The individuals who call Donald Trump “Hitler” are the same people who call me racist when I say I disagree with Obamacare or call me a bigot, because I am against illegal immigration.

Responding quickly with an insult does not make you smart; in fact it makes you seem unintelligent. It is one thing to debate the issues with the facts, but when you resort to name-calling we all lose credibility.

Marguerite Wilson decided to go with the latter with her letter in Sunday’s Frederick News-Post, “A firsthand lesson on the Hitler-Trump comparison.” It is fine for her to disagree and question every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Thanks to the Bill of Rights, we are awarded that freedom. But she cannot tell me that she honestly believes Trump is comparable to Hitler.

Hitler is one of, if not the most evil person in the history of humanity. He is directly responsible for the murder of millions of Jewish people and contributed to the death of the millions who bravely fought to defeat him.

When you call Trump “Hitler,” you change the discourse of the debate. Are Trump and his supporters supposed to respond by saying he is not Hitler? To which you respond, yes he is.

I remember those arguments. I had them with my sister when I was 6. I called her a dork. She responded, “I’m not a dork.”

Is this what we want? Because I don’t. I want a debate of substance. I want to read a letter that discusses the issues that explain why we should let in more Syrian refugees, and why a wall on the U.S./Mexican border is injustice.

I for one feel that we are at a turning point in our country. We are at the metaphorical fork in the road. We can head towards a European society where we have open borders; we allow our government to control our health care, our universities and private enterprise; or we can go the other way — protect our country from Islamic extremists, end illegal immigration and force people to immigrate into our country through a visa program and applying for citizenship. A road that will allow free-market enterprise to make advancements in medicine, and to create a free-market system that allows insurance companies to compete across state lines.

But in her letter, Wilson did none of that. In fact, she didn’t compare Trump to Hitler at all. Instead, she wrote a letter with the purpose of doing just that, putting Trump and Hitler in the same tabloid. She painted with broad brush strokes, hitting on the headlines from the drive-by media (credit to Rush Limbaugh) rather than disputing with facts.

Then to conclude her letter for good measure, she threw in Russian President Vladimir Putin who, thanks to President Obama’s policies, has been able to invade the Ukraine and shoot down a commercial aircraft while selling military arms to Iran.

Let’s hit the reset button, shall we.

Trump is unlike no other candidate we have seen in recent memory. Yes, he is unpolished and has more political gaffs than we can count. But let’s get one thing straight: He is not Adolf Hitler. You may not agree with him and that is fine. I am not asking you to support him or even vote for him. What I am asking Wilson and others is to not take the lazy route. Use your voice and free speech in media to discuss the issues and not to evoke fear.

Matthew Finnell

Mount Airy

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Some said Bush was like Hitler. Some said/say Obama is like Hitler. Who cares?


"Responding quickly with an insult does not make you smart; in fact it makes you seem unintelligent."

Someone should tell that to Trump.




When one says "Trump is unlike no other candidate we have seen in recent memory" they are saying that he is 'like' every other candidate. Sounds about right for a Trump supporter.


Budget conscious voters blaming bad trade deals on the middle classes economic deterioration while depending on $699 iPhones, $500 flat screens, $2000 heat pumps and $20,000 reliable new vehicles is asinine. The American People don't want to deal with the real issue we have a more efficient global workforce competitors today forcing the hand of US manufactures. The Dems and the GOP politicians are both sounding like socialists and communists.


"The Dems and the GOP politicians are both sounding like socialists and communists."? Huh?
DFV, Here's a little educational equation that may help you understand the words you are using.
Socialism w/o Capitalism=Communism, Capitalism w/o Socialism=Fascism,Capitalism with Socialism=Democratic Socialism=Democratic Capitalism. Got it.




Some people just can't understand anything but black and white comparisons. "He can't be like Hitler because he's not Austrian and doesn't have a mustache." The dude is a demagogue in the same way Hitler (and others) were. Your problems are because of THEM, not you, so let's get rid of THEM.




I'm reminded of the joke: What are Austria's two greatest accomplishments? Getting the world to believe that Hitler was German rather than Austrian and that Wagner was Austrian rather than German.


I found these on the "Holocaust Encyclopedia". Correction on my part Hitler went to Vienna,not Paris,to study art and there he became exposed to antisemitism.


