I tried to e-file my 2020 taxes and found after three attempts that it could not be filed because the feds have not processed my 2019 taxes.

They however, had no problem cashing the check I sent in because we owed taxes. Because the 2019 taxes were not processed, the 2020 e-file attempts failed because they could not recognize my adjusted growth income from 2019.

Because the feds have not processed the 2019 taxes, it took forever for us to receive the first $1,200 stimulus check. We have yet to receive the $600 stimulus and cannot wait to see if we get this new stimulus check of $1,400. I have also contacted our local Congressman Jamie Raskin, but his office is also is having issues trying to help. I think it is frustrating not only for myself, but I wonder how many others are in the same situation.

Calling the IRS, and after two and a half hours on the phone, being transferred from one person to another, I was told the standard excuse that because of COVID they are working from home and it is taking longer to process taxes. Really, it has been exactly one year as of yesterday since filing my 2019 taxes. It is now a month since filing the 2020 taxes, and this year they owe me.

How long do you think it will take before they process my 2020 taxes? Working from home is the norm for this past year, but how much work is being done from home vs. shopping, doing chores, or even watching General Hospital?

Yeah, that is right. This is how frustrated I am to the point I question the workers’ dedication to their job, and wondering how much work is really being done. So to revisit my frustration, 2019 taxes have not been processed, 2020 taxes not able to be e-filed due to 2019 taxes not being processed, had to mail them, (hopefully the mail is working), received one stimulus check, (owed two counting the new one just approved).

Get it together, President Biden, you and your fellow Dems say you want to help. Maybe you need to fix the mechanics first so the help you all are promising can get out to the people. You complained about President Trump and his administration, yours is not showing me any difference.

Charles E Hubbard


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Mr. Hubbard, I know a number of people who have received their stimulus check without having filed their 2020 taxes yet. You can check on this link to see if you're scheduled. https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment. It is an irony of Congress when they cut funding to the IRS, the main agency that brings funds into the budget.


I also have the same problem with my 2019 return still in limbo.


Mr. Hubbard; I failed to make another point in my previous comments. I totally agree with you that work is not going on. I discovered this months ago regarding various issues to which I was researching and/or trying to get help. It wasn't a case of employees being out of the workplace due to them actually having COVID. They were not working because they were afraid of contracting the virus. This was and still is happening. COVID is the big excuse for not being present to do ones' job. This goes for all Federal/State/local organizations.



Greg F

Great...way to blame things on others that don't deserve it. There are plenty of feds and state workers seriously doing hard work in this pandemic and your griping isn't helping things. Covid is real and people have a good reason to be concerned. Many are not working not of their own choice, and teleworking is very limiting to some positions and jobs in more ways then you could probably imagine. If you can't get help from the congress person, go up the chain from there. Anything that happened in 2019 due to COVID has a ton to do with that orange moron and his lack of plans, lack of empathy, lack of thoughts other than for himself, and just plain stupidity. Biden is still clearing up that mess that took 4 years to make from the last administration and he has a pandemic to deal with that, quite frankly, Trump hosed up as bad as it could have been. Maybe it's because they're still "auditing" Trump's non-existent taxes?


"Get it together, President Biden, you and your fellow Dems say you want to help." Say what??? You admit your issues are solely because your 2019 tax returns were not processed in 2020, and you are blaming that on Biden and his fellow Democrats - whom I guessing you voted against? That is Chutzpah. Do you remember back in 2016, when Trump promised to reduce the entire US Tax Code to less than 4 pages? But you are giving Biden and the new congress less than two months to fix a problem that is probably not even his top ten, thanks to Trump. Sorry about your bad luck, but most of us did have our 2019 taxes processed in 2020 and are getting our stimulus checks, though some of us are still receiving late holiday cards, thanks to a certain ex-president.


