Fear, the common denominator of this pandemic, continues to control our thoughts and not so much our decisions anymore.

COVID is a killer, a relentless killer. Abusive in its nature, destructive in its actions, it leaves its survivors many times wishing they had not lived. Such is the limitation it leaves on the sufferer’s lungs.

And now the distribution of the vaccine has led to more fear. Fear — some of it recent, some of it past.

It was in that vein that I requested from Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins that a 90-day pause be given to the 287(g) program in Frederick County.

The sheriff replied — rightfully — that there was no need to enforce this moratorium since 287(g) is only enforced at the detention center. The sheriff is right. I am not right in my belief that 287(g) was being enforced even during minor traffic stops.

I apologize for my lack of information and I stand corrected. In his response, the sheriff gave me the assurance I was looking for. I thank the sheriff for this.

There is fear we won’t get enough vaccines to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic-Americans in time to prevent the 3 percent lethality that this disease has caused thus far.

I hope we can move forward and get on with the job of finishing this fight against this brutish virus.

I may be wrong in apologizing and recognizing the tough spot I put the sheriff in, but at the end of the day, right is right. So let us roll up our sleeves and work together to bring life back to normal.

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Dr. Monocal is wonderful. Thank you for all you do for the community.


Is there something wrong with my screen? It kinda looks like Sherf Trumpkins hires only Caucasian males


Updates might need to be installed.


"Fear, the common denominator of this pandemic, continues to control our thoughts and not so much our decisions anymore. COVID is a killer, a relentless killer. Abusive in its nature, destructive in its actions..."

I bet you earned an A+ in drama class Julio.

"There is fear we won’t get enough vaccines to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic-Americans in time to prevent the 3 percent lethality that this disease has caused thus far."

It's a *serious* mistake to dole out vaccines by race, as opposed to by who is dying from this the most: older people & fatter people. Once greater numbers of selected racial groups start coming down with serious side effects from these completely unnecessary, experimental "vaccines," I suspect people may feel genocidally targeted by being prioritized for these injections.

Another 15 million doses 'mixed-up' in Baltimore:

AstraZeneca Jab Production Halted In Baltimore After 15M J&J Doses Spoiled In Factory "Mix Up" -Tyler Durden 4/4/2021


PurplePickles aka L&M

Whew you have a burr up your butt today don’t you? Do you have a point or are you just afraid that brown and black people are getting vaccinated before you or that they are getting the vaccine at all? I mean for you to be safe everyone needs to be safe right.


Those getting infected now are largely younger people who haven’t been vaccinated yet. It’s those that don’t feel they need to heed those draconian rules by the horrid Government, like masks and distancing and staying away from large gatherings. Fools rush in......




Self-inflicted genocide. A&A, the “fear” numbers, salted by ignorance and intentional misinformation in some areas, far outweigh minorities wanting to be vaccinated.

A huge number of rural ‘White, supporters of Trump, won’t take the vaccine or even willing to take the necessary precautions. Who figures?

In spite, of the ill-informed, we are over 100 million vaccinated nationally. Baltimore, a predominantly black city are being vaccinated at a faster rate than the national average. Just sad to see people standing in line in metro areas while vaccines are sitting on shelves in predominantly ‘White’ rural areas, being wasted. Just sayin’.

Have you gotten your shots yet?



Mostly men. It’s that macho thing I guess. Or stupidity. Or are those the same thing?


Awteam, there is no. way. in. hell. I'd take that garbage. I've warned my 3 sons not to waste time dating women who have taken it, because it harms fertility, AND can increase the chance of congenital birth defects.


Art, Again, can you please not? Personally, I don't want to read your crazy.


Where in the world did you get that A&A? There have been no reports in ANY of the clinical trials of ANY birth defects.


OMG A&A!!! That is right out of the QAnon playbook of absolute junk science promoted by "Dr" Carrie Made. You worked for the agency? Which office and branch? I know a lot of folks at CDRH, CBER, and CBER. Here is but one article debunking that craziness:



Follow-up to Gabriel-

I remember, not too long ago, Alex Jones was labeled a "conspiracy theorist" for talking about the crimes of Epstein at pedo island. Sometimes, these so-called "conspiracy-theories" turn out to be true. I always check the *facts*. I'm not a member of any club, & this includes Q.

