The Frederick Fair Board (and sponsors) should bear some responsibility for the tragic violence that occurred this year. Frankly, if your key slogan is “Get Your Ass Down to the Fair,” (even in the family-friendly City Streets family tent), you are inviting a rowdy crowd and bad behavior. Before the start of the fair, I (and others) asked for a change, and even wrote a letter to the editor to raise awareness. The Fair Board, apparently, wanted to “try something new” … and new is what they got. We do things different here in Frederick for good reason. Its time to speak up and raise our standards to meet our rich legacy and proud history. Francis Scott Key would be proud.

Todd OffutT


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It is just a shame that we live in a society where you have to wonder if you are going to be attacked taking your family to the fair byout of control children!!


Each person associated with the development of this "Get Your Ass Down to the Fair." campaign should have their names revealed, the name of the agency revealed. Those who associated to the approval and encourage of the narrowly defined word: Ass should resign. There is no dicing the meaings of the word "ass" - There is no parsing its meaing. This is proof of the absence of conceptual thinking, research required for all communication development. Even had the Welsh origins of the word 'ayse' been used - there would have created an educational point of interest. Instead - well, what can we say but - Well done you "" - But it must be asked: Is this an example of the language of diversity we can all look forward to?




Does this letter make sense to anyone?


Spot on letter!


Can you explain it to me? Is he saying the fair board should be at fault for assault due to the slogan "City Streets, Country Roads"? That slogan made a group of scared little cowards attack a man for no other reason?


He said it was a phrase containing a certain word. I didn't know, but smh. There is a coarsening of societal norms in general taking place, swear words as casual speech in public, that sort of thing, that this slogan reflects.


Btw I tried to comment using just the first letter of "the word" and two asterisks, and the message came up about my "profanity"(?), yet the real word was apparently on a sign, and definitely in the letter. I'd say mixed feelings abound over this shift in the language of the culture.


So I am reading this right Deb. This person believes that one word on a sign caused these kids to attack an innocent man. SMH is right. And the word refers to a donkey. It's not rocket science.


Dw, I think the nanny filter doesn't like asterisks. I've had comments rejected for those.


rbtdt5, I share your astonishment.


You’re on to something rbt...they were clearly encouraging people to bring their donkeys to the fair. Brilliant deduction.


Rbt, No, this letter does not make sense to me. While I think the slogan was awful, I don't think it had anything to do with the violence.


The slogan this year was "City Streets, County Roads". I never even saw a sign that says what this letter writer claims. Here is a link

It's not part of their jingle either.


"City Streets, County Roads" is not a great slogan either - though I don't think it would lead to violence either - except maybe in the demolition derby.


“This Ass of Mine is Asinine”


I thought that "jack pass" was strange. All it ever made me think was jackass. So I would be a jackass to buy a pass. Strange choice for the fair's promotion

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