Mr. Hubbard, I am totally sympathetic as I am in the same boat (without the stimulus issue, which does not apply to me). Without going into much detail, I cannot ascertain certain things online. (Forget the phone - impossible). Furthermore; with the USPS still messed up, I cannot trust sending any possible correspondence nor am I receiving anything. I have researched my situation within the past few days. Also, please be aware that people are liable for penalties and any other consequences, despite the work shutdowns by the IRS and the USPS. In other words, IRS will not accept valid excuses from taxpayers.

As a side issue, USPS is not resolving the issue of missing/lost mail and packages. Depending upon the importance (e.g., legal documents) of ones' mail, people can be liable for certain situations totally beyond their control.

BTW, folks, having "Informed Delivery" on the USPS is not a mechanism for investiating what mail is lost/not delivered. It only shows what mail has come through the system. As such, one cannot determine where mail is if it has not been received (by the addressee).


We recently got a late refund check from the IRS, and it included a couple of dollars of interest, so at least they are trying to acknowledge the hole they are in. Trump and congress set up the IRS to fail. You don't suppose Trump deliberately underfunded the IRS so they wouldn't have time to investigate his billions of write-offs before the statute of limitations ran out, do you? That would seem like a stretch, except for his record with the postal service, where he admitted he want them not to be able to handle the November elections. https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertwood/2019/05/09/trumps-billion-in-tax-losses-and-irs-statute-of-limitations/?sh=2ba618901d31


The complaints about the efficiencies of the government services from Sue is quite rich, given her desire to oppose "socialism" like this and her interest in defunding much of government.


shiftless, you are totally off-base. I have never had an interest in defunding the (Federal) government. Separate from that, I have no idea what you mean by opposing "socialism." If you mean that I am against the continued charity toward people who continue to have children, supposedly not have the money to care for them, and then have to rely on give-aways, then "yes," I have a problem with that. Making a comment about my remarks being "quite rich" is ridiculous. You are a troll, simply put. Furthermore, my comments have nothing to do with politics.


Sue; you have often posted with conservative comments. Perhaps I mis-read. Do you want to raise taxes so we can properly fund government? Please let us know. Thanks!


Wanna bet Mr. Hubbard is against the recovery efforts but seems to really be looking forward to that stimulus check.


shiftless88 is exactly right. Like most Republicans, Mr. Hubbard wants to eliminate a government he does not trust and he wants for free, while continuing to enjoy the vast benefits bestowed upon him by this government.

At the bidding of it's most wealthy donors, the Republican Party for many years has been relentlessly starving the IRS of the funding it needs to do it's job. Mr. Hubbard, too lazy, ignorant, and opinionated to actually allow for the truth, has become a pawn in the scheme of these wealthy Republicans to attack and discredit the good folks at the IRS.

So what benefits does the IRS bestow upon US citizens? Without an effective, impartial, and adequately funded IRS to collect revenue according to it's laws, the United States gradually becomes like modern Greece. Unable to collect revenue, the garbage in Greece piles up in mountains along the streets. Corruption runs rampant. Basic services go unfunded and eventually stop, including education, national defense, and law enforcement.

This is yet another example of a special interest group (in this case the very wealthy) successfully exploiting the weak minded into working against their own best interests.


Just FYI, it is called Adjusted GROSS (not "growth") Income. Also, make sure you thank the Republicans in Congress who continually cut the budget for the IRS. And as fjulia says; didn't you ever check?


Sometimes I wonder if people are dictating with voice recognition and not proofreading. "There's a bathroom on the right" etc.


Forget about Raskin, the only thing he knows how to do is sue Trump. I use TurboTax & never had an issue.


"I wonder how many others are in the same situation." ?? We received our 2020 refund in February. TurboTax.


And you waited a year to verify your 2019 taxes, why? When I e-file (2019 & every other year for more than 20), I receive acknowledgement within 3 days. Seems like the pot calling the kettle black.


But how else could he blame Biden for the issues that Mr. Hubbard himself helped create, including electing an unqualified administration that put unqualified and partisan personnel in positions of authority. Loved how he waited to the last few sentences to somehow cast blame on the current administration that has been in power less than a hundred days.

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