Regarding the article, from a super-liberal college campus, in a country that happily welcomes numerous lovers of communism worldwide, I'll say the following:

Whether or not, people looking at ancient "Illuminati" history believe this, I agree 100% that legalized elective abortion, and the destruction of traditionalism, (which includes the glorification of gay marriage, and promotion of sexualized children's toys, such as anatomically-correct dolls) continues to destroy/weaken our society.

Dr. Simon Gold attacks Dr. Fauci's sound (<--- Laughable!) "scientific" advice. He doesn't even follow his own advice&he keeps changing it ever single week! I know this from those who are struggling to try to comply with his flip-flopping recommendations.

Of the "handful" of physicians disagreeing with this? There's quite a handful of people who worked at these drug companies (who aren't members of the CCP) who are blowing the whistle on these greedy drug companies.

But just exercise some common sense here: If masks were SO important, why must you wear on sold-out packed 2 hr flights UNLESS you are eating & drinking & buying airline snacks?! I'm healthy, & make a point of taking an hour to drink my coffee + another hour to eat my trail mix on domestic flights!

With regard to the "preventing people from becoming religious," I'm aware of the specific video presentation to which is being referred. It has to do with breaking down a person's resolve, but uses a research example from our U.S. military that sought to curb what they termed "religious extremism" in the Middle East. This is the title of that 1 hr unclassified video presentation: Dr Charles Morgan Discusses PSYCHO-NEUROBIOLOGY at West Point Military Academy 2018. Last I saw, it's still available to watch on youtube.


a & a, you forgot that the COVID-19 vaccine also causes child trafficking operations in the basements of Pizza Parlors.


@artandarchitecture Apr 6, 2021 12:03pm

Are you really equating pedo Epstein with vaccine research, A&A? Really? Yeah, and a broken clock is right twice a day, but that doesn’t mean it is functional. Regarding the article from McGill in Montreal, if you read what I wrote carefully, you will note that I said “…this is but one…”. I was typing on my phone, it was the first of thousands to pop up, and only had so much space. I am at my keyboard now. Would you like an entire list of how this pseudoscience nonsense was outed as utter BS? Is every medical school and graduate cell biology, immunology, and virology program a bastion of liberal “illuminati” thought, as well as every peer reviewed journal? What prominent vaccinologist, immunologist, virologist, or epidemiologist agrees with any of that? Oh, I get it, they are all in in it (wink, wink). Please provide one credible reference in a peer-reviewed journal that supports this BS. One. Do you remember that quack Andrew Wakefield and how he invented data to support his “theory” that vaccines caused autism? Well, the good doctor is now debarred for his fraud. We had another quack that was spreading her nonsense that once worked in a lab at Ft. Detrick and was trashing Dr. Fauci. She was arrested for property theft, and cannot get a job in any legitimate lab, so she is now the darling of the antivaxxer set, starring in their “documentaries”, hence the reason for her criticism of Fauci. I guess she has to make a living somehow.

As for the vaccine technologies, first, let’s look at the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. They are messenger RNA, not DNA . It enters a cell using the vaccine lipid layer to integrate through the cell membrane into the cytoplasm. Messenger RNA is then translated by ribosomes into proteins (such as the SaARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which is then targeted as foreign by the immune system, which B-cells produce antibodies. T-cells also provide a memory immune function. mRNA is NOT integrated into the human genome, nor can it “reprogram” your genomic DNA. Then there is the J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines which followed the more classical vaccine route of using a virus to transfer the viral spike protein sequence into the cell. This is a common vaccine technique that has been used for decades. Are all vaccines made to insert nanorobots into us to control our brains? Have you ever taken a biology class, let alone immunology or cell biology? Doubtful. Regarding what folks do on flights or in restaurants, those are businesses that do that, not health authorities, and to conflate them is ridiculous. Aren’t you hearing health authorities saying NOT to do that, but businesses and politicians are ignoring it. Wake up and stop the conspiracy theory nonsense. Here are more references for you.











There are literally thousands more.


Art, I don't know what your damage is, but can you please not?

PurplePickles aka L&M

I may be wrong in apologizing and recognizing the tough spot I put the sheriff in, but at the end of the day, right is right. ......just remember you can retract your apology if at any time you do indeed find out that 287 (g) is being enforced outside of the detention center. That's sticky wicket though, I mean you can get pulled over for being brown and whose to say what is going through the officers mind...as long as the officer keeps his thoughts to himself....until they get to the detention center.

Actually you held the sheriff's feet to the fire...let's see what happens now?


