The article in Wednesday’s FNP (Goldenrod a culprit of ‘Asthma Peak Week’) perpetuates a long-held belief that the major cause of late summer/early fall allergy symptoms is goldenrod.

While goldenrod may contribute a small percentage to the respiratory allergens present in September and October, it is ragweed that is responsible for the vast majority of suffering. Ragweed is a relatively inconspicuous but widespread plant with small green flowers whose pollen is a very strong allergen.

Goldenrod often gets the blame for late season allergies because its showy golden yellow blooms coincide with the release of massive amounts of ragweed pollen from a plant that most people don’t notice.

Goldenrod and ragweed are both members of the plant family Compositae (as are sage, marigold, zinnia, sunflowers and more) but ragweed is the most highly allergenic in this group ( Most importantly, the pollen of ragweed is carried by the wind while goldenrod pollen, which is too heavy to be airborne, is transferred via pollinator insects (

The next time you see goldenrod, enjoy the beauty of its flowers but don’t blame it for your allergies.

Carol Lackman-Smith

Mount Airy

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More spin from the pro goldenrod/anti ragweed contingent (which is well funded by secret donors and overseas $$$). Don't tell me that goldenrod isn't the cause of all my problems- any fool can see it out there, spreading its pollen, making hard working plain folks miserable. Vast, waving patches of it. Laughing at us and ruining our nation. Seems to me that folks need to open their eyes and stop listening to the lamestream media and their so called "facts" and "science". I don't need some ivory tower academic to tell me what I can plainly see and even the most simple country folk just know.


Soros paid illegals to plant it.


Ancient Alien Theorists believe that ragweed was brought to Earth by alien visitors.


They stored the seed in the pyramids, too. Wake up people!


The pyramids were built by dinosaurs. That’s why they’ve lasted so long and had so much storage space.


[lol] cleanrunoff!

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