This is in reply to Mr. Chaplin’s Oct. 1 letter (“Stop mandating and start governing”). There is a reason for mandates. The mandates about COVID-19 are clear. This is not about you This is a national emergency

Be patriotic, be part of the solution. Get the shot. I can’t believe that there are still people in Maryland that haven’t gotten the vaccine. The numbers in Frederick County keep going up and down, but they are still too high. Today, over 30 people are in the hospital in Frederick County because of COVID-19.

We will never be rid of this pandemic unless everyone does what’s right and helps by getting the vaccine

Yes, if you are among the very rare group of people that are medically unable to, then follow your doctor’s advice. But, the vast majority of people can and should get the vaccine.

Just get the shot.

Ken Berkowitz


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Greg F

Natural selection...survival of the don't want to get the shot, I really hope you win your Darwin Award in a peaceful setting.


This would be the type of headline where readers’ eyes glaze over, skip it or read? 🤔 Comments like, “I’m not getting it” have stopped. What are they reading.


As for the assertion that immunity from natural infection is better than vaccines, that may or may not be true. We don't have enough data with the delta variant yet to make a conclusion, but it did not appear to be true with the alpha virus. In any case, a vaccine in addition to infection is only going to make someone's immunity stronger. Right now, with the virus continually mutating, the vaccines are becoming less effective, so we need to use the weapons we have, including vaccines, boosters, and masks. Please don't forget that the virus is a moving target and not just a political issue.


When medicine and politics intersect, politics triumphs. I’m not against the vaccine, but the decision should be between the individual and the doctor.

1. This vaccine was rushed into production and since it’s been out less than a year, we don’t know its long term effects. Plus many have had serious side effects.

2. Doctors from the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and many other prominent scientists argue that those already exposed have natural immunity, which may provide them better protection than taking the jab.

3. Why now?…..the Wuhan flu has been out for nearly two years, and the fatality rate for individuals is around 0.5%. Why is it that last winter Clueless Joe was against mask and vaccine mandates, but why now does he want workers fired for noncompliance? Why is it that NFL and college football stadiums are filled to capacity, yet we hear nothing about massive outbreaks?

4. Israel has one of the highest rates of vaccinations, yet they are seeing a spike in cases.

5. OSHA is demanding that employers require employees to receive the vaccination. What do unelected bureaucrats know about medicine? If a vaccine is so effective , why hasn’t this gone through the normal legislative process?

6. Fauci is a fraud and constantly changes position on the political winds. Remember two weeks to flatten the curve. That was 19 months ago.

Bottom line….this dictatorial government has cleverly used this virus to seize unprecedented power.


As Ken pointed out in his letter, this is a war. We already have required vaccines for kids, so what makes this suddenly different? You say it is because there has not been enough testing, but about 4 Billion people have already had COVID vaccines, and there is a lot of data showing they are safe. As for long-term effects, that is rarely a concern with vaccines, as they are generally just a couple of doses with only temporary side effects. Sure, it would be nice to have long-term data, but please tell me what long-term data we have on the yearly flu vaccines. Again, we are at war, and everyone who is not vaccinated puts everyone else in greater danger and further delays our economic recovery.


So you are fine with the over 1500 COVID deaths per day in the US - which is what we have now? How many 9/11's worth is that per week?


You started out well with your first sentence TwoDawgs56, but then you fell apart after that. Allow me to address each of your points.

First, the decision IS between a patient and doctor. There are NO physicians recommending that their patients who are able to take the vaccine not do so. There ARE exemptions for a physical problem, but those are rare. Every medical association is recommending the vaccine.

1.Rushed into production? Are you implying less than due diligence and a risk to safety? These vaccines went through Phase I (general safety), Phase II (safety and dose ranging), and Phase III (expanded safety), the same as any other drug. The cohorts in the phase III trials exceeded 30,000 volunteers, which is 10X what approved drugs go through. The vaccines (RNA, and viral vector) have been administered to over 3.5 BILLION recipients, with negligible side effects, FAR LESS than many FDA approved medicines. Do you argue with your physician when he prescribes any of those for you?

2.Your statement has been proven false. The protection from natural infection wanes as fast, or faster, than that provided by vaccines. Adding a vaccine to the previously infected gives superior resistance to a second infection.

3.Why now? Yes, CoViD-19 has been around since November of 2019. However, due to antigenic drift (because of viral mutations) the vaccines are not as effective against the newer variants (like delta), and it is imperative that we stem this epidemic before the vaccines are not effective at all on future variants, and it is the unvaccinated that are allowing the continued transmission of SARS-CoV-2, and the resulting variants. Only by YOU participating can this happen. Yes, the mortality rate inn the US is around 0.5%, but you are ignoring the morbidity, and the long-term health effects in around 30% of those infected, as well as the cost of being in the hospital and ICU. It exceeds $100,000, and can cause financial ruin. Would you argue against a smallpox or polio vaccine too?

4.See response #3. It is the delta variant that caused a wave of infection in Israel. One thing to note is that the mortality rate of the vaccinated is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the unvaccinated (over 12X less). It is the unvaccinated that are in ICUs and dying.

5.What do unelected bureaucrats know about medicine? Do you know anything about who OSHA is and what they do? There are many MDs and PhDs on staff at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), including those with expertise in microbiology, virology, public health, and communicable disease. Their job is to protect the workforce. Are you against having a safe workplace too? BTW, where did you get your MD or PhD?

6.Fauci is a fraud? Oh please, step away from QAnon and the political BS. Dr. Fauci, as any reputable medical professional and scientist will do, changes course as new data becomes available. Doing anything else will run you into an iceberg. His opinion (and the rest of the medical community)are aligned.

Step away from the political BS, and read the science. There aren’t many on their death bead due to CoViD saying “I’m glad I didn’t get vaccinated.




Very well said Gabe! [thumbup][thumbup]


Where do you get your numbers, TwoDawgs? There is no world in which being unvaccinated is better than being vaccinated. Sure there are some reactions but the hospitals are not full of vaccine reaction patients, they are full of unvaccinated COVID patients. And just quit with the Fauci bashing. Seriously.


Totally agree! Just get vaccinated. It's not just about you

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