In this year’s printed Calendar Handbook, the systemic guide and calendar Frederick County Public Schools publishes each year, the school system made the decision to erase LGBTQ Pride Month in June. The month had been noted for years in the printed handbook.

In response to inquiries from several quarters, FCPS said the erasure was an accidental omission and added the month to a digital-only version of the calendar. But anyone who has produced any annual printed materials or reports knows the school system’s excuse doesn’t ring true. Because the printed Calendar Handbook changes very little from year to year, the system starts with the previous year’s edition as a template and edits from there. All changes are noted, highlighted, and reviewed by several layers of FCPS bureaucracy, ending with the superintendent. To add or delete any holiday or commemoration requires affirmative choices.

It’s fair to debate which events should be in the Calendar Handbook. Space is limited, and there are proponents for a huge range of important cultural, civic, historical, and religious dates of note.

It’s also fair to debate whether government institutions should “play favorites” in the first place by picking and choosing which identities it deems worthy of note (somehow, marginalized groups always come up short in that game). But at the very least, shouldn’t FCPS have clear and transparent criteria, based on educational and curricular goals, for elevating or erasing certain historical, religious, or cultural identities with our taxpayer dollars?

So, let’s have an open debate. And let’s insist that government leaders honestly explain the choices they make with public funding (the Calendar Handbook is FCPS’s most costly and widely distributed printed product).

Surely there’s a great reason Superintendent Alban sees fit to celebrate, for example, Great Outdoors Month in June, but not LGBTQ Pride Month. Let’s hear it.

Michael Doerrer is a past director of public affairs for Frederick County Public Schools.

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Mistakes happen.. Walkersville High School in the 90s sent the yearbook out with the cover saying Walkersville Loins.. they just sent out a sticker to cover it saying Lions! OMG if that happened today the press would be all over it,, It was a mistake,, not a sexual typo or slur. Mistakes happen.. you pointed It out,, let it go!


Are they collectors items yet, like the Beatles "Butcher" cover?



FCPS spends millions and millions every year in taxpayer dollars on its diversity and equity program. The only results we get are offensive flags in classrooms, racial slurs in the athletics programs, and acts of obvious bigotry from Alban. A sad waste. And a sad lack of accountability.



You are spot on, it would be nice to hear from the people/person that had the final okay before the calendars went to print? An obvious omission like that should be explained? I can’t see how anyone could obviously not see that it was not included on the calendar ? Who had final say on the proofs and should they be held accountable?


Sounds like a disgruntled former employee making a mountain out of a molehill.


Yep, a short letter to the editor in a paper a handful of people read is definitely overreacting. Nailed it.


By a handful, do you mean several hundred?


This reminds me of the people who got hot-n-bothered when they noticed an FCPS calendar had “winter break” and “spring break” and interpreted that as anti-Christian bias.


Me too. I agree with the letter writer but maybe he is overthinking the omission?


It’s laughable to suggest that there’s any comparison or equivalence of “Great Outdoors Month” to what amounts to public schools politicizing child se!uality which to me is irresponsible and reprehensible.

This issue has nothing to do with being a true transgender person - se! is based on biology: chromosomes, anatomy, and hormones. In exceedingly rare circumstances a person can be born with a disconnect between their physical anatomy and their chromosomes and hormones. But that’s not what we’re dealing with here. True Transgender has been distorted into Gender Identity politics which doesn’t change the fact that these kids are still just boys and girls and young men and women.

So this isn’t an issue over physiology, it’s a matter of psychology intertwined with se!uality. If kids aren’t in a good place socially and need counseling to help them navigate through school, that’s best left to families and medical professionals to provide.

As far a se!uality is concerned, it’s pretty clear to me that homose!ual or bi-se!ual people are most likely born that way. I don’t know why and I don’t know if science knows why - se!uality is just innate to who a person is. It can’t be learned or unlearned anymore than a persons biological gender can be changed - body parts can be changed through surgery but DNA is forever.

But that’s not to say that homose!ual people aren’t still stigmatized and don’t often suffer psychological effects of being bullied, or discriminated against, or shunned from their families. That’s wrong and there’s no place for that stigma anymore in society. Kids should feel safe and comfortable with their se!uality but it shouldn’t be on public display.

When kids start believing they aren’t really boys or girls, and want to play on the girls team when they are in fact boys, or want to use the bathroom of the opposite se!, that should not be accommodated through school policy. It’s just wrong. I’m all for having a private gender neutral bathroom or dressing room for kids that want privacy. But I think the school system, and in some cases the kids parents, are doing these kids a disservice by accommodating “gender identity” instead of working in tandem to get these kids the mental health help they need. To do otherwise can lead to lasting mental health issues later in life.

Society is confusing some of these kids and perhaps even tricking them into believing they are someone they are not. They are males and females with their own unique an innate se!uality. They are not binary, they are not queeer, they are not neutral, they are not anything else they’re being labeled as.


Apologies for all the ! in my comment. It kept getting blocked for “inappropriate content”. Keeping it family friendly.


[thumbup]... it's a challenge sometimes. When the 72 Hours was a separate supplement they had a column that was titled with three initials, the common abbreviation for What The F... Funny thing was, the FNP censor wouldn't let anyone here refer to that column by it's name, even though it was the official title. [scared][crying][ninja]


True, I just tried to use it, for confirmation, and I got an auto response about it not being accepted due to profanity.


Why does the FCPS Calendar even have to have a "LGBTQ Pride Month?"



Do you really want me of all people to explain why the FCPS should have not omitted “LGBTQ Pride Month”? You are a Trump supporter think it through and tell me answer later, if you don’t understand I will explain it to you CD. No worries


If the worst problem the LGBTQ faces is that they don’t get a month in the FCPS calendar, y’all are doing pretty good.


How about a month for all the rest of us too.


Is the "rest" a marginalized minority? Or is it "celebrated/acknowledged/accepted/normalized" day to day?


The month for bigoted white men is called January-December. Enjoy.


Another _issed off liberal _issed off about another fabricated issue. Take a number and wait. You're at the end of the line and it's a long one.


I wonder how fpcsAmin2 knows who here are bigoted White men? Those are some super powers that the radical lefties have, they can tell what race posters here are, as well as what they are thinking. [scared][ninja]


Good one, veritas! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


Not bigoted white men, men that are normal as God intended. How else could the human race propagate the earth.


Say what?





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