The closure of the Walkersville yard waste disposal site is another example of how the Frederick County Council ignores the needs of those of us who reside in the northern part of the county. The Walkersville disposal site was established because Walkersville’s elected officials recognized that its residents had no practical way to dispose of their yard waste.

The comment by Kevin Demosky, the head of county waste management, that “there are better ways of managing material” is an example of how tone-deaf our county government can be. “Better” for Mr. Demosky and the county perhaps, but not better for those of us who have to navigate our way to the Reichs Ford Road site.

For the last three-plus years, one or more roads that we northern county residents use to get to Reichs Ford Road have been closed, all requiring detours. A round trip to dump a single pickup load of yard waste can take 2½ hours. We can make it to Harrisburg and back in less time. Rather than close the Walkersville site, the county could have listened to the citizen suggestions that were printed in The Frederick News-Post: Install a couple of video cameras, erect a more imposing sign prohibiting commercial use, and have a county law enforcement officer drop by now and then. Issue a few tickets to violators. These inexpensive and simple solutions were ignored.

Maybe the County Council needs to be reminded that quite of bit of the county lies north of Monocacy Boulevard.

K.W. Lackie


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And explain to me how sending out a truck or trucks with personnel is any more cost effective than having someone man the heritage site. Truck expenses are about the same as onsite equipment costs. And man hours are man hours, whether they’re in a truck or at the compost site.


I have a feeling the closure of the compost site will play a big role in the county executive election.


Well said.

The site went from being well managed for many years to being poorly managed. This is called a management competency matter. In other words, whoever was running the show in the beginning has since retired. And since his departure, the competency departed, too.

County council has also dropped the ball on the stuck truck issued involving the railroad bridge in Monrovia. For many years, many times a week, tractor trailers have been getting stuck under that bridge nearly each morning. Just ask the traffic reporter at the local radio station WFRE. It’s creates a problem for the people in that area. And even though it’s a state road, it consumes COUNTY resources.


Kelly, let me help you with that. Signage on MD75 is a state issue as you have acknowledged. Complaining on the FNP website about how the county council is negligent in handling signage on a state road is pointless. Here is a link to the Maryland State Highway Administration's website. It offers many ways to contact them:

Here is a link to the complaint form that you can submit, along with your plethora of evidence, including video:


Gab - thanks for the links!

While I there is no dispute as to who owns the road, I disagree with your opinion on how I address the issue.

There was once talk of the COUNTY putting in turn around a for the trucks. The turn around idea originated from my comments here.

I like Steve McKay, and I support him. And.....I know he reads and participated in the comments here. I am disappointed that a couple weeks ago he made a responses blaming the truck drivers. Disappointed because that is his community, where he lives, he can easily take a Sunday morning drive (on 75 north) and see that the signage is deficient. People see the orange/yellow signs that refer to length and width, and they don’t read them, they think they address HEIGHT; but they do not.

I feel the county does have an interest in the matter. I really do. When a truck gets stuck, the county has a role with the incident to one degree or another. Also, the stuck truck issue plays into the county community as a whole.

Once 75 northbound is addressed. THEN - all the blame rests squarely on the truckers. But until then, the state AND the county own the blame.

My intent has been to send individual letters to each council member as well as the county executive, and possibly the director of public safety, pointing out the deficient signage / devices for northbound 75. No, the letter won’t be written next week. But sometime within the next 3-4 months as time allows I will write and send letters.


No problem kelly. I used the last link for the form to file a complaint with SHA this morning.


But Kelly, don't you think the drivers have a responsibility for knowing what the signs are telling them and reacting accordingly? In case you haven't noticed, there are now areas on either side of the bridge that will accomodate a truck turning around, even if they are a bit tricky.

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