As a progressive Democrat, I prefer Bernie Sanders for president, U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen for U.S. Senate and David Trone for representative of the 8th Congressional district, with corresponding delegates to the Democratic National Convention. I regret that the Republicans do not have a sensible slate. Their candidates are an embarrassment on the world stage.

Harold C. Craig Jr.


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Here are links to a few videos of Sanders and Clinton on the issues:

Wall Street Speech Transcripts:

Sanders says he will release any transcripts he can find, and has never given a speech to Wall Street.

Clinton avoids the issue, saying she won’t release the transcripts of three speeches she gave to the Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs. (For which she was paid $675,000.) Goldman Sachs has also contributed large amounts to her campaign.
Elizabeth Warren relays a story about how Clinton previously opposed a bankruptcy bill, but switched positions likely because of influence from the banking industry.

Minimum Wage:

The video shows that Clinton will not lead the effort to increase the minimum wage. Basically she says she will sign whatever bill congress passes.

Sanders explains that his intent to lead the effort to raise the minimum wage is a metaphor for the main difference between him and Clinton.

African-American Issues:

The video shows Sanders being arrested in 1963 in Chicago protesting segregation.

Clinton refers to gang members, often poor african-american youths, as “superpredators” that have to be ‘brought to heel’. A freudian slip?
She also worked on the campaign for Barry Goldwater, who voted against the Civil Rights Act, something she is “proud” of.

Iraq war:

Sanders voted against the war, citing several possible negative consequences (which came to pass) and proposed further diplomacy.

Clinton voted for the war. The video shows that in explaining her vote she parroted Bush’s claims about WMD and terrorism, which were totally baseless, and were used to justify the invasion.

Trade Agreements:

Sanders and Clinton:
The video shows that Sanders has been consistently opposed to free trade agreements with low wage countries in order to protect American workers. Whereas Clinton strongly supported the agreements, then flipped her opinion for political convenience during her presidential runs.


Sanders and Clinton
Sanders explains that he voted against the immigration bill in 2007, as recommended by LULAC (the largest and oldest Hispanic organization in the US) and other groups, because it contained guest work programs that were “akin to slavery”.
Clinton supported the deportation of Central American children who were fleeing violence in their home countries.

Fighting for the Poor:

Sanders rips in to a Republican budget director over proposed tax breaks for the rich and cuts to social programs.

I couldn’t find anything.

Feel free to copy and post elsewhere.


Bernie really doesn't understand government on an international level and he is too much of a socialist. The rest I agree with. The FNP is going to put out a voting list on Monday, including the Board of Education. Trouble with that is early voting started Thursday and by Monday about 2,000 will already have voted in Frederick County.


Socialism without Capitalism=Communism
Capitalism without Socialism=Fascism
Capitalism with Socialism=Democracy
Democratic Socialism=Democratic Capitalism


I spit my coffee from laughing so hard at the slate of comics, " . . .I prefer Bernie Sanders for president, U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen for U.S. Senate and David Trone for representative of the 8th Congressional district"

How simply funny -- three old white males, northeast edutated liberals . . . this is the slate the liberal DEMS have to offer -- in 2016 -- such open minds -- so open to diversity . . . LOL . . .


Who do you prefer johnq?? give us a slate you can believe in!


And you my conservative friend prefer Trump, a Trojan horse in the Republican party that has done irreparable harm to the Republicans? [lol]


Q,educated is the key word,unlike the Christian Reich Wing Ideologues like Kasich and Cruz! And of course the Megalomaniac Phony Trump!


Yes, vic, but picking through the Republican candidates, don't you think Kasich is far better than the rest? Now that may not be much of a contest, when Kasich is compared to Trump and Cruz, but still out of all the bad apples, one is not as bad. Which makes me wonder about Republicans that support Trump and Cruz. All right to be conservative, but you have to be plain nuts to support Trump or Cruz.

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