Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins should retire.

It’s past time for someone to supervise Frederick County law enforcement through the lens of social justice and equity. I also would strongly encourage the city of Frederick to carefully monitor the attitude of Police Chief Jason Lando on his fear of emboldened “criminals” and “cops and law-abiding citizens at risk,” as quoted by Mary Grace Keller in Monday’s front page article. Police officers and supervisors who are afraid of the communities they are hired to protect should be weeded out — either by the voters, or by careful attention to terms of employment by the county and city of Frederick.

We are nearly a quarter of the way into the 21st century, but policing in the United States seems to be permanently stuck in the early 19th century. Then the primary job of officers was to capture runaway slaves. Later, during the Jim Crow era from the 1870s to the 1960s, the assumption made by law enforcement was [and still is] that everyone is suspect, anyone who is not white is a criminal, and most egregiously, shoot first and ask questions later — or, as Sheriff Jenkins would put it, be “reactive.”

Our society is evolving. Frederick County needs to pivot from reactive law enforcement to equitable public safety. Escalation to violence of traffic infractions and domestic disputes leading to murder by police must stop. The solution is in the details of the Maryland Police Accountability Act — popular enough among the citizens for the Democratic legislature to overcome a veto by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan. But Mr. Jenkins resorts to schoolyard bullying and name-calling “liberal, pandering politicians.” Mr. Jenkins’ words make clear that he is out of step with the political will in Maryland. He must step down at the end of his term in 2022.

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Late to the party folks. Yes, there are some bad cops. I was certainly disturbed by not only the actions of cops during the George Floyd arrest. But the number of bystanders who taped it or watched without intervening when there was clearly a crime taking place.

Most police officers are good people, and this letter is sad. How many of you would put your life on the lines to serve your community and enter in to volatile situations, not knowing what you will confront?

I dismissed this letter as nonsense when I read the statement that the main job of the 19th century cops was capturing runaway slaves. Where in the HE77 did you learn that?

Let's blame the teachers because Junior can't read, the rich for being a success in America, and the Police for unfairly treating Blacks. Is anyone addressing the Black on Black crimes? The role of Hip-Hop culture on young minds? The importance of being raised by a mom and dad and strong family values?

There is certainly some reforms that need to be made, but to paint the Police community in a bad light is really unfounded.


Right on Francesca - this LTE is so misguided, you have to wonder if the writer was somehow psycho indoctrinated. It's cultish in nature and so off base....Aye Carrumba!!


It's unfortunate this Ding Dong doesn't get the root cause of all this melee. It's not the police, it's the freakin' people. No one is taught accountability for their actions and bad life choices. When people, white, black, whatever, do bad things, bad things will happen to them - it's really straightforward. Progressives are like that though, blame everyone else except themselves. I guess you just can't fix stupid. Yes, there are some bad apples in the police force, I admit that, but the majority are good people trying to do a really tough job. And now it's even tougher for Maryland law enforcement due to the Ding Dong politicians who literally don't have a clue. The shortsightedness is nothing short of amazing!!

PurplePickles aka L&M

"But Mr. Jenkins resorts to schoolyard bullying and name-calling “liberal, pandering politicians.”...when someone resorts to name calling they know they have lost the argument..Jenkins knows it's time to retire. He has never been held to account and these new reforms will hold him to account...and he knows it won't work out well for him if he is held accountable. So I will be surprised if he runs again?


”...when someone resorts to name calling they know they have lost the argument."......such as calling someone here "reek"? That sort of name calling?

Too precious. I need to save your post for future reference.



Would that apply to calling folks “dimocrats?” You sat that a lot, habitually.


[lol][lol] Isn't that the correct spelling? [thumbup]


This letter contains some extreme and untrue statements. The claim that in the 19th century, the primary mission of officers was to catch runaway slaves is clearly an exaggeration. Worse is the statement " the assumption made by law enforcement was (and still is) that everyone is suspect, anyone not white is a criminal, and most egregiously, shoot first and ask questions later". Criticizing Chief Lando for his concerns about this legislation is unfair. There probably are going to be unintended consequences from this legislation. For instance, a story from a good friend of mine, a retired big city police officer. In his city, two police officers conducted the recovery of abandoned autos. This was a full time job and they were very efficient. A local politician decided this was not an efficient use of police assets and got legislation passed to end this practice. They were reassigned. The first auto recovery attempted without a police escort resulted in the tow truck being shot up by locals. The drivers then refused to do anymore recoveries. The legislation was reversed and the two officers resumed their old duties. Chief Lando is justified in his concern. Bob Lewis


👍👍👍Agreed Bob. Lots of unsupported hyperbolic statements.


