President Trump’s approval rating among the GOP dropped from a “career high” of 87 percent in July to 74 percent at the end of October. Trump fatigue may be setting in.

Since polling started, Trump is the only president who has never had an overall approval rating greater than 50 percent. Polls are based on how one is perceived, and Trump’s boorish assaults are driving his public perception into a ditch.

Divisive politics of “us against them,” instigating and agitating differing factions mostly based on exaggerations, half-truths and outright lies are short sighted transactions to rev up the base. Eventually, even his staunchest supporters are left only with defending bad acts, claiming “others did it too,” twisting themselves into pretzels to explain his actions and conjuring up conspiracy theories, eventually becoming bitter jokes, often seen as ill-informed outcasts.

Where does it end? Career public servants, national security institutions, distinguished ambassadors, war veterans, Gold Star parents, urban dwellers, minorities, immigrants, women — the list goes on — all adversaries in Trump-land. How far can you go before all your countrymen are enemies? They will eventually recognize Trump is the reason why. Did I mention all the wrongdoing? There’s an impeachment inquiry going on.

After three years in office, how does he expand his base? Whom hasn’t he assaulted? And his only accomplishment has been proving he’s unfit for office.

A country divided into fractional hate groups fighting each other isn’t sustainable. Leaders bring opposing parties together rather than encourage more divisions.

Alfred Walters


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Disabled the comments on the pro trump letter that was full of false information? Why not just remove the entire letter? It’s a garbage letter


Sorry they deleted the 100+ comments from the pro-Trump LTE. There I asked Trump supporters which Democrat candidate they would prefer as president if Trump loses the general election.


Sooooo many obnoxious uncles won't be invited to Thanksgiving because it feels like they were at every meal for years


May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

Que las fuerzas del mal se confundan camino a tu casa.

Attributed to: George Carlin


He'll have to learn how to "own the libs" from his cell in Leavenworth after the GOP dumps him, or he continues to dump the GOP. Libs have coined a new phrase, from now on the GOP will be known and identified as "the cons"; now isn't that appropriate....


As long as he continues to own the Libs, he will be worshiped like a God by those who agree with his agenda. And boy is he owning the Libs.

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