Nobody is being arrested for a traffic violation pickles, unless they fail a field sobriety test, which is subsequently followed up by a mandatory blood test. Nobody is being arrested for jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk either. You must commit a serious misdemeanor, such as assault, or theft, etc., or a felony. There is no need to worry about being arrested for DWB. Those are public records if you'd like to confirm. Arrest reports used to be published in the FNP, but have since been discontinued.

PurplePickles aka L&M

For being as old as you are you are way too trusting and naïve man....and I mentioned traffic stops because of what Dr. Menocal said in his letter so....and you have no idea what is going through the officers mind at the time of the stop do you..and how officers can suddenly just find probable cause just because....they want to get you to the detention center.....also the sheriff has no idea who you are gabe so no need to defend someone that has no idea who you are..


Nor is there any need for paranoid conspiracy theories pickles. Nor do you know what's in an officer's mind either. Arrest records are public documents, so go and do some research, or ask Dr. Menocal. He is a very approachable man, and would be willing to discuss the issue with you. Whether the Sheriff knows me or not is irrelevant, now isn't it? Do you only defend those you know, or know you?

PurplePickles aka L&M


Is there anything you don’t know?


Many things pickles. However, I never stop learning.

PurplePickles aka L&M

Yeah some kids struggle with virtual learning, I’m glad to see you haven’t been effected. Hopefully schools will be fully open in the fall?


It wasn't in Frederick, but my Hispanic friend got arrested for driving without a license. He did not even know why he was pulled over.


@gabrielshorn2013 Apr 6, 2021 1:20pm

I want SO much to give you references, but I simply don't have the time because they have been so deliberately buried/ suppressed on the internet. I put in the *exact* title + research author's name & it will come up on page 12(!) of google's (or startpage's) search results. I was planning to start with how censored vaccine ingredients are: from 2019, "Facebook Bans All Content On Vaccine Awareness, Including Facts About Vaccine Ingredients" by Tyler Durden. That article has been completely scrubbed from the entire net! And that was just merely a fb policy article! I was going to mention DNA-related stuff & the material I wanted to link to, that also happened to have '62 Nobel Prize winner James Watson, mentioned on the same page web page, was completely deleted. (In 2019, at 90 yo, Watson had his Nobel Prize rescinded for saying IQ-levels were mostly hereditary/genetic. He was so pissed at this, that he auctioned off his trophy. Was this mentioned in Wiki's page entitled "Nobel Prize Controversies"? Heck no! More censored history.) I can't possibly bring a complete newbie up to speed, under these circumstances, in just a few sentences.

A year ago, I honestly didn't realize that I would no longer even have access to the links to these research studies. Authors would publish their findings (their results would challenge "the official narrative") & within 24 hours, the authors would be pressured into voluntarily withdrawing their studies. These were (formerly) well-published/respected authors.

fyi--Among some of the hot topics being censored: evidence of election fraud, racial differences, (100+) studies proving diversity (multi-culturalism, specifically) is never a strength, DoJ & FBI crime stats by racial groups, lots of history-- Liberia,Haiti, Africa, WW2, the Talmud, & of course, side effects/fatalities due to coronavirus "vaccines".


A&A, you have officially crossed over into tin foil hat territory with your rambling screed. You don't have a clue about the science, and are just repeating debunked QAnon garbage.


Thank you Dr. Menocal. What a wonderful world it would be if more people thought the way you do. Exceptional letter from an exceptional man.


Every once in awhile, a human being gets into medical school 👍🏻


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Deb!


I think most doctors are good people. No?


How refreshing...a community leader willing to acknowledge an error and publicly set the record straight. Let's hope the good Doctor has begun a different kind of pandemic. One where honesty and accepting responsibility become normal leadership behavior. Thank you good Doctor.


I commend the good Doctor for his apology. But Sheriff Jenkins has not gone out of his way to make that clear to the Public. Based on comments on this Forum the majority of Citizens here believe exactly what Dr. Menocal believed, that the 287(g) Program was a Law Enforcement Program sweeping hundreds of illegal aliens off the streets of Frederick County and deporting them. Why?? Because that is what the Sheriff wanted everybody to believe, it sure makes him look good! That is not the case, the vast majority of illegal aliens in this Country who have not committed serious crimes are never deported because of the limitations of the Federal Immigration Court System. The Sheriff can’t have it both ways.