I know you mean well Bob, but if everyone is complaining the current law enforcement protocols are systematically bias, it’s systematically bias. If your ketchup doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t taste good 😌. Maybe, too much salt. Time to adjust the ingredients. Right? You're not into forcing people to eat what they don’t want. The police are serving. Right? Or are they there to dish what ever? What’s their role?


Bob Lewis I concur. Unintended consequences.

Unfortunately there is an avalanche of media propagated distortions in so many areas of our current society that it is becoming borderline dangerous. People have lost sense of a realistic perspective on so many issues. As one commenter said if everyone is complaining that law enforcement is systemically bias then it is systemically biased. In a nutshell that bizarre statement shows how easily influenced people are by a biased 24/7 media. Freighting.

No doubt police oversight is constantly needed but so is common sense and a realistic perspective on such a complicated subject.



[thumbup] lewisantq. We are just over 20% (21% to be more accurate) of the way into the 21st century. I hope the public schools are not teaching that "...policing in the United States seems to be permanently stuck in the early 19th century. Then the primary job of officers was to capture runaway slaves...." That certainly wasn't the primary purpose of policing in the North.

The writer suggests that "...from the 1870s to the 1960s, the assumption made by law enforcement was [and still is] that everyone is suspect, anyone who is not white is a criminal, and most egregiously, shoot first and ask questions later..." What is the writer's sources for those seemingly ridiculous statements? If police shot first and asked questions later, they would not be "reactive" but would be "preemptive."

County Sheriff being an elected position would seem to indicate that Jenkins is not "...out of step with the political will..." The writer using the wrong metric by stating Jenkins is out of step with Maryland, but he serves Frederick county not Maryland. One could just as easily argue that Maryland state politicians are out of step with the country on a number of issues, but that doesn't matter because they serve Marylanders not the entire country and Jenkins serves Frederick, not Maryland. And just because something is popular doesn't mean it is equitable or right. I need go no futher than to provide the example of taxing the income of people with no children more than taxing the income of those who have children and place a higher demand for government services at the same time they put a greater stress on the environment.

There are changes that need to happen, but some of the assumptions and descriptions of the problems may not be accurate and the proposed solutions may not get at the root of the problem. George Floyd should not have been murdered, but by the same token he was apparently guilty of passing counterfeit money (see:


Retire? $125,000 a year! Retire?


A police officer’s job is to police (maintain order), not to inflict - with adequate supervision that supports officers in carrying out their duties ... with such power, they most to be held accountable for abuses. They may not inflict, instigate or tolerate any act of torture or other cruel, inhuman or ... where a transgression might amount to neglect of duty.


Ms Uncapher, it might be useful for you and Morris to re-read [Matthew 7:2]. It might be useful in the future.


Matthew 7:2, AOC, You have absolutely no understanding of Scripture. But that’s irrelevant. We live under civil law not biblical scripture. I don’t mean to start the pile on. But that had nothing to do with policing. 🤷‍♂️


Matthew 7:2 seems pretty straight forward to me.

"For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you."


AOC, Who was the judge?🧐 What judge was Jesus referring to?


How about a market based solution to the issue of excessive force being used by the police? Require all police officers to carry malpractice insurance just like doctors. That way if they are a risk to the community they serve (just like a doctor being a risk to their patients) their high insurance premiums will drive them out of the force. This will allow you to keep the good police officers while weeding out the "bad apples".


“Policing is a tough job”, is not an excuse for violating the law or ignorance of the law. The use of excessive force is an unlawful act. It violates the 4th Amendment prohibition against “unreasonable seizures.”


Easy solution available to all regardless of race - if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

How's that lens of social justice and equity working out in the Dimocrat run cities like Portland, LA, NYC, or Chicago? Murder rates dropping?


Agreed, as the left says time to move on nothing to see there.


That's right. If Police officers can't handle being held responsible for their abuse of power, they should not abuse their power.

NO MAN is above the law, police officers included.


Add politicians to that and you have my support.


I agree bnick. But let those in the wrong be brought to justice. Let's not cast the whole profession as evil doers.


The writer obviously hasn't a clue what it takes to be a police officer in today's belligerent and abusive climate. Instead of degrading a profession she seems to know nothing about, she should seek to learn. I suggest a "ride along" for the purpose of education. It would definitely be an eye opening experience.


Yet when I stated here that I have done more than one ride along and that I know several policemen personally my insight was still dismissed.




More Woke BS !! Solutions not problems, please!!


“The solution is in the details of the Maryland Police Accountability Act — popular enough among the citizens for the Democratic legislature to overcome a veto by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.”

The writer told you where to look. But you didn’t actually read it did you?


these folks do not read, they just react. No critical thinking involved at all



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