Hitler moved to Munich, Germany in May 1913 trying to circumvent the police for evasion of his military service obligation to Habsburg Austria.


But Hilter did derive in WWI and by all surviving accounts, Hitler was a brave soldier: he was promoted to the rank of Corporal, was wounded twice (in 1916 and 1918) and was awarded several medals.


Yes he did,but initially he evaded service in the Austrian Army.


True all I'm saying is that Trump evaded military service and never had the courage to man up for his country while he was in his prime but now as an old bitter bigot with early onset dementia he's gotten a spine. lol


Hitler did not come out of the womb a raving anti-Semite; his hatred was more complex, long, simmering below the surface and not self-evident until after World War I where it can be conclusively proven by the extant materials available that by late 1919 Hitler had come to fully embrace the Weltanschauung (worldview) of an "Antisemitic" ideology, according to the Holocaust Encyclopedia.


Its too early to make a solid Trump - Hitler comparison. Hitler did not reveal his true intentions until he had consolidated power and encouraged Germans to fear Jews and Communism with years of propaganda and lies.


"Trump is unlike no other candidate we have seen in recent memory. Yes, he is unpolished and has more political gaffs than we can count. " What Trump puts out there is much more than a gaffe. He incites violence - there are actual videos that show that. He is a divider that only cares about "winning". If you think he gives a rats behind about this country or you, if he becomes the next US President you will be sorely disappointed. And you don't like name calling but you like Trump. Really. That's rich.


Very well stated and spot-on Matthew, unfortunately those who write that kind of drivel have nothing factual to offer so they throw stones and call names does take all kinds I suppose


Nothing factual. That is really funny coming from you jersey - the purveyor of untruths. Don't need to lie about Trump - he gives enough BS that the truth works just fine.


Hitler did not start out executing Jews and others that opposed him, he started out with the same rhetoric we see from Donald Trump. Same ideas, same salute held at his rallies. The similarity is eerie. Hitler found the Jews to pick on, Trump found the Mexicans to pick on. He doesn't care about people, just enticing them to riots. Look at his handling of hectors and how they get beaten up, if that does not remind you of Hitler, nothing will. Obama Care, you can be against that if you want, but it has helped many and many now have medical insurance they could not get before. Yes, it helps the poor people, not me as I had insurance, but it has helped others in our extended family.

Yes, Trump wants more vetting of Muslims allowed into the U.S., one of his better ideas, but with all the other remarks against them, he is alienating many Muslims we need to help us. Why you fail to comprehend this is astonishing.

In the Ukraine we had little choice. We could have given them more weapons and I wish we had, but going in to fight with extended supply lines would have cost us far more than we could hope to gain. In Syria, putting troops on the ground would only result in a lot of causalities for the U.S. while ISIS would be using it for getting more Muslims to fight against us there and here, if they can.


I detest racist cowards that are willing to fight for racial entitlement and privilege but not their country however regrettably Trump may be the wolf is sheeps clothing America needs to hit rock bottom.


He certainly has been the Trojan horse to the Republicans. Some Republicans blame the Democrats for coming up with him. Not likely, but if you knew how it would play out, you would go for it.


"not to evoke fear." Trump's candidacy relies on your fear. Your fear is all he's got. That and your vote.


Trump is no Hitler, Hitler would have never traveled to America in search of love or married someone without command of the naive language. [wink]


The best you can say about Trump - he's not as bad as Hitler.




I tend to agree. Mr. Trump is more like Benito Mussolini.


gary,you stole my line.[beam][thumbup]


Cruz is much more like Hitler...


Certainly more dogmatic.


Cruz reminds me of Jimmy Swaggart.


Ukraine, not "the Ukraine".

Gaffe, not gaff. Although gaff would be better if one is abaft.


I agree Trump is no Hilter. As evil as Hitler was the man was focused he had no minority associates. Hilter wasn't a coward he didn't dodge military service. Hitler never hid his racism the evil man was true to his cause unlike Trump who would turn his back on white Americans families for a better deal in a NY minute.


DFV,Hitler did try to dodge military service and in his early writing,while living in Paris,wrote that he did not understand Antisemitism. I read a lot of books on Adolph over the years and while his story is different he manipulated existing Fear like Trump does.

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