I was struck by the flawed rationale contained in Mrs. Smith's letter of Sept. 10. She stated she’s supporting President Trump because he supports the Second Amendment. Most do, with the caveat of responsible gun ownership.

As a member in good standing in the law enforcement family, I think it’s safe to say many police officers would prefer not to face members of the public armed with weapons that should be reserved for the battlefield. The police have militarized in response to the military-style weapons they face in the streets. Former Vice President Biden understands this.

As for the support of veterans and members of the military, I guess she doesn’t mind Trump’s degradation of a real American hero, John McCain. Or, perhaps she’s OK with Trump’s characterization of our war dead as “losers” and “suckers” who couldn’t figure out how to avoid serving the country like he did (those pesky little heel spurs… if in fact he really had them.)

Biden has never demeaned any member of the military, especially having seen his own son in harm's way.

Mrs. Smith ignores the fact her guy hugs the flag yet treats the Constitution like the women in his life — disposable when it suits him. Or, has she forgotten his multiple marriages and several dalliances? Not to mention his impeachment.

The “values voters” have forfeited the moral high ground here by supporting this pathological liar and self-admitted molester of women all the while the eunuchs of the GOP are silent.

Biden is a practicing Catholic who believes in separation of church and state and sees the value in allowing others the freedom to practice their own religious beliefs.

Do not confuse Trump’s bluster of a bully with the true strength of character. True strength comes from knowledge, wisdom, courage, a generous spirit, and empathy for others. Trump has none of those qualities. Yes, he’s content to watch children kept in cages at the borders from afar.

I can’t wait to vote for someone who can bring dignity back to the White House and meaning back to the phrase... “with liberty and justice for all."

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it seems you picked up on all the lefty lies ...shame on you ...21 people who accompanied the President stated he never uttered those words.....and I'm sure you absolutely adored obama when he gave $160 Billion of our $$$ to Iran which used it to buy weapons that killed numerous American soldiers ...your hypocrisy is showing


And your nonsense and beating an old dead horse ( did not give Iran our money ) is pitiful


You are wasting your time with Jersey, Hay. She believes every lie Trump says and never knows what is really going on.



Seems like your tin foil has come off and the alien brain-wave thingys are causing you to sound like the crazy cat lady.


Jerseygrl42, the funds weren’t ours, and a 160 billion is an exaggeration of Trump’s lie of 150 billion.

Speaking of hypocrisy: How about the bounties put on American soldiers by Russia that Trump has ignored? And Trump shipped weapons and secrets to the Saudis and Emiratis. Now, some are in the hands of fighters linked to al Qaeda and Iran. 🤦‍♂️

The real danger with Trump’s continuous lying is gullible people like you believe it and even embellish. When Trump lies, people die. 199,000 and counting...


Jersy it is no use arguing with these hypocrites. Joe has treated women worse than Trump( Tara Reid) and lies continually, for instance he just brought up the lie that sunk his 87 run for the white house, that he was the first in his family to go to college. Then he said he’d be the first president not from an ivy league school. Wrong, President Reagan was not an ivy leaguer. I don’t know how many lies he told yesterday, but if he keeps it up he will have told 2138 by November 3rd.


pdl - same nonsense, different day. Get some new lies bro!

Greg F

Piddle can’t do much else...ever. Hopelessly in love with a snake oil salesman.


Tara Reid - you mean the American actress ???[lol][lol][lol][lol]


Pdl, First - Biden said that the Biden-Harris ticket will be the first Democratic ticket without an Ivy League degree since 1984. By the way Reagan’s VP ( Bush) was an Ivy League Graduate.

Also you forgot to mention - Trump is now using the United States Justice Department to defend him in a defamation lawsuit over rape allegations.

Bill Barr is acting as his “fixer”, trying to prevent the courts from getting Trump’s DNA sample, and having to testify under oath.

And - another sexual assault victim of Trump, a former model has come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her at the US Open tennis tournament more than two decades ago, in an alleged incident that left her feeling “sick” and “violated”.

Greg F

Piddle back ignoring facts again.

Greg F

Trump gave trillions to already wealthy fro tax changes. Where were you? Brain dead.


Looks like it's your turn in the barrel with the LLBTT jersey. Enjoy the weekend.


Greg F

Better than your group RRWNNPSP radical neo-Nazi porn star payers.

Greg F

Jersey...I could find 21 people who say 911 didn’t happen not the Holocaust. I can find 21 people who think both Elvis and Michael Jackson are alive and well and faked their deaths.

Greg F



Amen, Sue, AMEN!


The problem with this LTE is that it uses logic to try to convince Trump supporters they are wrong.


One of the most successful and influential cults ever. Intervention would have to be on a massive scale "nobody has ever seen before"


I agree, but how else could you convince a Trump supporter? Do we just throw up our hands and state the Trump cult cannot be reasoned with, three?


dick: Yes. I like to ask Trump supporters; "Is there anything he could do to lose your support?" I rarely get an answer


We know that calling veterans and war dead suckers and losers is okay with them. I wonder if they saw Trump desecrating (say, throwing it to the floor, walking on it, and spitting on it) a US flag while he is president would be enough. Or if there was incontrovertible evidence that he had arranged for a woman to have an abortion while he was president. I very much doubt that tax evasion would be enough.



At this point, I think all reasonable people have left. The only ones left are people who are easy targets of cults and con-men, racists and those who are financially invested in the misery of others.

There is no rock that they will not crawl under and no mental gymnastic that they will not perform to rationalize and justify defending and accepting the indefensible.


Logic?? No, pure TDS!


electing a senile Biden is bringing dignity to the White House?


I am so sorry you think that way and have been taken advantage of by the empty slurs. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.


Who are we going to believe, you or our lying eyes, amirite Matthew?

Greg F

Tots and prayers.......Hahahaha...unicorns to everyone!


Matthew [thumbup][thumbup]


Electing Tina Turner’s wig would bring dignity to the White House these days. The place will need to be fumigated.


Yes. Biden is decent and Trump is not. Even if you support Trump you know he’s indecent.

Yes, by removing an obscenely, obnoxious, narcissistic, liar. Trump lied and 198,000 people died. I can't wait for him and his co-travellers to disappear into the dustbin of history.


Trump will always be a bench mark of how bad things will be if "good " people don't vote.


Even if true - which it is not, the answer is yes, Reader.


If Biden only brought a molecule of dignity to the White House it would be a bazillion times more than what's in there now. But that's not the issue here, the question is; why do you, reader, ask such a inane question, and where's your dignity??


Reader; watch his press conference a month ago, his town hall last night. Does he seem senile to you?

Greg F

Biden is a light year ahead of trump when trump has a good day.


Like all Bullies, Trump is a COWARD, always having others do his dirty work, lying and cheating to get what he wants. Strength of Character is not a trait that Trump possesses, or has ever possessed or will ever possess. He will be one and done and even one was too many. How 40% of Americans can support such a person boggles the minds of all good men and women of the U.S.A. Biden and Harris will restore dignity to the White House and to our Great Country.



The President of the United States operates like a mob boss. Think about that for a minute. It should be chilling to every single person, but cults gonna cult.


Spot on! Excellent summary of our reality. Go Joe!

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