PurplePickles aka L&M

Dr. Menocal...probably has it on good authority that the 287 (g) is being enforced outside of the detention center....but proving it is a different story, so he apologized because well you don't mess with the people that make your food, or the people that can arrest you for being brown.


Or he could have also realized that he misunderstood what the program was, and how it works., pickles. Then, realizing his mistake, publicly apologized to the sheriff for his misunderstanding, as he has honorably done in this LTE. A more likely scenario.

PurplePickles aka L&M

You are naive Gabe... so really after all this time the doctor didn’t know how 287(g) worked? I have some land in Tampa Florida I need to unload, I’ll give you a good price, but we have to close the deal today.


No pickles. Dr. Menocal has a great reputation for honesty and integrity. If ye says that he was mistaken, why would I not take him at his word? Do you not take the word of someone like him? Do you not know people like him? All looks yellow to the jaundiced eye. As I said above, arrest records are public, as are court records. Find an instance of someone DWB in Frederick County, arrested, and then subsequently taken to the detention center for investigation. BTW, everyone that gets taken to the detention center has a background check. I'm certainly not saying that DWB doesn't ever happen, but they are not arrested for it. If you come up with an outstanding warrant, the issuer of that warrant is contacted to come and get you. Same as with ICE. look it up.


gab, even the County Council members believe that it is the Deputies that are being trained under the 287(g) Program, which implies that it is a Law Enforcement Program, and are questioning whether Deputies are profiling Hispanic people in the County. The 287(g)CORRECTIONS Program in Frederick County does ONE thing only. It identifies persons arrested by the FPD, the FCSO, the MSP, and other Law Enforcement Agencies and books them into the Denton Center, that are in the Country illegally and detains them until ICE picks them up. End of Story. It does not arrest anyone, or determine whether they are Gang members, or decide whether they should be deported or not. But the Sheriff has left the impression that it does all those things and that is what people in this County believe. And you know that to be true gab. Sheriff Jenkins is still insisting that if the 287(g) CORRECTIONS Program is canceled it will be a disaster for Frederick County, and it will allow murderers and rapists and MS13 Gang members and illegal alien criminals to flood into the County. NO IT WON’T!! It will not make any difference one way or the other!

PurplePickles aka L&M

So if I get pulled over, which I have been, and they run my info just because the cops “think” I may have committed a traffic offense, and nothing pops up, then they let me go you know because nothing popped up, is there a record kept of those stops....,NO, so cops can stop me all day long if they want to right? Because the only record is in my head or do cops keep a record of their stops someplace I could see?

The cops can pull over brown/black people all day long and run their info until something somewhere pops up and the only record kept of those stops isn’t on any arrest report is it? It’s probably in a tick sheet somewhere handy for the cops but not anywhere the public can see it? Right?

Like I say you never argue honest


@ pickles 2:45 pm

Your lack of understanding does not constitute dishonesty on my part, pickles. Yes, you may be pulled over for a moving violation, and if nothing pops up, they let you go after writing you a ticket, a warning, or letting you go on your way. I never claimed that there was a record of every traffic stop, now did I? There will be a written record of every ticket or warning, or any arrest. Furthermore, if it turns out that you are an undocumented immigrant (the State of Maryland provides you with a separate distinct driver’s license as such), you are not taken to the detainment center unless you have committed an arrestable offense. They let you go, just like the lady with the broken tail light was. If you read carefully, I said I don’t think that being pulled over for DWB never happens. They are just not arrested and brought to the detention center. So yes, they can stop you or I all day if they really wanted to, but they would let you go if there were no violations. They would also be wasting a lot of their patrol time, which is logged. You could also be certain that I would be taking down the officer’s name, his badge number, and the circumstances of the stop. This story is about Dr. Menocal’s misunderstanding of the 287g program, and his apology.

PurplePickles aka L&M

Yeah like I say I was pulled over late at night because the cop said I had committed a traffic violation, I was on my way home from work and was about to make my last turn onto my street and wow there was the cop flashing his lights, I pulled over immediately, you know because you never tell the cop's mood that time of night and I didn't want to make a simple situation complicated, he asked me where I was going I said home and I said I live just around the corner, he had my drivers license, registration at that time so he knew I was telling the truth, he said wait and went an ran my info why? Here I am a woman it's late at night and he wants me to sit and wait in my car while he runs my info and I couldn't just finish going home?,,okay whatever I think, I just want to go home, so I wait and he comes back and says you can go...I was thinking he would follow me home just to make sure I get home safe, know what, he did a u-turn and could not drive away fast enough, would there be a record of that somewhere Gabe? ,


