I am shocked that the city leaders are taking the same attitude as major retailers did many years ago and abandon downtown with the new possible proposed city police headquarters.

We need a stronger police presence downtown, not a retreat. Hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers money has been invested in the Carroll Creek project. There are safety issues that need to be addressed there and on Market Street.

Think about all the taxpayer dollars that have been invested in venues such as the Weinberg Center and the Delaplaine Arts Center.

Millions of tax dollars were invested in burying the phone lines on Market Street and multiple parking decks. Downtown is where we drive tourism as our economic engine. Now, the police do need a new facility, but not one — more like two: a prominent state-of-the-art facility downtown, and a satellite facility on U.S. 40 for the Golden Mile to shine again. There are multiple locations in both areas that are available.

People in the city pay a lot in taxes, and they expect the basics first. That is to feel safe and have a clean city. I would have thought the three-hour discussion would have instead been about not pulling the city police headquarters from downtown.

Do we need a new pay scale for our police department? Yes.

Do we need to hired at least 20 more police officers as we are understaffed now? Yes.

A new, more aggressive pay scale will help with recruitment and retention.

No one is suggesting a police state, but the city should set the tone that the violence that has occurred will not be tolerated.

Safe and clean that is what the majority is looking for from our leaders. Start there, as many people in the community feel we are at a crossroads.

Blaine Young


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I get it that a lot of people here dislike or disapprove of Blaine Young. But what he's saying here about the City proposal to move their police out of downtown is sensible and important. Maybe the Mayor and other City politicians are better behaved in their private lives but they do some darned stoopid things in managing City government.

Frederick Festival of the Arts

“I only have 20 minutes.” Best opening line to a prostitute ever.


Except she was a cop. Doh!!!


How can a person that angered everyone, whom is a republican,

Even pull off a win in a small democratic city?


Another basic basic, Blaine, are schools that aren’t massively overcrowded. Stop speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Or is it unintentional and you’re really this clueless.


Gee, Blaine does some soul searching for a run at Mayor and suddenly he’s a man of the people. What a tool.


...and Millions more were wasted on the NON-Tech park's access on Rt340....should have been paid by Kline


The FNP need BaLane back in politics, to boost newspaper subscriptions. He is the sole reason I have a subscription.


Okay, Blaine, we have it, you are running for Mayor and after that you plan on running for the State Senate, to follow in your father's footsteps. How much campaign money do you hope to get from those that own buildings downtown and at the Frederick Town Mall?


buh laine is always good for a laugh. go away, tool boy.


Bars in neighborhoods are a problem everywhere they exist. Just look at all the other city neighborhoods with bars...oh, wait... Locating the police station outside of "down" town wouldn't prevent them from being downtown between 1-2am, which seems to be the shooting/stabbing hour, and the rest of the day, from wherever in the city, it's not a long commute to downtown to police the creek or other problem area(s). Outside downtown is not Siberia.


If they are on patrol, what difference does it make where the police station is located.


Dick [thumbup][thumbup]


Go away, Blaine. No one likes you.




Wait a minute, someone must - I think.


We need square footage and a functioning building at s close proximity and a good price so we can spend our funds on officers not bricks and mortar.




Blaine, it sounds like you have a lot of ideas and still want to be involved in governing, so why don't you move to some place where you will be appreciated. Probably you could be successful in Pennsylvania or West Virginia politics.


priceless comment, three! [thumbup][thumbup]


He could get a job working for Trump. Trump is a Republican - now, Blaine is a Republican, although his father is a Democrat. Trump and Blaine should get along just fine and Sheriff Jenkins has already gone to the White House, so he could introduce Blaine.


Blaine seems to be imagining problems that don't exist. I guess so he can later declare them solved an claim victory.


since the police work out on the street and in their cars, the physical location of the headquarters building makes no difference. Seems the headquarters building is for paperwork, training rooms, things of that nature. Seems the use of the Trinity school building would be making good use of an existing property. Now if it would need to much money to adapt the building is one thing. To think that just because it sits on the edge of town as opposed to sitting in the middle of town will make crime prevention any better is stupid.


[thumbup]Reader the post up higher made me think, someday all that will be needed is an app to connect and direct them all, otherwise a police car on your block while not in service is never a bad thing.


Erie Insurance is planning to put a video on the front door of those that they insure, according to one contractor. I asked doesn't that mean they plan on invading your privacy? The answer was we will not work with them.


I'm shocked that someone convicted of soliciting a prostitute feels no shame about giving advice on the best place to locate a police station.

Watching Blaine Young prepare to run for Mayor is somewhere between pathetic and horrifying.


Don’t retreat from private life.


It sure sounds conspicuously like old Blaine is considering a run for mayor doesn't it, public? Two letters to the editor in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to hear how much he has changed and why he has decided to pursue politics again. That will be "must see tv!" Stay tuned.


I cannot imagine Blaine being successful in returning to Frederick politics. But it is apparent he has something up his sleeve.


I'm sure as a native he realizes there are long memories here that have doomed other campaigns.


When you businesses fail and you are not making enough money, feed at the public trough.

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