The debate about U.S. immigration policy is often a difficult and emotional one, but one that needs to take place nevertheless. Unfortunately, there are those who attempt to tamp down this discussion by resorting to name-calling and demagoguery.

In their recent letter to the editor headlined “Hate has no home here,” Deborah Carter and Mari Lee of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee attempt to tarnish both me and my organization, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, with baseless allegations sourced from the widely discredited and overly politicized Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Had Ms. Carter and Ms. Lee done an ounce of their own research, they would have seen that the SPLC recently sacked its entire leadership structure due of charges of institutional racism and sexism and that it has a well-documented history of attempting to use labels to silence those it opposes politically.

For the record, FAIR is a national, nonprofit and nonpartisan charity organization that has been working for 40 years to improve border security, stop illegal immigration and advocate immigration selection and levels consistent with the national interest.

My organization is as mainstream of an organization as there is, testifying before Congress more than 100 times while regularly providing research and commentary to Congress, major media publications, and the American public. Today, FAIR boasts more than 2 million supporters from all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Immigration is a top policy issue with voters, and it merits a thorough discussion. Attempting to silence the message by unfairly defaming the messenger is not only unfair to me and my organization, but also to your readers and the people of Frederick, among whom we count many FAIR members and supporters.

Dan Stein

President, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

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As you've probably already determined, Mr. Stein, any suport of an immigration policy that does not include open borders in addition to free healthcare, drivers' licenses, SSI, SSDI and voting privileges for illegal aliens does not sit all well with the vitriolic leftists who frequent this chat room for the perpetually enraged. What you get for your reasoned, well-written and heart felt letter is contempt and snark. Such is the world in which we now live.


A fair and open discussion about immigration would not include this:

Corey Lewandowski said on a cable TV show (I forget which one. Rhymes with pox, I think.), "[Senators Warren and Sanders] want to have illegal aliens to come across this border and kill Americans..."


I thought I heard that on the radio. I think the radio host's name sounds like Limburger.


Limburger, limburger, a food with an aroma

Don’t say the Name! It’ll put you in a coma

Quoting Lewandowski , about the illegal

His precious will murder, just like poor Sméagol.




What is FAIR doing to quickly process immigrants?

What is FAIR doing to prevent children from being locked up for weeks without proper clothing, food and water?

What is FAIR doing to stop the separation of parents and their children?

Why does FAIR spend THEIR money to send Frederick County's Sheriff to Texas

Why is Jenkins and elected Sheriff in Frederick County Maryland going to Texas, where he has no authority?


Is FAIR a government office dick? No. Therefore, what authority do they have to do anything regarding border operations? As for your other questions, I answered them in the other letter.


says the man from the discredited and overly politicized group.....


Right on Dick D. Some folks are just shiftless in their hate.




The author calls out the SPLC as being discredited and overly politicized, which is ironic since he is the head of FAIR; a group which is discredited and overly politicized.


Discredited by whom? The discredited and politicized SPLC. Politicized? Of course, FAIR is an advocacy group, looking to curb all illegal immigration. You ought to visit their website sometime, shiftless.


So the head of a politicized group is calling out another group for being politicized? Do you find that ironic? And yes, FAIR is not seen as a serious intellectual organization but rather one that has an agenda and seeks out ways to justify it.


Media bias rates this group in the following manner - Overall, we rate FAIR Questionable based on Extreme Right Wing Bias as it relates to immigration, promotion of propaganda and conspiracies, as well as having connections to documented Hate Groups. More can be found at

It is another option to simply believing what either side says in their arguments.


That may be a fair assessment hay, based on some of their former contributors. The association with hate groups was apparently long ago when this group was in it's infancy. FAIR was supported by those groups back then. Fledgling groups must have revenue sources. Margaret Sanger took lots of money from eugenics groups when she was starting Planned Parenthood. Does that mean that PP is associated with those groups, and is tainted? No, not at all. They provide essential health services to many women. From what I have been reading in the last couple of days, same goes for FAIR. Right-wing bias? I guess if you believe that curbing illegal immigration from all sources is wrong, then yeah, that fits the definition.


Anyone who shows up for Dan Stein's racial ranting is probably already a racist, so Stein can say anything he wishes and he will be believed by people whose lives already revolve around hate.


You have that right, yogib. We have our own racist group in Frederick County.


QUOTE from Dan Stein:

"I blame ninety-eight percent of responsibility for this country's immigration crisis on Ted Kennedy and his political allies, who decided some time back in 1958, earlier perhaps, that immigration was a great way to retaliate against Anglo-Saxon dominance and hubris, and the immigration laws from the 1920s were just this symbol of that, and it's a form of revengism, or revenge, that these forces continue to push the immigration policy that they know full well are creating chaos and will continue to create chaos down the line."

— “Oral History of the Federation for American Immigration Reform," interview by John Tanton, August 1994




Well said.


Much more important than the lies printed here, the writer needs to tell us how many Hispanics, blacks and mentally challenged people his organization has recommended be sterilized. His organization was after all founded by a modern king of eugenics and I have not heard a word of repudiation from the writer or any other member of this hate-filled supremacist group. The SPLC has correctly classified this group for what it is. It joins the Klan, Aryan Nations, White Patriot Party, anti-LGBT groups and many others that are similarly oriented. The SPLC has successfully secured damages against many such groups for the victims they have murdered, churches they have bombed, Blacks and Asians they have beaten and left for dead. Very sad the otherwise honorable FNP chooses to give stage to a group so oriented. Sad for the FrCo government too. Since the sheriff has invited these hate-filled fear mongers, their presence here is an official act of the county government.


In other words fake principal we should only listen to what open borders traitors like yourself and let everyone in so we are not bad people huh? Sorry to break it to you but he is right. Plus we can hardly take care of our own citizens much less illegal aliens. Sad you can't see whats right in front of your face.


We might have a better chance of taking care of "our own" if we hadn't given huge tax breaks to the very rich and corporations. Something had to be cut, and it, in part, were programs to help the underprivilged--programs that helped them pay for food and housing. Don't believe for a minute that the government cares about them. Just get them off the streets where they're only an eyesore.

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