This is not the time for anyone to use coronavirus issues to advance political agendas.

All health relief efforts for combating the virus should be substantive with bipartisan support. If people survive the disease as a result of such efforts, I don’t care if it causes one party or the other to win an election.

At least I’d be around to see the results.

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The fnp says it's a good time to think about that $&//$:* hotel idea.

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Hmmm...that's strange Dick. I seem to recall a story from just the other day where Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) was found to be dumping a bunch of stock right after a closed Senate hearing, but before the market tanked. Did she change party affiliation right after that Senate hearing too? Come on Dick, there is plenty of greed that goes around on both sides. Take off the blinders.


Yes, but her money was in a blind trust. Burr"s was not in a blind trust and he was denying there was a problem to the public while at the same time telling conservative campaign donors how bad it was going to be.


Blind trust? So how did her "blind trust" just happen to dump all that stock at the same time as the others? Yeah, "blind trust"..that's a good one Dick. [beam][innocent]


Gabe, Previously you said the market drop was predictable and now you are saying the person in charge of Feinstein's blind trust could not possibly have predicted it. I'm not saying their shouldn't be an investigation, but at least keep your story straight.



I say investigate all of them. If it turns out that Nancy is the main greed head, then prosecute her. If Burr used his access to top-secret information, bust him

It doesn't look good for any of the senators who made large sales just before the market crashed, but it's possible some, or even all, of them are not guilty.

The bottom line is, it doesn't matter whether there is an 'R' or a 'D' after their name -- if they are guilty they need to resign and face prosecution.


Good letter. I just heard a Nobel Prize winning economist on the radio saying the solution to getting people back to work is frequent testing of people who have to leave their homes and lots of masks and hand sanitizers. Somehow we still don't have nearly enough of any of those. The government needs to offer huge financial incentives for companies to make them ASAP.


What Trump and republicans have done to Americans isn’t political it’s betrayal.


And profitable.


Too late. The unified nightly mock fest of ABC, CBS, NBC with the diversity of 5 white liberal men....yeh, isnt that funny that the big networks and all their talk of diversity demonstrate it with Meyers, Colbert, Kimmel, Cordin and Fallon...All white, All male and apparently the same kind of left. Aint that something. Cheers




I agree. I think a lot of comedians saw trump as comic gold - as comedians love real-life absurdities, and Trump jokes were funny for about a year, but that schtick is old.

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