The Oct. 3 letters to the editor bemoaning the participation of the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in the Citizens for 287(g) Rally on Oct. 6 are making two errors.

One, they state based on the opinion of the Southern Poverty Law Center that FAIR is a hate group. I am a former supporter of SPLC who withdrew my support because of credible evidence that SPLC uses the hate group designation against political opponents. This unethical behavior undermines the good work they have done in the past.

Second, these writers are allowing the pro-illegal-immigration propaganda machine to convince them that the desire for a reasonable legal immigration program, and for maintaining a law-abiding society, is a sign of hate. So many believe this lie, and fail to see the political game that undermines efforts to create a fair and legal system of immigration in our country.

The ICE program in Frederick, which I have toured, studied and written about as a past Board of Contributors member of The News-Post, is strictly federally regulated, only implemented in the case of an arrest and conviction, and helps us all to remain safe from illegal entrants who commit crimes after they are here.

Patricia Kelly


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FAIR walks like a duck and quacks like a duck but claims to be a swan.




SPLC is one of the most hateful groups in America; FAIR is working on behalf of the citizens


You want a law-abiding society? Can we start from our President who literally committed a crime the other day by soliciting or accepting "anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election.


Just because the SPLC made some mistakes does not mean they are always wrong.


Yeah, a broken clock is right twice a day. Unfortunately, the SPLC is no longer the stalwart civil rights organization they once were, and have not been for some time. They are now a huge moneymaking organization with a political agenda, including smear campaigns. Read the links I posted yesterday to the Atlantic and WaPo articles, including information from insiders. Eye opening. I donated to them in the past, but never again.


Agree on every point. I quite donating to them about a decade ago. Upped my donations to the ACLU and started donating to the FFRF.


Same here public, only more recently. I never heard of the FFRF though.


Freedom From Religion Foundation. They focus exclusively on government actions that violate the establishment clause. A lot of public schools and municipal governments. FFRF mostly writes letters pointing out the specific violations and the governments mostly cease their unconstitutional behavior. Some have to learn the hard way, though. Here’s a link to their recent legal successes.


I agree with Shiftless' point that most of the posts seem to be about the SPLC, when the subject is FAIR. If the SPLC were rallying here and if our sheriff was a big supporter, then I would probably be more interested in the SPLC. Just my two cents.


If FAIR isn't a hate group, why do they give money to Jenkins to go down to Texas and patrol the Rio Grande River. Your taxes pay Jenkins to do police work in Frederick County Maryland, not Texas. It was a misuse of time and we are paying for that misuse.


Which is it....frederick co taxpayers paying or FAIR paying?


In your professional career dick, did you ever go out of state for training? After all, you were paid to do whatever it was you did. Most professionals do from time to time. I sure have. If I can, and you can, then why can't the Sheriff, especially when the training is not charged to the taxpayer?


And you are saying Jenkins was being trained down in Texas? You are really reaching with that one, Gabe.


How so dick? You never had offsite training? Not all training is in the classroom. Training also includes field work and observation. Isn't that what the Sheriff was doing in the picture you continually refer to?


Perhaps gabe can tell us what Jenkins was being trained for on the Rio Grande? Intercepting rafts crossing the Monacacy perhaps?


If Jenkins wants a future in border security, that's fine and more power to him, but personally I would prefer a full-time sheriff in Frederick.


Dunno shiftless. Why don't you call him and ask? 301-600-1532. You can always e-mail too: CJENKINS@FREDERICKCOUNTYMD.GOV


I DID, and his response to his ‘crisis’ was wanting... Ask him. He couldn’t give me any stats where undocumented immigrants propose any more danger than naturalized citizens or born citizens in our community. Actually less. Can you? The issue is WAY beyond Chuck’s skill set.

Yes we need a better, a fair immigration system, not one that doesn’t allow people trying to survive a natural disaster, persecution ,crime, starvation over people like Poland who can enter without visas. Yes a humane process.


Sheriff Jenkins has NEVER verified his claims with anything resembling actual statistics. And he has never explained what education and experience he has had that qualifies him as a Border Control “Expert”, testifying on the subject at the White House and before Congress. All I have ever seen and heard is “Talk”. “Just the facts ma’am, just the facts” as Joe Friday used to say.

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