A recent letter writer to The Frederick News-Post described the Democrats as the party of hate. Clearly that is someone who is listening to only one side of the political story.

Neither party is made up of one type of person, and there are certainly plenty of haters on both sides. Your own Republican president recently called all Republicans who don’t support him “human scum.” Someone who differs with him is human scum?

Now, that is hate and unbecoming of the leader of this great nation. Clearly Mr. Trump puts himself above the party and the country, and that is sad indeed.

Steve Hough


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"hate the sin and not the sinner."


It's really alarming how many voters are paying attention and thinking for themselves.


This coming from the party of "tolerance"? Well aren't you the hypocrite? And yes the dems are the party of hate....they show it vevery day in congress.




If you're wondering what hate looks like secpol, I suggest you look in a mirror and then google up any member of the Trumpster's Party, it's all in there.


Right on, olefool!


We hate hate, and we're intolerant of intolerance, so I get why some call us the party of hate and intolerance: to distract everyone from truth.


I believe you missed the whole point of the article and immediately went to the "hate" type of response.


Oh my goodness, is that why the Trump rallies yell lock her up? Is that why Trump calls McCain names? Is that why Trump says Republicans that do not support him are "human scum"?


I agree secpol, Democrats do “Hate” ignoring the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Democrats do “Hate” the trashing of our Allies and helping our enemies. And they “Hate” separating families to punish those coming here seeking Asylum because aid to rid their Countries of terrorists has been cut off. Democrats liked Prison Reform and helped Trump pass his Legislation in Congress. Democrats liked the mission to kill Baghdadi but not his self-aggrandizing, incoherent pat on the back he gave himself after he announced it. The “Hate” is for his terrible actions and decisions which he delivers in abundance. I would think your side would disapprove of those too.

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