columnist, Trump's announcement that he is launching a lawsuit against social media platforms for banning him under the guise of standing up for the First Amendment is yet another scam to get his followers to pay for publicity stunt -- with the lawsuit guaranteed to fail.


[offtopic][offtopic][offtopic] Stop with the smoke and mirrors, Pickles. Let's stay in our lane here with this story. Heading off of the reservation here is just an attempt at a bait and switch with this Kai incident.

This situation has nothing to do with Donald Trump.[offtopic][offtopic][offtopic]


Happy, Where was Jenkins on June 20th? The day the Kai devastated the county police force. Wasn’t Chuck in Arizona. What for? Was it for efforts to overturn the last presidential election?


Wait....hold up....whut??


Well I was really trying to help you out from being scammed(I can lead someone to the truth but I can't make them see it)Gab/happy..obviously the mods felt just fine with my public service announcement, I am glad I caught your can thank me me ? or not Happy or gab whoever you feel like being in your email?


Speaking of “missteps”.

How many civil cases has Sherf Trumpkins lost? Can’t remember, refresh my memory.


I wonder if the FNP is going to follow up with a story about Hagen pulling a similar stunt last October? It seems that time, being the "man" he is, he had some woman doing his talking, and gesturing, for him.


Ahh, so some hearsay claim by an unidentified deputy with no evidence is something you believe. Says a lot.


well of course ....just think of the Bible then you will chuckle out loud when you understand your statement was so spot on. LOL Because you know you are talking with Bible believers right?


A woman can change, or direct and point out how to change, a flat tire, just as competently as a man can C.D.Reid!


No one cares.

Maybe the paper should do a story about Trumpkins using his county owned cruiser for political campaign purposes.


FNP, can we please get some good investigative journalism and investigation into this "October suprise?"

Repetative and habitual scofflawing often portends larger negative issues down the road, unless root cause is identified and corrective action taken at the onset. Just look at the squeegie kids in NYC.

I have found, especially with adolescents suffering from a negative addictive situation, that oftentimes simple remedial measures are unsuccessful. Often, one must move to stronger discipline and potential penalties to stop the destructive activity.

I betcha cops understand what I am saying here, especially if there are now two strikes on the batter according to the ump. After three strikes, you go to the bench.


Hey. Ventriloquism is a dying art form.


… Yes, I want to know more about skeptical black police stops and if Jenkins’ son was involved in the Kai incident , and Jenkins multiple mistresses and affairs.


Have you not seen any pictures of Trumpkins lately? Pretty sure no women want him.


If a White friend of mine brings 50 massively bunched latex helium-filled balloons to Kai's first outdoor political rally, and stands by the side of the road selling them individually to collect funds to support Kai's opponents, I am hopeful Kai will check in on my White friend's welfare as he is approached by a local cop someone called to investigate.

God forbid my White friend trips and releases 25 or so into the atmosphere after he has sold about half individually. Will Kai come to his aid and refuse to leave his side until Kai is assurred my White friend is OK?

What if a Black friend of mine brings balloons instead? Or my buddy from Korea?

What if my White friend came in blackface?


Really into blowing “balloons” with allot of friends of different ethnicities. Is there something you like to share?


Awteam2001, did you know some ocean scientists now say there is a heightened sense of danger to a specific species of chocolate starfish?


I’m just trying to understand why Black people are stopped so disproportionately to White people without upsetting White people for asking. As a fisherman I’ve seen the damage on the ichthyology. I can’t find good trout and check out the cost of crab meat. My buddies are looking at fishing in Iceland next year because it’s so bad down here. Have you had a different experience?


Guysth sthop dat.


Its just too easy and so much fun. [innocent]


Excellent Letter to the Editor.

No signs of distress present...any perceived distress was all made up in Hagan's mind in this situation.

If the driver was White, would Kai have stopped? I pass a dozen or so police pullovers every month in Maryland, as I am sure Kai does also. Does Kai stop and interfere with each one he passes?

The REAL question here is WHAT distress Kai observed? Besides the driver being Black, what else? Did the driver have a flat? Was a physical altercation observable? Did either the cop or driver appear to be in a medical emergency?

The answer is nothing. Kai, by his actions, is a racial profiler himself. What if the situation had escalated because the driver had illegal drugs present, was drunk, had an outstanding warrant or was a fugitive? These concerns could arise with anyone, whether Black, White, Oriental, Native American or Pacific Islander, Eskimo, or Indigeneous to the Amazon Rainforest.

Shame, shame on Kai. And those who defend him in this situation. Pre-released latex, massively bunched condoms/balloons everywhere are deflated in disgust!


For the last time. This horrible, ungodly, unbelievable, attack on law enforcement, this insurrection , I dare he ask if a “Black Man” stopped by a White cop is okay, who does that? The crime, the indecency, the humiliation was so much that Chuck Jenkins had no recourse but to go on WFMD 10 days later. But Robert Gossweller get your facts straight. This monstrosity didn’t happen on route 15 🙇‍♂️. Can you guys at least get that part of the story correct. It was on Rte. 806 just past Black Mill Rd. I would hate for you guys to carry your torches down the wrong road over a way over blown event.

Update: The Sheriff took off from his busy duties chasing Mexicans to call into WFMD again yesterday to report that Kai might be a serial “Good Samaritan” in our midst , he heard that Kai stopped at another police stop back in October to inquire on another “ Black stop “. He dared offered to help change their flat tire. How awful. He most apologize. Who does that today 🤷‍♂️. At least he needs a good taking to.

By the way on June 20th, the day of Kai’s earth shattering event Sheriff Chuck Jenkins was in Arizona. Guess what for? Hint, a meeting with a conservative like minds that still haven’t accepted the last presidential election.


Kai's fatherly instinct kicking in?

I bet if it was an AAA support van driven by a White individual, instead of a cop, back in October, Kai would have stopped and offered to help as well. And he would have also picked up any dead latex balloons along the roadside as well.

After all, why only have two cooks in the kitchen monitoring the soup pot when you could have three?


More stupid comments in a stupid letter.

Deputy at hand is Trumpkins’s son, Trumpkins Jr.

What a joke on all involved


I truly believe this would be a far more valuable community information source if the FNP would follow their own rule:

Be civil. Don't threaten. Don't lie. Don't bait. Don't degrade others.

Also more people might offer their opinions via Letters is they were not greeted with childish insults

Robert. Nice letter.


I really like the exaggerations, illustrating he has an agenda and doesn’t know what he’s talking about .

“ Breaking the law is not an act of kindness.” That’s not what Jesus said.

“Hagen broke the law”, but the sheriff could charged him with breaking any laws. That’s pretty lame.

and “made the road he was blocking unsafe”. Rte 806 ? That ‘s the Catoctin Zoo is most traveled to destination on that road. Mother’s in their vans leaving the zoo by 4 pm. Is the high point in traffic. After that there’s very little traffic on Rte 806 at best you might block a car for a moment.

You can’t fix stupid or racist fears you just have to out number them.


“This is the hypocrisy of politicians, like Hagen, whose self-importance overtakes their ability to consider the consequences of their actions.” I agree that the comment consequences of letter publication can be stunning, however imo omniscient statements are dealbreakers.


Nice to see you admit that your comment is a stupid one, Pb. [thumbup]


Read again.

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