@phydeaux994 Apr 5, 2021 2:52pm

None of us can help what any given County Council member may believe, or not believe phy. Your accurate description of the workings of the 287g program is what I have been saying all along. Thanks for finally agreeing. So, it someone is arrested and brought into the detentions center for processing, and during the process it is found that they are in this country and have an outstanding removal order, should the arrestee not be handed over to ICE? Why not? They have already had their day in court, and ordered deported. Would you do likewise for a citizen who is found to have an outstanding arrest warrant in NY? Should the sheriff not contact the NY authorities? If someone is arrested for a serious misdemeanor or felony, they will see their day in court for judgement. After which they will be deported by ICE. What is the problem with that scenario? I don’t know where you get your information that would leave you with such an impression, but if you look, the last community FCSO/ICE meeting, both the Sheriff, and the Assistant ICE director went into great detail if what the 287g program is, and what it is not. The Sheriff cannot help what some folks believe, based on misinformation that is spread by people who refuse to look it up to confirm/refute their beliefs.


@PurplePickles aka L&M Apr 5, 2021 3:28pm

There probably wouldn't be a record of the stop pickles. However, if they ran your information, it was to see if you had any outstanding warrants, which they are allowed to do. A lot of criminals, especially drug dealers, are caught that way. Such inquiries would leave an audit trail within their system. Are you sure you didn't have a violation? Failure to signal? Failure to stop completely at a stop sign? Folks don't realize that they do it, but it happens all the time. Why should the officer follow you home to make sure you got there safely? If he didn't pull you over, you would have arrived alone anyway, right?


gab, I have been questioning this deception Sheriff Jenkins has been pulling since I went to one of his Town Hall Meetings in 2009 when he was hyping the 287(g) Program as the miraculous crime fighting program of the Century. He has been to the White House and testifying to Congress about how it has been so great for Frederick County. He has bragged that he has removed 1400 illegal alien criminals and a 100 MS13 Gang members from the County, all because of the 287(g) Program. I say show me ANYTHING, any evidence that any of those things is true. He says he can’t do that, that you have to go to ICE to get that information. Have you EVER heard the Chief of the Frederick PD say what a horrible illegal alien and MS13 Gang problem we have in the County? Most of that crime, what little there is, is in the City, in FPD’s Jurisdiction. So I’m not agreeing with you, you are agreeing with me.

PurplePickles aka L&M


"There probably wouldn't be a record of the stop pickles" DING DING I think your lightbulb of honesty flickered on for just one second,(but long enough for you to see it)..exactly my point I made how many posts ago?

Cops can pull over anyone at any time for anything and no records are kept..unless.....unless. I've always though about how differently that night could have turned out if I had been further away from home..not a given I would have made it home safe is it Gabe?


@PurplePickles aka L&M Apr 5, 2021 4:54pm

Pickles, how did this morph from calling ICE at the detention center to you being pulled over by an officer for a moving violation, and somehow expecting an escort home? Yes the officer called your information in to check to see if you had any outstanding warrants. That is standard operating procedure during a traffic stop. He checked on you, and let you go. Again, standard operating procedure. Why so defensive? Are you now claiming that you were pulled over because you are a woman? Why should he have to follow you home to make sure you got home safe? Not his job. I am always honest, pickles, here and everywhere. I have no reason to lie to anyone. A difference of opinion is not a lie.


Good LTE.


Hear, hear!!! You are a man of integrity sir. Good on you.


Good show. Now if our Lier in Chief would do a little fact checking before he spouts off about the Georgia voting law or how secure the border is.

PurplePickles aka L&M

Donald Trump isn't President anymore....you seem a tad confused there ole boy. Also Liar is spelled liar....just sayin.


Perhaps he really meant lier...as in lie down with another woman who isn’t my wife. Or, lie down with these pornstars while my current trophy-wife is pregnant.


Ironic that Bosco suggests fact checking. I would suggest he stop name calling.


Not happening. Name calling is a big part of his Trolling game, trying to get a rise out of you. It amuses him.


I didn’t call it out, he called it out by his post identifying his Father as a prominent Frederick Physician who owned a sheep farm in Ceresville where he said he had grown up. 2 + 2 = 4. I called him out for criticizing those of us who use pseudonyms to hide our identities while he was doing the same.



Excellent on your part phy

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