Frederick officials just can’t seem to resist wasting taxpayer money during these hard economic times to prove they are woke bona fides. In December, the mayor aldermen approved the payment of up to $100,000 to workplace diversity experts to indoctrinate city employees with a new social justice and equity plan entitled “Diversity & Inclusion – Strategic Plan FY 2020-2021.”

This is the same group of discrimination experts who were paid $50,000 to investigate, prepare a report, and develop a strategic plan to fundamentally change the employment structure of the city government. The consultant’s report did not conclude that any qualified person was denied employment in city government due to their race, gender, or ethnicity. However, the consultant did find a “diversity and inclusion” problem because minorities and females were underrepresented among city employees.

The goal of this two-year strategic plan is to cancel the city government’s culture of equal employment opportunity based upon qualifications and merit to one of equal outcomes based upon “race, gender, and cultural” preferences proportionate to their representation in the community with a “female and minority focus.”

Coercion will be used to accomplish this goal: “All appraisals and merit increases for all department leaders will be linked to D&I initiatives; all hiring will be placed on hold until all recruitment and hiring recommendations are implemented; current employees will have to compete with external applicants for any job; and all new hires must understand expectations toward [diversity and inclusion].” A “culture of inclusion will be instilled by linking completion of an ‘employee development academy’ and ‘manager and leadership institute’ to promotion and merit increases, and the formation of D&I employee advocacy change and training teams.” This will all be enforced by the Human Resources Department, and as reported in a recent news article, with likely assistance in the future by an “equity officer” and “cultural assistance official.”

The plan recognizes that the city must compete in a competitive job market for “decreasing resources of talent” for many government jobs that require a “high degree of skill to meet the challenges brought about by ever emerging innovation.” Rather than meet this challenge, the city government will now hire and retain a less talented workforce for the sake of D&I.

This woke racial justice and equity plan reads more like a race hustler’s scheme straight out of the old “Jim Crow” south. On its face, the plan is discriminatory and illegal because it seeks to implement an unconstitutional system of employment based upon identity preferences. The saddest thing about the plan is that it demeans people of color and women by making those who are qualified for government employment appear unqualified and needing of special consideration because they cannot otherwise compete for and keep the job.

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White men are born on third base in our society (and think they hit a triple by themselves). Black men never even make it out of the dressing room.


My late stepfather was black (I'm white). My entire immediate family helped my neice's (now) husband re-enter America from Mexico legally so they could be married. My sister-in-law is from India. My late mother helped women immigrate from South America. I despise bigots and racists.

If there are two equally qualified applicants but one of them is a member of an underrepresented group, it's reasonable to use that as a tie-breaker.

With that said, there is plenty wrong with hiring people primarily due to their race and/or gender.

* It can result in un/under-qualified people being hired.

* It casts a shadow over all employees who are members of under-represented groups. Rightly or wrongly, there may be an assumption that they were not hired based on merit.

* It feeds racist/sexist theories that women and minorities cannot compete on a level playing field.

* It breeds animosity between coworkers.

* It is not fair and equitable. If one applicant is clearly the most qualified, they should not be overlooked due to race and/or gender.

It should go without saying that women and minorities are every bit as capable and intelligent as white males, if not moreso. The issue is not gender or race, it is that minorities face a higher level of poverty and other obstacles -- in large part due to their treatment by white people.

Also, due to how our public education system is set up, people who are poor (including white kids in Appalachia) generally receive a lower quality education -- and the cycle continues.

The solution is not to have lower standards for seats at universities and hiring for jobs. What is needed is nationwide excellence in education, beginning with pre-K. The current system is immoral, borderline evil. The quality of a child's education should not be determined by their zip code, or the county they find themselves in.

When ALL Americans have equal education, then there can be no doubt that women and minorities will not need special gov't programs to be equally represented.


The issue is broader than just picking a minority or woman. It is, for example, the net you cast for applicants. There is a tendency to use the existing system to solicit applications from specific groups. So the issue is not simply that the minority candidates are less qualified, it is that they may never hear about this. There is also a growing understanding that job requirements are likely too narrow and ignore various types of experience that perhaps minorities or women may possess. Even things like military experience have received a growing acknowledgment as a substitute for a degree. So one of the big issues is not just making the decision from the list of applicants, but how you write a job description and the system to solicit applicants.

They may even be able to aspire to be a brain surgeon, Vice President, even President of the USA.

PurplePickles aka L&M

how do we begin undoing the processes of internalized hatred and internalized racism?

bell hooks

By acknowledging your privilege and racist are the bridge to ending racism Mr. Bridgford


Mr Pickles, do you have any evidence for charging Mr Bridgford with "privilege and racist attitudes."


To summarize this article:

Person who immensely benefits from status quo doesn't want anything to change for the benefit of others.

Dear Letterwriter,



Cliffy doesn't know what he is talking about. The Supreme Court has ruled many times in the last 40 years that affirmative action is constitutional if it "serves a compelling interest" Even Scalia and Thomas agreed with that in a case a number of years ago.


As long as the diversity and inclusion is merit based, there is no problem. But when you alter employment practices so that race supersedes qualifications then it becomes a racist policy and the Supreme Court has ruled such policies to be unconstitutional.


If you have deprived and denied and discriminated against the entire Black Race in America from being accepted into the main stream and given equal opportunity to achieve the same qualifications as the privileged, Ruling White Race, they can never catch up. When is America and the Ruling White Class going to give them, and all other minorities and POC, a hand up and a chance to succeed? Until that is allowed to happen we will never let them begin to make that transition to equal opportunity. That’s what 2020 has been about people, equal Rights and equal Opportunity for every citizen of OUR Country.


Just worry about your president, Cliff.


It is a perfect example of Democrats wasting money. If the City wants to hire more women and minorities, whether they're qualified or not, why do they have to spend this money to do it? Just go ahead and hire them if it'll help you sleep better at night.


That's like saying "if you want to be a physicist just start doing physics". It takes education and some training to do this all correctly.


It takes education and some training to select a female and/or a minority for a position they aren't qualified for? Or is the education and training to be able to root out the unqualified ones in order to select someone based primarily on their sex and ethnic background?


Well. This is your take on it, through your lens, which through one step at a time will eventually find its place in history.


Is this THE Cliff Bridgeford??


trying to include everyone is not the same thing as picking someone because you need to have a certian type of person to meet a quota


Maybe the Mayor can show his full support for the plan and step aside now in favor of a female/minority?


That would mean that the Mayor would have to make a decision and do something about it. Not possible....


$20 bucks that this guy was one of the rioters last week.




And just how are you going to prove it in order to collect?


Wow there's that famous sense of humor


Humor, or logic? The man was willing to make a bet, I just wanted to know how he would plan on collecting his winnings. Understand now, Dwasserba?


It is always interesting to read a letter to the editor from someone who only thinks they understand the issue they are spouting about


Yeah. You know it all.


Of course not. But this is something that I DO know about. And the author clearly does not.

“My god! A culture of inclusion incorporated into our government.” Who would want that?🤷‍♂️


I strongly disagree with the arguments made in this Letter to the Editor, especially with the conclusion that "The saddest thing about this plan is that it demeans people of color and women..."


Same old knee-jerk reaction to change. Trying to include everyone is discrimination? Inclusiveness equals a lowering of standards?


Did you not understand the letter?

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